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Divine I Am Torus

Divine I Am Energy Torus

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Divine I Am Torus

Our most transformative, portable, tools currently created.

The copper Torus is approximately 4-1/2" in diameter. 

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It is all that the Divine I Am Pendant is, and so much more. For one, it works also in the environment, throughout the home. 

Works on the full spectrum of the human, the full I Am. On all levels.  Emotional. Physical. Soul connection.

Releases programs and traumas that the individual is ready to release, across all time.  

As you are using the Divine I Am Torus for your self, it extends out to the collective, through all time.

And you do nothing.  You just be.  All is connected in with you, your Soul.  That is were the work begins. 

The Soul is in charge. You, as the human, if you can just be and allow.  Surrender to the Soul.  This is where all the miracles take place.

As you change, it affects your whole reality, which includes your environment and those within it.

As far as the doing is concerned with this tool...  you can come into with intentions of doing if you choose.  But, if you allow and just be with it and your Soul's light, it will all be with more grace and ease.  Much more doing will happen this way!!

When using on self, it is shifting the reality as the individual shifts within their self. Place the Torus on the body or in the home.  Wherever it feels right.

When placing it within the home, it includes everyone within the home and changes the reality.  Changes the individual if they choose.  Some will not choose, but it is OK.  That is their path.

The Divine I Am Torus is capable of doing what all the Cosmic Sundisc does, along with the Divine I Am Activator Pendant.  But is yet another step upwards and onward from these previous two.

WITH ATTUNEMENT:   As the Torus is being assembled by our sister Brenda (Brenda Schnose and The Elders Three), she asks your Soul to step in and assist in the creation process. This can be the Soul choosing the specific Rings, that Brenda has available, to be put into your Torus.  If the Soul requests, she will do whatever clearing/healing/activating for the person in the process. 

You will receive an email with photos of the assembly process, as well as anything that comes up while she is sitting with your Soul.  Brenda has assisted in some high level healing and clearing and connecting with clients....  truly miracles and magic occur during her sessions.  Please visit for more information on Brenda's work.

Customer Reviews

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I Am My Devine Manifestation

What a phenomenal Soul Tool & Healing session w/ Brenda. I could feel those days that Brenda held space along w/ my soul to bring this Devine Tool into creation. It feels so blissful to be with my Torus, as all past traumas were cleared by my soul when I placed it on my being. It will still bring out deeper unconscious Behaviors/Patterns in both myself & those in its vicinity. Then you just release them in breath, so simple right, though sometimes we tend to make it more difficult than that. This Torus is something I’ve had before lifetimes ago & something I will still have eons from now, if not in the physical, then certainly in the etheric. Even the way I manifested the money for this tool, I traded 1 ring for 15, and all the pieces lined up into place. Certainly this is a tool that is priceless & its true value lies in something you can not measure because it is always changing. It is a wealth unto its own. It also makes a phenomenal addition to my Mini Ascension Pyramid & only yesterday did I place this tool on an electronic turntable & the energy moves in such a brilliant way than before, when it was stationary. This tool is both easy & difficult to put into words about its true nature. Mostly because everyone’s is different, having their own unique frequencies that shifts according to each owners needs. Words can only express so much, & if you are sensitive enough you can feel the energetic signature of the Torus through the picture. Even in its geometries, 2 seeds of life wrapped together under one ring, The Devine I Am Ring. Let those seeds thrive & become your Devine Manifestation. Cosmic friends forever. -Fern

Blessings & Abundance to Brian, Brenda & all the Twisted Sage Studios Team. For creating/ bringing into being consciousness shifting tool.

Katarine Q.
Divine I AM

I’m really thankful for purchasing this special piece. I wear it on my chest at least once a day and I feel great strength coming through my body energetically and physically. Even my posture has improved from wearing this amazing tool. Everyone should carry one and feel empowered from within. Blessings.

Beyond exquisite!

After a really hard winter, and am no sissy:), splurged on this sublime piece. Glad I saved up to afford this piece that really wanted to move in. There are no words--it was ;ove at first sight, just so, so beautiful. Very high vibration full of Divine Light. Superb craftwomanship by dear Brenda! I agree with the other reviewers, also strongly got the Atlantis connection. Oh, where to hang it, right now it's just the center piece of my couch table next to crystals and feels puurrrrrrrfect there! I connected with it when it was assembled and a strong release took place that I only later connected with this beaut. I love the combination of sturdiness of this solid piece that is paired with delicate, breathtaking Beauty! Thanks, dear TS team, for all you do to evolve Gaia at this pivotal time! ❤️

Ken G.
Divine I Am Torus

This beautiful tool, which Brenda assembled while being in contact with my soul, has added a dimension to the remote healing work I offer - particularly the Ascension Pyramid so people, internationally, are being physically blessed. On the other hand, when I hold it against my heart I am immediately in a 'place of refreshment'. and spiritual rejuvenation. It is an absolute blessing.

Mary D.
My Divine I Am Torus With Attunement

Dear, dear Brian, Brenda, and the Twisted Sage Team,

This information is from my Akashic Record reading regarding my Divine I Am Torus:
Me: I've talked to you about this gentleman named Brian Bescoe before and I love Brian and he has a sister named Brenda and I have many of his energy tools and I'm holding one of his tools right now, his I Am Torus and I absolutely love it and he said that his sister, when she makes it, she sits with my soul and makes this instrument, makes this tool and I wanted to know if there was anything you wanted to tell me about it.
The Reader: Thank you for your question. We're glad you asked about this piece that you will have in your hands because there are three messages: #1 You are looking at a replica of something that you've owned before. There is a familiarity that you have from this tool because this was made for you initially in Atlantis. Interestingly enough, when we see the word "full circle," it was made by the same hands, just a different time. This person, this woman, Brenda, is actually an artisan, a spiritual artisan and they have extremely in depth gifts and is truly tapped in to Source and the Matrix, which is why when they send, when they share that they are working with your soul, your soul speaks to them and tells them what to imbue this tool with in order to help you in the work you are doing. #2 This power piece is something that will draw attention over time. We even see that if this person is willing to create more generic kinds of tools, this could be something that you could resale. #3 We see that this tool was specifically hand made for you because this is an aspect of your spiritual tool kit. It is also a device that helps you with the work you are doing and it is actually encoded to your 12 strand DNA, which is one of the reasons why there's something in you that naturally gravitates towards it.
I LOVE MY DIVINE I AM TORUS! Thank you, blessings, peace!

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