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Wifi Ring

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More than just a Wifi Ring….

The Golden Fire Wifi Ring uses visible light, and other electromagnetic spectrums, as carrier waves for the frequencies of Unconditional Love.  The Etheric Templates of the Meter Ring, Cell Phone Tab, Fire Ring, and now the Golden Fire, are all contained within.

The Golden Fire Wifi Ring- a super powerful and highly versatile Ring.

The original Wifi Ring began as a Standard Fire Ring with some Meter Ring and Cell Phone Tab added into the Sacred Cubit Tensor Ring, as we wanted to work with all frequencies, both known and unknown, that are nonbeneficial on every level.
Then the Golden Fire Rings came along and changed everything...

Non-beneficial Environmental Frequencies

  • HARP
  • Radionics
  • Satellite
  • Communication towers of all flavors and varieties
  • Geomagnetic and geopathic stressors
  • EMF emitting appliances

Place anywhere on frequency emitting appliances-

  • Wifi Routers
  • Laptops
  • TVs
  • Headphones
  • Refrigerators

Simply place the Wifi Ring on the source of the nonbeneficial frequency, where it will automatically connect to and transform the frequency emitted.  If you do not have access to the source of the frequency, having the Wifi Ring anywhere in your field (as a pendant or in your pocket) will protect your field.

Tape inside household fuse box

  • Use in place of the Meter Ring
  • Create Sacred Space via the household's electrical wiring
  • Restructures household electromagnetics to be beneficial to all life-forms

Stray Voltage in Water Lines

The Wifi Ring can be placed on any facet and it will restructure any stray current in the water.
Stray electrical currents are commonly found in water, as most home electrical systems are grounded into the incoming water line.
Other types of energetics found in water systems come from communications towers mounted on the city's water storage tanks as most cities welcome the rental space on their water towers.
When placed with intention, the Wifi Ring can follow the water back to the holding tank and clear the energetics from the attached communications towers.


  • Fits perfectly over fluorescent light-bulb tubes
  • Easily place over the base of incandescent and fluorescent screw in bulbs
  • Uses visible light as a carrier wave for the Unconditional Love frequency
  • Amplify Red LED and Lasers for healing work

More than just a Wifi Ring, the Golden Fire Rings contain the highest and best of all the previous tools created in the Studio. 

  • Spiritual connectivity and growth
  • Grounds and connects
  • Cleans and clears nonbenefical Soul Contracts, entities, energetic implants
  • Balances and Aligns energy bodies, chakras, meridians, soul aspects
  • Brings through the Sacred Heart and Quantum Mind, and ultimately the field of Universal Peace

Carry in your pocket, use as a pendant, put on your water bottle, sit with your crystals, etc etc....  a super versatile Ring!!!

Approximately 2 inches in diameter

Customer Reviews

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Beauty in safety

I do not worry about harmful EMF from my laptop any longer! I have it attached around the apple symbol. Not only is it beautiful but it protects my thoughts as well.

Wifi rings

Bought several wifi rings, good quality from a trusted site. Very versatile. A good energy item to gift. Will order more. Thank you TS team..


I bought two wifi rings, one to place on my router, one to place on the cable box in my bedroom. I have to say I've been sleeping so much better. My dreams have been more vivid and that hasn't happened in a long time. The only thing that's different is the placement of the wifi ring so I'm crediting it with this positive change. Thank you!!

Excellent Tool

I purchased some of these to carry with us to transmute non-beneficial EMF into beneficial energies. They are also very useful for diminishing pain by slowly passing them over the afflicted area of the body - once a "sticky" spot is felt, gently pass it back and forth until you feel the energy free up. Thank you, Brian!

Wifi Ring - Wow, I really feel the difference!

Thank you for making these amazing tools! I recently got a new modem and could feel the emfs so strongly from it. So glad I got this ring, I can really feel the difference! Thank you!

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