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Finger Rings
Tammy A.

Love my 2 finger rings!
Perfect size and excellant quality

Wifi Ring
Kathy A.

I felt the protection immediately. Thank you!

Well made!

I recently bought 2 for my girlfriend and 2 for me. She really like them as they are so light it feels like she doesn't even have it around her neck. And I like the adjustability of which I had not seen before. They do last quite a while!

Divine I Am Generator plus

I've had the Divine I Am Generator for a few days now and I have been using it daily. Based on the experiences I've encountered I decided to add another review to share my experiences. I have done energy work on myself using this generator and the results have been great. I have been suffering of digestive issues for a long while and I decided to do some healing work on myself focused on this issue. I spoke into the Generator the problem I was encountering and blew into the Generator then I noticed that the bloating and the pain started to go away. The pain stopped within a minute and the bloating went away within 10 to 15 minutes. I got excited so I started working on different issues, neck pain, anger, frustration, lack of motivation, and so on. All with great results. Then I though what would happen if I add another tool, so I added the 3 inch Divine I Am ring and results happened faster. I used the Divine I Am Generator with the Wings of Tok, the Everything ring, the Chalice clasp, the 9 inch Harmonizer Ring and started experiencing different things. The key I believe is Intention and the possibilities are without number! Use your guidance and experiment and see what you encounter, what you experience! I can't wait to see and feel all this amazing tool can provide! We are all different, these are my experiences, in no way I am saying that everyone out there are gonna experience similar things. We all can try, use these tools and see what we encounter. That's what I do.

Love to watch how it impacts energy!

I absolutely love my bracelet generator. I do aura photography and live energy readings using a bio sensor. One of the things I love to show clients is how quickly all the chakras line up when holding either the bracelet generator or the harmony field generator. It is so amazing to watch.

Happy customer

The real deal, high energy, reasonably priced, quality materials, craftmanship, happy customer.

Alchemist Set
Pocket set Divine I Am Ring

I bought the Pocket set Divine I Am Ring, so I could add it to the Binary Infusion Pendant. I really like the look as it’s copper, silver, copper now.


When i first opened it and put it on my chain, alot of energy went into my heart center, I adapted to the vibration, and noticed it surfaced issues, its a constant thing i guess, but a powerful piece, i still need to educate myself of its uses, but a very powerful piece

Grounding and centering

I found the ‘quantum healer silver’ to have grounding and centering energies. I’m wearing it everyday along with my 5 faced Rudraksha Bead pendant, and blue kyanite beaded bracelet on my left wrist: this combination is very helpful in relieving anxiety, any ups and downs, as well as strengthening my auric field so I don’t feel other people’s negative energies anymore. I cannot be without these energy tools, and am very grateful to be guided to the right tools in the process of balancing my energies and receiving healing. Thank you


Programing the Harmony generator with my Citrine Sphere and intentions was awesome as I could feel the potential possibilities of abundance going to manifest soon!

Golden Fire Light Wand

The energy of the wand is amazing. Its the perfect tool to fight through the dimensional shifts with as it is assisting me to help my clients more efficiently when it comes to entity attachments and cords as it cuts through those energies faster. Brilliant tool, 100% satisfied. Thank you.

shiny cute tool

Since 1997 I am connected to the eight or as a woman once told me, i received it energetically. I like wearing it as a reminder of that intense time. It looks precious. 4 stars "only" as it turns around when moving and the chain is a little hard on my skin.

Heka Clasp
Christine F.
Beautiful and Healing

I purchased two clasps.

The regeneration clasp for myself and the golden fire one for my dad. The golden fire was a bit small for my dad but I tapped into the energy and really felt that energy was better suited for him. He’s said that tho the clasp pinches a little (due to the smaller size), when he wears it the arthritis in his wrist just disappears. He’s amazed by how effective it is. My clasp has also been supporting me with pain relief in my wrists. We’ve had these items for about two weeks now.

I’m intending to get my dad a regeneration clasp in the near future.

Beautiful products and very effective healing tools.


As soon as it arrived I held it in my hands and I was able to feel the powerful energy emanating from it! Also feeling centered and at peace. I feel I am floating somewhere and like I am in different places at the same time. I know I am sitting on my chair but the feeling is that I am somewhere else. I put the Generator inside the Divine I Am ring it in the center of the 4 Chalice clasps inside the the larger Harmonizer Ring which generated a very intense energy felt through the entire house. I started getting downloads on how to use the Generator and also how to use the combination of the Alchemist set with the Divine I Am Generator. What an adventure! I love it!
Thank you Brian and the Twistedsage team!

Alchemist Set
Alchemist Personal Set

I love all Twisted Sage products. I have added the Alchemist Set to the Ascension Grid Pyramid. I’m hoping this will amp up the Ascension Grid Pyramid, and make it easy to also use the rings for personal healing by just take them off as needed..

Cell Phone Tab
Denni K.B.
my second one

I ordered a new cell phone tab as my old one had been used on several phones and I felt it was time for a new one. I feel much better protected by this tab....I would recommend everyone get one for their phone!!

the real deal

high energy
reasonably priced
quality materials
happy customer

the real deal

high energy
reasonably priced
quality materials
happy customer

Cell Phone Tab
Kathy A.

No more craziness in my home or in my body. It works Thanks

Harmonic creation fields

Placed one set of rings around my water pitcher, with petrified wood, agate and clear quartz on the rings. The water is energized and most refreshing. The other set I strung on leather cording and hung it from the headrest in my truck, traveling is always guided, guarded and protected. These tools are incredibly useful, totally enjoyable and I utilize my collection of various items daily, with gratitude for having them...

Powerful set!

I made two Alchemist sets, one set includes the 9-1/2 inch Harmonizer Ring plus Chalice clasps, plus 3 inch Divine I Am Ring. The other is a the Alchemist Pendant which includes the Binary Infusion Pendant (Harmonizer and Chalice rings) and the 1 inch Divine I Am ring. Both sets are very powerful. The pendant I wear 24/7 and the other one I have it set with quartz crystals which I use for healing and for connecting with the ALL.
As soon as I started wearing the pendant I noticed a huge change in myself, I became peaceful and calmer and also more aware of a greater field! I also have been feeling a field or healing energy around me. With the larger rings set I have been able to heal stomach issues I've had for quite some time. Also my sleep has improved greatly by having the Alchemist Pendant under my pillow when I go to bed for the night!
I am super happy with these rings set and hugely grateful we were able to obtain such powerful tools! Thank you Brian and the Twistedsage team for all you are doing!

Works wonders

I have had the copper bracelet for a while and decided to try the Silver one. As a result my reluctant left knee has virtually no pain while wearing it during the day. I sometimes wear the copper as well and wear the copper at night for a more restful sleep and no leg cramps.

Everything Ring
Aileen B.
I love their products

Ever since wearing these bands I feel so good, healthier, and with a better mood

I like it

When using the phone my finger is always touching the cell phone tab, it is kind of soothing. I’ve noticed conversations seem to be more positive, open, less conflict.

Large Golden Fire Ring

I bought the large ring to meditate in. I am an Intuitive and experience profound healing when I meditate and release blocks, whilst sitting in the ring. It amplifies and focuses the the process, taking it to a significantly deeper level!!! I absolutely love it!!

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