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Golden Fire Disc
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Golden Fire Disc

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...a simple and powerful alternative to the traditional Meter Ring.

This water-proof device has the same backing as our Cell Tabs.

Yet the 2" Golden Fire Disc does not have to be placed on the outside of the home, like the Meter Ring had to be!!!

Like our traditional Meter Ring,
  the Disc's energy field connects into the household's
electrical field to transform the Electro Magnetic Field into
something healthful and beneficial.

Make home feel like Home!!!

With all Tensor tools, we are not trying to block energies, rather transforming energy fields and frequencies.

NEW!!!  Golden Fire Disk Outlet Plug!!

The Golden Fire Disc is attached to a "safety plug", which plugs into any standard US outlet.*  The plastic prongs simply hold the disc close enough to the electrical field for the energetic connection to be made.  Perfect for travelers or those who want the security of having their outlets transformed into beneficial energy field emitters! 

We have seen professional Dowsers put these onto electrical transformers boxes in a neighborhood, which changes the energy from negative thousands to positive hundreds... at the transformer as well as in EVERY ELECTRICAL PANEL and SMART METER connected to the transformer!!

The Golden Fire Disc is not needed on the Meter itself, as the transformation occurs no matter where on your electrical system you put the Disc.  Even Smart Meter transmissions are cleared with the Disc placed inside the home on the Electrical Panel.

Raises the vibration of the House, while raising the vibrations of the occupants –
Cleaning, clearing, and creating healing space.

It is the Golden Fire, the energetics of Gaia,
and the Earth Elementals

as well as the frequencies and properties of Unconditional Love, which flow through the electrical wiring of the building…enveloping all occupants in a transformative, healing, loving, energy.

Creates a Sacred Space throughout your entire home!!!

I use mine as a Cell Phone Tab!!! 

....though our Cell Tabs are powerful enough for all your cellular transformation needs, it can be used on any electrical device or household electrical system.

* For other country style plugs, simply cut one of the plastic tabs off, and insert into the electrical plug.  The Safety Plug is a standard plug cover used for protecting infants from electrical outlets.

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Golden Fire Disc
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