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Everything Ring

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This Ring, which has no name, contains the energetics of every Ring created, including Atlantian and pre-Egyptian.

Tensor fields were utilized in these times, and others.  We had seen a while ago that all Tensor Ring etheric templates are connected throughout time and space.

This Ring, Brenda has described as Chaotic Chaos! It is not for all, though for some it has been very peaceful and they love it. 

Not everyone will be drawn to this Ring, as it does not always come with Grace and Ease. But it is certainly powerful, for lack of descriptors for it.

Please watch for updated Reviews as this Ring is just now being publicly released, and every person is going to have a different experience with this super powerful field !

Please do not confuse the Everything Ring energetics with the new Finger Ring energetics. The Everything Ring and the Finger Ring contain numerous Tensor Ring frequencies, it is a smooth and harmonious bringing together of only the frequencies created and used by Twistedsage Studios.

As most times when creating or updating a Ring, it doesn't come out how I consciously intended it to be!  This one is no exception... 

The end of October this Ring was intended to be a ring for use in radionics. Each time I have tried to recreate it, each set of rings has felt and acted slightly different, yet are all basically the one Ring. 

Some people love them. Some don't.  I wore several styles and varieties of this ring, 24/7 for 6 weeks. I took them all off a couple days ago and sighed a huge sigh of relief.  I still cannot say what the Ring was doing for me.  At the time, I described it to others as such:   Imagine that you are a bucket of muddy water, but all the sediment is at the bottom and your waters are clear.  And then imagine the Everything Ring as being this powerhouse of energy, stirring up every little crevice of your being and keeping the waters muddy.  That's what I saw it doing for me.


And yes, this is a super powerful Ring.  Holding one in each hand creates an enormous stir of energy, which even thinking about makes me nauseous and begin to vortex.  As always, it is the soul the determines what is in the highest and best to come through the Ring, whether it is uncomfortable or not!  I also know there are other simpler paths, but this is not a bad distraction at all!

There is so many possibilities within this Ring, for those who can navigate it.  And for others, just you wait, as there is a whole new energy about to surface!  With purity and ease...  more on that before next equinox!

The limited edition Ring is approximately 3", inside diameter.  I can fit it over my hand and onto my wrist.  


Customer Reviews

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Everything Ring

Like all Twisted Sage products it arrived quickly and looked wonderful, as because I don't feel energy, I didn't really notice much when I held it. I have decided to place it on my Ascension Grid Pyramid. I'm hoping by doing this the everything ring's energies will spreed out throughout my home. Maybe one day I will feel energy, I would like to think I will someday.

Right On Time

I ordered an everything ring as soon they became available. the experience of ‘jumping’ into it the ring during a 50 question friday session with Brian was cool. I cannot describe the sensation except as good fun.

We have been taking turns with the ring, at home, for healing. From Aches and pains through more serious symptoms.
The ring’s energy has helped the body heal.

Right on time.

Thank you twisted sage team for this very beneficial innovation in tensor technology.

Home Again

Speechless, since the moment they were announced on the 50 Questions Friday I was drawn to the ring like a bee to honey. Then in Devine timing I purchased 2 rings and things seemed to line up from the moment I completed that purchase. Even the order number and tracking number had numeric messages for me, this ring feels like I’m home again. I’d say more that the rest of the tool I’ve purchased and that’s saying something I’ve purchased a lot. It works differently depending on what I’m doing & focusing on each moment. The ring itself shape shifts with different energies and makes my soul sing each time I pick it up. One ring stays on my Mini Ascension Pyramid while the other is with me at all times. Even combined with other tools it gives the energies a twist or a different spin that wasn’t there before. It works in ineffable ways that I’m still trying decipher. Much like the Elemental of Either I feel it holds unique potential once you unlock more of your true original self in the area of instantaneous manifestation. I can tell that not everyone will resonate with this ring, however for those who are drawn to this ring it’s helping unlock something profound. It’s almost like a numerously faceted gem with each facet a nu discovery waiting to be reintegrated and pushed beyond its limits to make something that has never quite been here before in this nu now. A truly unique tool, I’m ecstatic to have acquired. For those unsure if it’s for them I’d try to feel the energies of this ring through the picture and simply be, and ask what shifted? This ring can be a master at changing the subtle energy bodies and it can also wallop you if the face with a powerful energetic shift. It simply depends on the ring bearer & their higher soul self. I’ve had moments when both experiences have taken place in the same day. Though that’s what I love about the ring it’s ever changing along with you depending on what each moment calls for. A huge huge standing ovation to the Brian & Brenda & the whole Twisted Sage Team for this creation.

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