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Water Rings:  Golden Fire The Golden Fire Water Rings bring water to it's original state of being, clearing ALL memory of it's time on Earth...
Water Restructuring Tensor Rings
Regeneration Water Ring 3"
Earth Resonance Water Ring 3"1/2
Golden Fire Water Ring 3"3/4
Earth Resonance Water Ring 6"1/2
Golden Fire Water Ring 7"1/2
Regeneration Water Ring 8"1/2

Water Restructuring Tensor Rings

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3" Regeneration
3"1/2 Earth Resonance
3"3/4 Golden Fire
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Water Rings Clearance Sale!!

These have been really wonderful Rings.  Potent and powerful for water, plants, people, consciousness, and energy work.  December of 2021 we released the Water Wisdom Alchemist Set, and will no longer be making the above Rings :)  Enjoy this gift of a sale, as we would like to see this overstock of fantastic, beautiful, and powerful Tensor Rings find their way to you! 

The Home Set of Water Rings are made of a 10 gauge wire.

The Regeneration Ring is 8-1/2" in diameter in the Home set, and 3" in the Personal Set.

The Golden Fire are 3-3/4" and 7-1/2" in diameter.

The Earth Resonance Rings are 6-1/2" and 3-1/2" in diameter.

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The Golden Fire Water Rings bring water to it's original state of beingclearing ALL memory of it's time on Earth, to carry it's original blueprint, as was intended at this time!!!

Golden Fire Water Rings

Featuring the Dancing With Water Earth Resonance Rings!!!

Water Rings connect to and with the physical and etheric/spiritual aspects of water.

Tensor Fields allow for direct communication with the water,
to create healing elixirs simply by speaking through the Ring to the water,
and placing the Ring around, under, or over the water.
In as little as ten minutes you can notice a change.

I leave my Ring around the water for at least eight hours for a total clearing and charging of the water.
I find the smaller Earth Resonance Rings are the perfect size and weight to wear on the wrist.

Creating Elixirs from Water

Water is a crystal, it is conscious, and I believe it to be a profound healer when used with intention and gratitude.

Tensor fields connect with the physical of the water, balancing PH and creating ORMUS within the water, raising it into a high vibration state. The Water Rings connect with both the physical as well as the Elemental of water. It is this direct connection that allows an ease of communication with the water. You can use the Ring to communicate your needs and intentions to the water. This can be done by holding the Ring and either using your voice or intentions through the Ring to the water. Set your Ring under or around the water vessel for a few minutes or even overnight, and then drink the Elixir.

Both of the Water Rings contain the frequencies and properties of the Earth's plant, mineral, and crystal kingdoms, as well as the Elementals of Water, Air, Fire, and Ether. You can simply infuse the properties of the plant and mineral kingdoms into your elixir as well, by voicing your intention through the Ring.

To work with the Water Rings, it is more of an automatic process. 

By simply placing the ring within the field of your water is intention enough, as the highest energetic aspects of the Water Rings come through best when we are not directing the energies and outcomes!!

To find out more about using Tensor Rings with water,
we suggest the Dancing With Water book!! 

Highly recommended, plus we are in the second edition!!!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Steve P.
Noticed a difference in water within a hour

Placed ring under a 2 gallon porcelain water dispenser and didn’t say anything to anyone in house, after the first person tried a drink they noticed the water was “softer” i to noticed this difference. I now have to buy a few more.

Nora J.K.
Water Tensor Rings

I absolutely love my water rings, I’m using them for my water and I sleep with the small one to meditate and for my crazy migraines🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻 My sons gifted me one set and I ordered another set for my dad that is struggling with dementia to bring him some peace and tranquility when he has great anxiety🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻✨ he is in love with his rings and so is my mom🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻💞

Susan M.
Great products

We have noticed a difference of more positive energy in our home. Thank you so much!!! Our water is delicious!!!!

Tensor tech. Is amazing.. truly well made

I have bought many of these by now, to help with emf shielding of the head (wear the 7.5 in. In a emf shielding hat), sleep aid, detox tap water and it makes water sweet and deli ious after 12 hrs.

leah E.

Water Rings

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