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Gone are the days of water filters

Before buying the 7 1/2” GF water ring I was using elite shungite for water purification plus a few other crystals to make a gem elixir. I can say that when adding this ring to my water it has made it taste even more crisp and sweeter than before, just like true spring water. I only purchased one but wow it has helped tremendously & pairing it with the Heddeka has helped ten-fold. A perfect integration of both spirituality/ lost knowledge/ past technology. I feel like more people will find these products and see what Devine results you can achieve. I doubt a day will come when I purchase a TwSa product that I’m not through the moon jubilant with. I feel like I’m a kid again & magical tools and imagination are all I need to create my reality the way I envisioned it. Again a massive thanks to all the beautiful souls @ TwSa who help others in ways they may never know.

Holding Sacred Heart

I still remember the day this generator came into my being. It arrived a whole day earlier than expected & I had felt at peace out in my garden before I looked @ a notification that my package was delivered. Upon holding the generator I could feel such beautiful energies radiate outward, and a pair of cooing turtle doves landed on a tree above me. I let my mother hold the generator and asked her what’s she felt quote: ” I feel like I’m holding a beating heart”, this from someone who couldn’t even feel moldavite’s enegies. I’ve never felt such peace and tranquillity to this level before, it’s easy to forget how turbulent life was before getting this product. I look forward to buying even more amazing products from TwSa & I would like to thank the team for all the Devine work they do. Not only is this touching the lives of my family but my neighborhood as well. If we all collectively had one in each home the world would feel like 5-D. Not to mention the amazing YouTube meditations available to all for free from TwSa, thank you for being such beautiful human beings. The world needs more Brian’s & Brenda’s.

Powerfully subtle

I purchased all the elements Twisted Sage currently offers, and wow, can you feel the energies of each element individually. Some are felt more intensely than others Heddeka & Chassell are just phenomenal and radiant. I feel Plymella more when I’m in nature just being present with the playful wind. Khaleme is subtle but does bring out more internal “airs” that are no longer in alignment with you. Either is so elusive yet omnipresent, I look forward to working with it more. The quality of the copper is magnificent. Not to mention the channeling that goes into all these products. I’m slowly building a collection of all the products TS offers, The more I work with them the more I want to share them with everyone. I’d buy the entire set of elements & work with one each day & get a feel for each one while learning the differences in energies. I would like to sincerely thank everyone @ TwSa for bringing back into existence such amazing tools & knowledge! I can feel my life changing for the better, with unconditional love and gratitude I thank Brian & Brenda & all the TwSa Team!


I've purchased many of the Golden Fire and Harmony tools and find myself returning to the website for more because they are made with such care and high quality material. And now I have the Golden Fire Torus and had a session with Brenda while she was creating th Torus. I have it on me 24/7 and am loving the energy of it.

great improvement in attitude

These rungs are great. My attitude avoids the hostility that surroubds the media, and used to blind my eyes. Caution as rose colors can mask the dangers of driving and other such tasks.
My nutritionalist loves them as well as her clients.
Enjoy to the max you'all
Later charles

So Many Loved Filled Possibilities!

I’ve recently gotten several of the expansive, powerful and sacred tools offered here at Twisted Sage. The mini Golden Fire & Light Wand is so versatile and portable. I felt heat in my chest before I even picked it up. Now I primarily feel a minty coolness spreading out and down my arms and body.

I’m having such fun and expansive experiences with this tool. It seems every day my heart space expands more and I try something new with it! While driving in the doldrums of LA traffic, I was guided to offer the Golden Fire and Light Wand to the Higher Selves of family and friends, both on planet and off. Not one refused. A column of light enveloped them and burst out into a ball of golden white light as they took the wand. To my surprise, I was then guided to offer them both the Harmony and Golden Fire generators as well. As I saw my hands offer the 2 spheres, each reached out, gleefully taking them, and placed them simultaneously into their bodies. They placed the Golden Fire Generator into their heart space with their left hand and the Harmony Generator into their solar plexus with their right.

Also, using the wand to place columns of Light in locations as described in the booklet and on vehicles that influence large areas and/or numbers of people, like buses, trains, semi-trucks, delivery trucks, planes, etc. as well … toss in a few generators, too :) —moving heart opening, harmonic clearing stations!

Golden Fire Coil

Great piece with a wonderful energy.


I love it,my daughter bought it for me. I am 72 years old, and currently living in very busy place (New York City) and my husband is a lawyer who is always stressed out and would come home full of negative emotions which affects me. Ever since I wore this silver pendant, it made me feel happier and more calm. I rarely believe in things like this, but wearing this made me realize how powerful and how happy it made me. Wearing this makes me feel happier, which affects the people around me, which causes them to be happy too. Many thanks to the person who created this pendant!❤️

Angsty Teen HaPpY again!

From the time my Harmony Generator Bracelet arrived, my home has been happier and less chaotic. You see, I had a brooding, moody, grouchy, snarky 14 year old in the house. It’s been about 10 days since the bracelet arrived and his demeanor has been pleasant, considerate ...even jovial at times. A bit of me wondered if it was just coincidence, but I noticed he tended to be back in the broody/moodies again, silent and grumpy, on rides coming home from school when he hadn’t been near the generator. So I put it in the car when I picked him up and the rides home became pleasant, talkative times. I leave it in the sphere form on the coffee table most of the time. I need to get one for his backpack :)
Thank you for following your calling Twisted Sage Team!

Golden Fire Generator

Great tool to, to amplify loving energy and consciousness!

great product

Also good customer service

Love it!

I enjoy the feeling of wearing it on my body. i have sent it out as a gift to each of my daughters who live in other parts of the country. I gifted it to my husband. I'm feeling very happy in my being. Thanks and God Bless oxoxox

Helps with litter, energy and making supplements more active

For about a year there has been a troubled boy in the neighborhood who would put litter in my yard almost daily, including a styrofoam half eaten dinner. On March 19th, I put the Golden Fire Activator on a record player turntable using a couple brass rings I have to clear the spindle and turned it up to 78 RPMs. IIRC correctly, the litter stopped within 48 hours and hasn't happened again. It's presently April 14th.

In the first day of using the Activator 3.0, my mind became clearer with more energy. I also woke up with almost no brain fog. That's pretty remarkable because I'd been dealing with a serious complication the previous three days due to a long ago broken bone in my back. The issue had me really wiped out.

Recently, I put my food supplements next to the turntable. It's taking about half as many capsules to produce as good or better results as before.

I love it so much, I'd like to get six or eight of them and put each one on a separate record player in a van and drive around hospitals and schools. Maybe a trip to DC would be fun, too, to share the love. If that worked well, then get two or three vans going and then maybe a fleet travelling around the country would be awesome. Anyone else who wants to could borrow the same idea. :-) Pretty sure the drivers would love their lives so much from all that energy flowing through them.

More than likely the whirling action would produce an even greater activity level and go further out as well.

Kelley, author of "How To become A Thrillionaire"


Just feel very peaceful, thank you and God bless.

Golden Fire Discs

My eyes are very dry, especially when I'm on my computer. I have fixed one Golden Fire Disc to my computer and another to my Kindle device and my eyes are really much better now. Thank you Twistedsage!

Fire coil mini

I am so pleased with my fire coil, the energy is gentle and comforting yet protective.

Golden Fire Coil

Quick Recovery

I was sick with stomach bug all day yesterday. I wore my HP from Carol croft and placed the wifi ring on my stomach and it kept me from not only feeling negative about it. But it also kept me from vomiting for constantly throughout the day as I only vomited 5 times in the morning and that was it. By nighttime of the day I felt a lot better and now today I feel like I was never sick to begin. This wifi ring is the only product from here I have for right now but it after being sick yesterday it's power has really shown to be something awesome. I don't know if it is just me but I am grateful that I already bought the ring a few weeks ago. I will buy more stuff in the near future. Don't stop drawing tensor rings around the world.

Awesome tool!

using the 2' ring, for me when adding to the water it gives it a acquired taste to where you would want to drink more water. i also use it for doing energy work with my hands. i enjoy this powerful tool & appreciate the work.


This piece shines like no other. Very beautiful and is heavier than it looks, in a good way. Still need more time with it to note noticeable changes although I love sleeping with tensor tools as they make the quality of sleep much better. More dreams which are also more vivid and you really get the most out of the hours you rest.

gateway pendant

He was right, it knocks you on your butt, but... you get to the root of what you are to release. It was time to move forward for me so thank you.

Awesome Energy Tool

Love this beautiful and very effective Energetic Tool, Thanks Sixtina

Can’t really review the product as it has not yet arrived apparently it’s going to be a week and one day after the purchase

Love our new Gateway pendants.

Our new Gateway pendants arrived and we have enjoyed the love energy from our pendants. They are beautiful.


Ever since , I bought this pendent for my daughter and I, we have been a peace. Before, we were constantly being attached spiritually by cult leader leaders that we had escaped from. We tried everything, to protected us from these evil attacks and there was a time, that we though that this was normal. Until an elder, that found me, and told me about the tensor. I bought one for my daughter and I and ever since then, things couldn't be more beautiful and peaceful in our lives.

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