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Wifi Ring - Wow, I really feel the difference!

Thank you for making these amazing tools! I recently got a new modem and could feel the emfs so strongly from it. So glad I got this ring, I can really feel the difference! Thank you!

Golden Fire Generator

Atmosphere in the house feels calmer, neighbors seem more open to conversation. Might be a coincidence, however, recent local rain forecasts are wrong...


I absolutely love it, very gentle but yet felt. Balance and harmony is exactly what it assists with restoring one to homeostasis. 3rd day having and wearing as a pendant but have also charged drinks within 15mins. I'm amazed at how powerful this tensor ring pendant is. Thanks you so much all the folks carrying on the work of Slim. As well everyones contribution towards higher consciousness and a healed planet. Thank you! :)

Golden fire and light wand

Love it, Also great support from the twisted sage team.

Great product

A very wonderful tool to have!
Love it!

Wings of Tok

Powerful Product

I bought several items from TwistedSage around July and arrived in my country around mid-August.

When I first got them, I was completely impressed with the quality of the products. Not only that they look gorgeous, they also are very sturdy.

I consider myself as an energy sensitive person and have practiced energy healing for sometime now. This particular item - the 111 Pendant - is very strong. It amplifies the energies within me several fold, and also balances them out. I sense that it is also protective from many different types of energies as well.

For Brian and the whole TwistedSage team - kudos and very well done! I would certainly order some more in the future. FYI, all of the items that I've ordered - always be at my side now, use them all the time.

Thank you!!! ^_^

Cell Phone Tabs, They Really Work!

I bought these for my kids to put on their tablets and they can feel the difference! Plus it gives me more peace of mind that they are receiving some protection while on their devices. Thank you so much for making these wonderful tools available!

What a blessing!

I like to work with a tool for awhile before doing a review so it has been almost three months since I received the Shaman’s Wand. I love it. For me, it is the most impactful Tensor product I have used. I wear it all day and it hangs on my headboard inside the galactic and fire rings at night. I have noticed several things that have been happening. Among them, I am less likely to react to things, and I am having much more clarity. Sometimes, I find myself in full conversation with my guidance before I realize it. This is very welcome as I have had little interaction while I have been healing. I am definitely having more dimensional experiences, (woohoo) and manifesting is increasing in quality, much less with the miscreations. I have actually been experimenting with the manifesting and have been pleasantly surprised.
I also feel I am being given the opportunity to perceive higher truths that come with a vibration raise. Several threads in my life have shifted and expanded because of new levels of truth I am now working with.
I just cannot say enough good things about TwistedSage Studios, Brian Besco and Brenda Schnose. I was blessed to be able to make it to the Dowsers convention this year and see both of them. If you get a chance to meet either one, please do. They are two of the most heart centered people I have had the pleasure to share space with and I look forward to the next opportunity.

I carry it with me wherever i go

It has really clearing energies, i feel. It makes me calmer and more clear minded.
It took a while, since at the beginning, many emotional things came up. But i believe this is attributed to the regeneration series.
But hey, i found a brand-new application possibility for the wands in general.
I use them for virtual acupuncture ;-). Just point it toward an Acupuncture point and run life energy trough with SOFT intention. Muuuuch better and effective than needles or electro-acupuncture. I hope this is not a mis-use of the shamans wand ;-)

Deeply Transformational

This pendant is incredible! I don't feel bombarded and overwhelmed with energies/thoughts/etc. every day, as I have my whole life. I know that what is coming up for me is my own material to be dealt with. The golden fire excavates my own programming/stored stuff and brings it to the surface to be seen and then it is transmuted. There are so many things being resolved that I have been working on for a very long time. I'm feeling the experience of true freedom, which I've dearly yearned for and have spent many thousands of dollars doing classes, seminars, techniques, you name it, to try to achieve. And this is only after a few weeks! While the stuff is coming up it can be very uncomfortable, but you can't avoid it! No slippery mind gymnastics can change the process. I love that! I wish I'd known about these tools before, but I'm grateful to know now. Thank-you for all of the resources, videos, activations, etc. that are given so generously and freely. I have purchased the package from Moncef's interview and looking forward to experiencing all of those new tools, as well. Try these tools, you won't be sorry.

"Things will come up"...... Very true !

Since i was trying to deal with an emotional disaster the last 1.5 years and did not know exactly what the Regeneration Series was for, i ordered and used the illuminated heart for the last month. Probably i should have taken care of the diclaimer ;-)
Oh yes, things come up, but once you at least make an effort to release them, you will notice being calmer and more peaceful.
And as also written somewhere else , this is not a task donce one, you have to do it probably many times when something comes up, either on the same things or other things. But things get easier every time you do it.
(Note: Used in combination with Golden Fire Rings)

Magical, mystical, and stepping into power

I had an intuitive connection to this tool, felt the intense energy at first touch, and now it's with me at all times. Everyday is a discovery of the energetic gifts; just by working with it on my own. I am excited to learn of all this magical tool has to offer on the tutorial, and take it to the next levels. In the meantime, I have been able to calm people's energy, as well as mine, get rid of aches and pains, and soften EMF. It's highly magnified around orogonite, and it seems like the opportunities are quite vast. This tool is always ready to go and never needs cleansing. Thank you Brian 🙏🧡

Cell phone tab and wi-fi rings

Don't feel as much emf coming from our phones, less heat too. My wife has been using 3 wi-fi rings in her work place, as she has 3 computer screens at her desk. She used to come home totally drained and irritable, now she comes home full of energy and no worries. Best investment I've made in a long time
Top tip for cleaning tensor rings, rub some moist soil onto the rings for a minute or two, then wash clean, the rings will shine up like a new penny.


There's an old historical building nearby that has been haunted for years with many documented sad stories. I visit twice a week and have often felt quite uncomfortable. With the wand I empowered myself and built a tower of healing transformation at this facility.
There's been constant energetic shifts. Now two weeks later the building and grounds have a new freshness and everything seems to be shimmering which is a great change from the oppressive unpleasant gloom previously.

The school kit is a great value for lots of needs

I love this kit! It's great for students' needs. It is also such a great value for so many uses...travel, the glove compartment of the car, giving as gifts to those who ask about the cell phone tab (I like to keep extra on hand). The zipper pull is genius, what a great form factor for kids and teens, also for business bags and purses. Thank you TwistedSage for creating energetically beautiful, effective, beneficial works of art that are immensely practical too!

Accelerated Growth

The Gateway Pendant is a very powerful tool. In the few weeks I've been wearing this many unresolved issues have been cleared and processed creating opportunities for improving various personal and professional relationships. Exceptionally happy with it!


Thought I bought it for me but seems to be for my son. It has been transformative for him. Thank you from a mothers heart.


I felt a mellow and balancing energy when wearing it, everything was going smooth that day. It was intended to be a gift to a friend, so I passed it along with a good feeling. Loving all the tools I hva bought so far <3

Shamans Wand

I dont do reviews just about ever. This tool is awesome. I just came home from work and got a bad cramp at back of my right thigh when raising my foot to take off my right shoe. Had been wearing the Wand as a pendant all night at work and thought, let me test it on this cramp. Took it off my neck and ran it up and down in back of my leg thinking "keep it simple and clear", and just asked for the muscles to go back to normal and telling them that they are ok. Within two minutes cramp completely gone and I wrote this review. Sure, it could have gone away anyway, but I believe this wand was the catalyst to speed things up. That was a major cramp. Thank you Twisted Sage Team.

Strong energy

I recently bought the pendant of the golden fire ring. I'm still not sure exactly how it's working in my life (I haven't had it long), but I can feel it's strength and I love meditating with it on my head. I now enjoy the look of it and I can't wait to try other twisted sage products! Excellent customer service, Brian really takes the time to assist you! Thank you Twisted Sage :)

Golden Fire Generator

I have the feeling that the given daily conflicts in our house have been reduced visibly and the neighborhood seem also to be calmer somehow in comparison to earlier.
I have taken the generator into our holidays and the atmosphere in our hotel and other facilities we have been staying at was also very relaxing.
Regarding the EMF protection effects, i am still observing....

Gateway Pendant-WOW!!!

This pendant is amazing, I am never without it. When I'm not wearing it, I put it under my pillow when I sleep and I have been having such vivid dreams. I love it! Thank you so much for making such an amazing piece :)


I have been wearing the small sun disc as a pendant for three days and all I can say is WOW is it powerful! The first day I was tired adjusting to the energy... the second day was a lot better and I started to notice subtle changes in the world around and the responses from people. This morning on the train I could see the light coming from me! Its hard to explain but I feel like I have shifted and my heart is wide open... I am so looking forward to the coming days to see what happens next and how I can work with the sun disc with earth healing. So very grateful to have found this and thank you Brian and your team for bringing this into reality. I do not have words for what I am feeling at the moment!

Received and enjoyed

Package received and very much enjoying the changes these products brings to my home and my clients home.

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