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Healing & beautiful

It is an amazing creation. The moment I put it on, I could feel it’s power. There were pains and aches at different parts of my body, after which they felt as light as a feather. Like a newborn again.
So peaceful while wearing the pendant.

So grateful for this amazingly powerful beautiful tool. We received it in divine timing, while making our first home made ormus and we put it to use πŸ™πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– right away! We are using it daily in meditation, around the bed at night and for recalibrating and revigorating . It is instantly raising the vibration and shifting the frequencies
Infinite gratitude , from our heart to yours ❀️

Lovely ring

I’m very happy with my golden fire ring. I haven’t removed it since I received it.

Perfect energy tool

I am thrilled with my purchase.
It is currently atop a triple cone energy enhancer centered with a selenite tower
A powerful combination to help clean the skies above from chemtrails and geo-engineering attacks.

Comforting Cocoon times a thousand!!!

I am happy with myself and love sharing happiness with friends, family and everyOne whenever possible. πŸ’žAfter a long, hard's days work when it's time to relax on the couch for some comfort 😊, this particular tool really helps relax even so much more into that comforting, familiar cocoon of the wisdom quantum healer and wisdom wand pendant--it amplifies both immensely, I truly was amazed, and is quite the clean, clear, crisp, super shiny bling indeed!!! Just recovering from a virus and this beautiful, elegant wand envelopes one into those nurturing energies, buffered from too much stress when it's time to wind down. Chic, classy and comfy--what else could one possibly ask for? Very practical for running energy, too, any pain dissipates into crystal clear light right away, tried it on my gf when her leg was hurting and she was pain-free within about 5 minutes, yay!! πŸ‘ Another huge winner, dear lovely TS team, so glad I asked dear Brian about it! Did I mention that it's super gorgeous and loves the other two? This trio encompasses the wisdom energies as beautifully as the so beloved wisdom generator and rings...the combination really provides super- comfort when dealing with a ton and equalizes it all harmoniously! πŸ‘ Bravo!!! 😍

Pure, blissful Light! Luv!! 😍

Love this gorgeous, ancient, yet new, fresh NOW~WOW energy--ineffably light, beautiful, playful and yet such a powerful tool to integrate lifetimes and harmonize timelines! Read the wonderful, highly informative and detailed description ( thank you sincerely!! πŸ™) and recognized this, too, from eons ago. It so does hold and contain Life's beauti- and bountiful energy in its etheric template as well as the gorgeous physical representation! Opens one's heart chakra even wider, if that's even possible, πŸ’“ connects all subtle bodies and aligns chakras in such a gentle, flowing way! A total favorite! Superb craftsmanship, consistently above- and beyond lovely customer service, immeasurable thanks, dear loving TS Studios team! ❀️

Infinity Halo
Sarah S.

Hola Twisted Sage friends! I have been using your tools for the last couple years. Wanted to let you know I have non-epileptic seizures the last 10 years. And I had a good run of not having them for many months. Recently I started having them again and I asked my son to put it on my head when I was coming out of a seizure. I noticed it help keep them at bay for the rest of the evening. Did it again the next day and any time I feel them coming. It is keeping it at bay so far. And also headaches seem to get better when I put it on.
These seizure most of the time happen when I’m really tired or stressed and around a lot of energy influx in the body. Thank you guys. And I just thought you would want to be aware how this tool is helping people.

This works! πŸ‘ ( Well, all of 'em do:)

I was so darn excited when these came out and enchanted by their beauty--they felt really familiar-- that snail mail did its thingy with taking its sweet time while overseas, so before they actually got here, I did the unspeakable πŸ˜‚ Put my beloved Gateway pendant with some Scotch tape onto my laptop to test-drive these babies...So that did work, too, actually in a fun way...had a rather serious day and felt like some light-heartedness was due, and next thing, the most outrageously funny texts started arriving....which was also flippin' amazing given that my laptop from the States isn't linked to my even older Samsung phone..but shows again how potently these tools work indeed with the energetics of Wifi in a larger field as both devices were stationary that afternoon within 3-4 feet apart! So they did exactly what the lucid description said, to a t- So then the "real" Alchemist Tabs for these electronics arrived!!

The Alchemist energetics really do come through in every email, text, communication!! Sheer, powerful Magic!!! πŸ™Œ Am writing my next book and it flows with so much more ease and effortless creativity than sometimes before when old 3d collective- consciousness emails would throw me momentarily off from the spacious Infinite Light one was immersed in with the creative process as that same Light we are. Also, old. non-stop bureaucratic email or spam intensified for a about a day that I thought I had unsubscribed from, it was like when inner challenges come up to be released yet in a physically tangible way. which prompted to unsubscribe even more, and after that, and only essential, valuable, progressive, new energy was allowed through.

The first few days were so exciting, like a kiddo in a candy store! Waited with anticipation what would happen, but it really wasn't a placebo effect, just loving texts arrived, or neutral ones, others stayed away. Ordered two more for family, highly recommend and happy to wear my beautiful Alchemist pendant again which felt too precious for the laptop, really. Don't know what I was thinking, but much needed fun surely was had!! Thanks for yet another excellent tool, so, so exquisitely pretty!!

The only downside πŸ˜‡ really is that I am losing precious time by closing the laptop lid slightly every once in a while to take a peek at the radiant beauty of these Alchemist rings shimmering, melting into their color, their texture, running my fingers softly over and around them which feels like a mini meditation--gosh, what an exquisite piece!!! 🌸

Hats off, dear Twisted Sage, you did it again!! Much Love and many thanks for really enjoying each and every communication and having the ones that no longer resonate stay away! ❀️

Incomparable must-have!

The 2" GF generator that Brian suggested at my first order for its durability really is beyond amazing!
It goes everywhere with me, and if I ever forget it, I miss it! I love how neatly and easily it fits into any bag, pocket, is always ready to come with, haha, and I got it after a wave of burglaries where I currently live while abroad. No more incidents since, it really does harmonize a 2 1/2 miles space, keeps dense energy away, withstands throwing stuff into one's handbag as one does;) without ever getting out of shape!! As Stephanie wrote below, one can't stop holding it once one starts, so it really oughta come with a disclaimer!! πŸ˜‡ It has such a deeply peaceful, grounding and protective energy, this little bundle of joy!! My go-to item and highly recommend for anyone to keep harmony and peace in one's neighborhood and hold the space for all, people, animals, plants, minerals, you name it. I love it so much that I saved up and recently also bought the 222 generator ❀️ which feels delicate, loving, utterly sweet and loves some sugilite in it, as well as the harmony one and either of 'em tames even the most unruly, argumentative peeps here! I then added a larger GF generator as the wee one is mostly on the go, to keep one's rental apartment in line:) Lastly, the wonderful Wisdom generator with its flat surface that emanates such a brilliant, bright light and really likes to be worn! Cannot recommend highly enough, as with the pendants and other tools, one intuitively feels which one is best for whatever occasion, and they seem to love each other's company, although some will be gifted when ( if??) they are ready to move where they are most needed to share the joy!! 😍 Fantastic tool, eternal gratitude to TS studios, superb craftsmanship as always and grateful for the precise, spot-on guidance when trying this first one--the activation to simply know which ones wanted to come a year later came easily then, they are so in synch with one another!! Keep up the great job, much love to all! πŸ¬πŸ’™


I bought the small Golden Fire Tensor ring and the copper Heddeka.
I’ve been experiencing loud ascension symptoms, including intense thirst which I have not been able to quench no matter how much water I drink. Placing the Heddeka in my water has finally allowed me to be hydrated!!!!
The golden fire ring has helped me to sustain a higher frequency and enables me to back into that frequency quicker when I shift out. It’s like training wheels helping me to establish a new set point frequency!
I’m a big fan and will buy more products as I need them. I’ve already recommended to several people in my circle. Thank you!πŸ™

Infinity Halo
Christopher K.
Meditation Shortcut Device

Any one would surely benefit from this Infinity Halo. If you meditate though than you owe it to yourself and your higher self to get one of these. It truly calms the mind and thought forms and brings one into a higher sense of peace quicker than I have felt than with any other item. I can feel without even concentrating my third eye activating with the infinity symbol right over it. If you do not meditate you will still benefit from the calmness and peace the Infinity Halo brings. It's a game changer though for deeper meditation.
OM Joy, OM Peace, OM Bliss

Prototype Products Page
Christopher K.
Give this Piece a Chance

I purchased 3 of the new energy finger rings and the energy is stronger and than any of the previous wonderful Twistedsage items. I added one of the new energy flat rings to my older Gateway tab on the house electrical grid. The other flat ring a put on my middle finger and it gave me the bird. The energy bird that is, as I felt like I was soaring on a wave of peace. This new energy truly brings forth a peaceful meditative feeling. This energy would be good for anyone, but if you suffer from anxiety than give this piece a chance.
OM Peace, OM Joy, Om Bliss

Halo - tremendous energy!!!

I received the Halo yesterday in the mail. My friend has an Infinite Halo and I wore it for a bit and liked the energy. When I tuned in and asked my guides if it was for me to have one I was told to have the plain Halo which I did.
I started wearing it as soon as I got it. I wore it by itself and I wore it with Quartz Crystals and also with different high energy stones. Wearing the Halo with the quartz crystals and with the stones made the energy super strong and I felt I was getting "fried" so it is something I now do for a few minutes at the time. I prefer to wear the Halo together with quartz crystal, my favorite one is a Lemurian Quartz Crystal.
I were the Halo continuously as I am most of the time at home but when I am out and about I wear it with a cap so the Halo is not seen.
I have experienced many different things. I have "seen" myself in Lemuria, Atlantis, and Egypt wearing something similar made of gold. In Lemuria the dimension was different, not a third dimension experience.
Wearing the Halo gives me the opportunity of having a "portal" at my disposal at all times and when I have questions the answers are already there. I also wear two finger rings with the "new" energy and the Wisdom Generator Bracelet collapsed as a pendant. Wearing all these tools together is amazing!!
I am greatly thankful for these tools as they are awesome to work with. No limits, imagination is my guide, my portal, into time-no time, space-no space, it feels as everything is collapsed into now when wearing these tools!
Thank you Twistedsage team!!! I am greatly appreciative for all you do!!!
- Athan

wisdom generator

Beautiful, calming energy. Enhances Healing Energy.

Alchemy Water Ring

OMG, how is this possible?!! I picked up the Water Alchemy ring from the mailbox and immediately felt a harmonizing wholeness when I placed it over my body.

The experiment with a glass of water with the Alchemy ring underneath it transformed the water into delicious liquid light! It works so much better than the 2" harmonizer ring and almost instantaneously. I now use this ring over my water container and leave it there for a few hours.

I also now place the Alchemy ring in my computer desk while I'm working. I find my concentration, peace and productivity increased, which is a great transformational benefit.

Loving this new energy! Thank you, Twisted Sage!! πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

Wisdor Tensor Practitioners Ring

Its awesome and a must have for me. I had first bout the 3.5 inch one to try out the Wisdom type. It does everything Brian mentions. Quickly helped me remove a knarly day long headache once by placing it over the pain. So I knew I needed one that fits over my whole body at once. This ring does not dissapoint. Just remember to do your part. With using the universes energy / consciousness to do any works...you have to deserve the resuslts first. Usually any thing requested in Love, true love and forgiveness for all, will get you there. Thats my default feeling unless I let myself get angry. As another note: When I got the first small wisdom ring, I found it fit the glass top of a brand aromatic new glass jar candle I had bought. I placed the ring at the top of the glass jar thinking that I would be charging the scents coming out of it when its burning. I lit the candle and subsequently fell asleep. I subsequently fell asleep. When I awoke a couple hours later the candle flame was out. I would soon learn that this candle is veeeery hard to put the flame out on and that I had to place the jars lid on it to starve the flame out. So, what I think was happening is that the guardians of the template of this ring did not want me projecting the idea form of fire into my or anyones near's house. That is my feeling. And, honestly I kind of should have "known" better as I always intuitively had that feeling when choosing not to put flames right inside my crystal grids. So, there you go. The Wisdom Rings are actively powerful. 05-02-22 0504 UTC

Beautiful pendants

First time I bought one for me and then I bought two more , for my daughter and my husband. We wear them everyday. Thank you for such a beautiful energy!

Very good service

Good product and very quick delievery!

You can feel the power!

Fits nicely.

I can't comment on the energy as I am not remotely energy sensitive. But I do really enjoy the bracelet. It fits very nicely, is unique (relative to other bracelets), looks very well made and looks very nice. Thanks for a beautiful product. I do plan on purchasing more of your products.

Protect your energy

I purchased this product for a friend birthday present.
Her body was struggling I let her borrow one EMF pendant alone with one of my generator because I have 2( a big for home and a small one when I travel.
The symptoms that she had was cold like symptoms with
hoarseness, in less than 24 hours she was all better.
So please everyone protect your energy 5G is bothering our bodies more than you think.

Love this pendant

The alchemist pendant is not only a high-vibration generator, it is a beautiful piece of jewelry. I bought the silver and wear it daily. I can feel the uplifting energy and I just feel good when I have it on. Highly recommend!

Love the Wings of Tok Energy Remidiation Device!

I have several of the Twisted Sage tools... my favorites are the Golden Fire and Light Wand and the the original Wings of Tok which I have owned for almost 3 years. Then along comes the newer Tok device and it takes everything to a new level. After reading the reviews on the new Tok device, I ordered immediately and so glad I did. Been experiencing lower back/pelvic weakness and pain for about 5 months - this device goes in my pants pocket for the day and I am off and running - it is a game changer! Looking forward to doing other work with this device and will provide an update! Thank you Twisted Sage!

Fantastic book--what a journey!

Still reading this, so will update later, but so far such a great read and need-to-know information, much respect, so glad TS is well-deserved attributed here with your groundbreaking excellence!!

Exquisitely beautiful, powerful energy, absolutely top- notch!

Love at first sight! ( And here I thought it'd be a dude, not a pendant!:)
Gosh, this was a major splurge, but am so very glad I did! Where do I even start? Might review both this and the Binary Infusion pendant...After decades of I Am meditations, I first felt drawn to this pendant last year and the kind and loving folks at TS told me about the more affordable Binary Infusion pendant with the same energetics, so I got that, went to a busy part downtown and was just lifted above all the noise and commotion, nothing sticky, just that gentle, graceful flow with ease.
So that remained a favorite, ( changed now to the fantastic Alchemist pendant by adding the Divine I am ring) with its classy, understated, timeless ( literally! ☺️) design and powerful, local as well as non-local, infinite energy, wave and particle collapsing into Rigpa or Pure Bliss, which, after listening to a webinar, also changes GMO food to optimal one. This alone is truly great as where I currently live, organic food is oftentimes not affordable nor available. So knowing one can alchemize one's food is empowering and super helpful!

Back to the pendant itself--recently, I felt intensely drawn to it again, despite being fully onboard with the new wisdom sun energetics, so I didn't even know why this wanted to come...saw a fantastic video of Brian being interviewed by dear Valerie of Crystal Blue Oracle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKe_eKcrOAU at 34 minutes the pendant is mentioned, and still hesitated a while-- when I asked, dear Brian with his utmost integrity said again that the energetics are in the BI one I already had. I had saved up a long time last year for the amazing Divine I Am Torus assembled by dear Brenda, and somehow, it still felt like the pendant belonged to the Torus.

So I took the dive and am so glad! When it arrived, I was enchanted, it felt like the most known pendant ever, hard to describe. I had definitely seen this pendant in past lives/other dimensions and it was a joyful reunion! I find it hard to take it off, it does everything the description, and the other reviewers shared so beautifully, one feels just Pure Being in this peaceful bubble of loving Light, is fully engaged and present with all that arises, yet remains at zero point in that field of neutrality, no sticky attachment to a particular outcome, so that only the highest can result. Case in point, as Brian says in the interview, things come up but without a long, deep dive into a Dark Soul of the Night, more like a serene, gentle surrender to the Highest. Excellent craftsmanship as always, super high quality, definitely another piece for life. It feels like one is lifted to one's highest soul potential, where one belongs! Many thanks for excellency yet again, dear TS studios, this pendant is just beyond amazing, feels like a little activator all right, guiding one to look at all that arises with/through/as one's loving Light! Love, love, love! ❀️