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Golden Fire Generators

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More than simply EMF restructuring tools,
the Golden Fire Generators create a space that clears
and transforms other nonbeneficial energies.

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New!!  2-1/2" Golden Fire Generator!!

...as a comparable priced replacement for the 4"!!

Affecting people and Beings through the field of the Sacred Heart and the Quantum Mind

The winds of change.... can you feel it!!?!!

Everyone within this field will be affected in some way.

Any size of Golden Fire Generators can be carried into a stadium, for example, to effect great change. As the field radiates out, it is that of the Sacred Heart and Quantum Mind. People and Beings may not catch that, but they will feel the Peace on some level. And that is where the seed is planted, is within that Peace. In some level, they feel the Peace. That energy is then with them. It starts a chain of events, of synchronicity. That's where the power lies. When the seed is planted, and one goes back into life again, synchronicity will bring them back into that Peace, somehow.

Simply being exposed to that field of the Sacred Heart and Quantum Mind completely changes everything in people’s lives.

People (and other Beings within that field) recognize the feeling of that field on some level. Maybe consciously, or not.

Their Soul begins to work towards that recognition and move towards that.


All Golden Fire Generators have the same power and potency.

All Golden Fire Generators have the same size field, which is nearly 2 miles in across.  At one mile, the field has begun to fade, but is still strong at 7/8 of a mile out (excluding the 1", which is more for your personal field).

For durability, to be carried in backpacks and purses, the 2" is suggested.  The 2-1/2" is a much lighter gauge, and can be crushed easily in a bag.  For affordability, I always suggest the 2-1/2".  If you like to add crystals and other objects in your Generator, or if you like to have a mantle piece, the 4" or 8" is a great option!  The 8" is also a nice one to have around for classrooms or working with kids, as they can hold it when need to calm clear and ground.

***Generators are not perfectly spherical!!
Due to the weave pattern used to create a Tensor Field Generator, the Rings are impossible to be perfectly round.  This is more pronounced on the smaller Generators, such as the 2".  Once you get to the 4" and then the 8" Generators, they have the appearance of being more perfectly rounded Rings within the sphere. 

2" Golden Fire Generator

This is my, and those who meet it in person's, favorite Generator!!!  It is a flat hammered heavier gauged and sturdy unit.  I put one of these in my daughter's backpack and send her to school with it.
These are powerful clearing tools, that hold a great space of protections and comfort for all that are within it's field.

The 2-1/2" Golden Fire Generator

The newest of the Golden Fire line.  It is the Generator now being used in the Energetic Transformation Kit! 
Our most modestly priced Generator, and just as powerful as any other Golden Fire Generator!

The 2-1/2" Golden Fire Generators are not made to be collapsible, and can be easily smashed in backpacks and bags. They make a great desktop, glovebox, or household tool to transform energies in its nearly 2 mile radius!

We re-made the 2-1/2" on March 1st, 2020.  It is the same gauge as previous, just a tighter twist and slightly flattened.  It feels much better than it's predecessor, and is just as potent as any of the Generators on this page.

1" Golden Fire Generator

Works best a personal device. For the environment and neighborhood, the other Generators are more sufficient.

4" Golden Fire Generator

The 4" is also available as a bracelet on our Bracelet Generators page.  ***It is not recommended to collapse your 4" Generator you purchase from this page, as time and care was taken to make it as round as possible.  None of the Generators on this page are meant to be collapsible Generators, please check the Bracelet Generator page for the collapsible style.  The 4" here is the same as the 4" on the other product page, yet that one has not been carefully rounded and costs less due to the time and energy put into rounding it.  A Tensor Field Generator does not have to be perfectly round for it to be a fully functioning Tensor Field Generator.

8" Golden Fire Generator

These make great alter or mantle pieces, or for placing larger objects inside to act as energy transmitters.

More about the Golden Fire tools and the Sacred Heart Activation can be found here.


Once you are exposed to the Sacred Heart, your Soul will do what it can to get you there again.

When you wear the Golden Fire tools, the energy field they produce acts as a reminder.
The tools remind you of the Activation.
Reminds the inner Being that you have the Sacred Heart, so you can continue to use it.

So many Activations you may receive, but do you use them?

This is an important tool to use, your Sacred Heart…


Deep within us we each know our path and what we want to do... Our Soul's Heart's Desires.

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Felt it as soon as it landed in the post office

Great item, and I can feel it working where it's placed near my desk. I decided not to remove the generator from the airtight plastic so it won't tarnish.

Late shipping because missing phone number on package

Late shipping because missing phone number on package


Quality, craftmanship & stellar energy as always*
Thanks a million!


Thank you so much


Very well made

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