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Energetic Transformation Kit
Awesome energy!!

The energetic transformation kit has completely transformed the already positive energy in our house! I could instantly feel the energy shift in my phone when i put the phone tab on it. I could also feel an instant shift when we put the golden fire sticker on the fuse panel. Been sleeping much deeper and more peacefully. The water ring has been fun. It completely changes the taste and structure of your drinks... we put it in our bubble baths and let it change that water into very healing water...The golden fire and light wand has an amazingly strong energy! I love it! I use it constantly anchoring column of light into things like our bath water...Brian's tools teach you to get into the heart easier and more often. All of his tools are different and have amazing energy! The golden fire coil is hubby didn't want to take it off. He felt it's safe, protective energy right away! We put the golden fire generator into our crystal grid

Infinitely Powerful

I’ve been a huge fan of Brian and his work for many years. I love these tools! My most recent acquisition is the Infinite Light Pendant. This piece is so incredibly empowering and tuned in to much bigger Field. I wear it all the time and am having amazing shifts on multiple levels. Ever grateful to the entire Twisted Sage Team for their great service and high quality products. Buy local and support conscientious entrepreneurs!

Harmony Generator


Helps good to protect from wifi

So happy

IT works perfekt.


I feel grounded and expanded with my new Infinite light pendant. I have worn it every day since it arrived. It helps keep me more balanced during this influx of new higher energies.Thank you!

Infinite Light Pendant

Great energy!

I´m happy that the Golden Fire Ring is with me. Strong, but cosy energy which protects. Nice to handle, I like it. Fascinating thing, thank you very much for this and for the videos!

Golden fire and light wand mini

What a ride. I just can't stop getting these Golden fire tools. First the rings then the gateway pendant and now the Golden fire and light wand. Since I received the wand in the mail I have been using it, I hope in a beneficial way. I have read the booklet and watched the webinar. I have done the entering the heart space, I have placed a column of light over the bed, and in our complex's pool and spa as well as over the meter box with the main breaker for my mobile home. I also have tried to do a clearing and cleaning on my mobile home and also placed a column of light over my wife's recliner. She has PTSD and MST from being in the Marine Corp. So I'm hoping this will help her, by introducing her to herself! Or to put it another way to let her Soul do as it will with the light column. That's what's called soft intention.

Gateway Pendant

I have had the gateway pendant since the middle of last week. I don't feel energy, I never have. But I do like the pendant for its look and the properties of the 3 rings, Golden fire, Regeneration, and Earth resonance. I have faith that it's keeping me much more grounded and clean and clear in the heart space. And that all releases are happening in my soul's right time. I like this pendant much more than the 1/4 royal cubit ring from another vender that I was wearing before. That ring is now on top of my router. Hopefully transforming the wifi signals to something more clean and less harmful.

I also have the water rings as well as the Golden fire and light wand.

Golden Fire 7 1/2 inch water ring

I was using a 333mhz ring from another vender, but was impressed with details of the Golden fire ring so I ordered one from your online store. I was not really expecting a big difference with the golden fire over the 333mhz ring but after using it for over a week I can say that it does seem the water, which I keep in a Miron 1 LT. bottle is, well I'm not sure what to call it, : Sweeter, smoother, more balanced. I usually put the tap water in the bottle after its been thru my britta water filter pitcher, or my zero water pitcher.
I was so pleased with the golden fire ring I have also ordered the 8 1/2 regeneration ring as well as your 6 1/2 earth resonance ring. I also now have your the gateway pendant and the golden fire and light wand mini.

I think I'm hooked on twistedsage tools, ya it's a good thing. I don't sense energy never have but I have faith, the tools are working.

Comfortably Beautiful

I purchased both sizes and wear one on each hand. The frequencies of both are fenomenal and they look subtle & stylish. I’m so happy this product got made, before I was wearing the heavy duty golden fire & Harmony ring on my arms. Plus I love how the energies feel on the body. I only ever take them off to shower now. A great investment in my opinion I’ll probably Upgrade to one of the new silver cuff ones soon, but if that one to expensive both of these work just as fine.

Bubble of light

What a profound healing tool, worth every single penny. This tool helps heals on a deep and profound level, it also feels so blissful being in that field of healing. I’ve used mine every to clear so manny densities, and in it’s place an energy of harmony and love.

Twisted Sage’s Art

The cell phone tab is a condensed masterpiece in it’s own right. On my phone, it covers the apple symbol as a reminder that no harmful EMF can come from my device. It is a beautiful, intricate piece of art that gives me peace of mind.

Beauty in safety

I do not worry about harmful EMF from my laptop any longer! I have it attached around the apple symbol. Not only is it beautiful but it protects my thoughts as well.

Amazing, supportive energy

My new 2" inch portable Golden Fire generator is my number #1 favorite tensor generator from my collection. I carry it with me everywhere. At home it sits in front of my PC table to keep things cleared and secure. My home and immediate neighborhood significantly quieter and peaceful than previously. It's very supportive for many situations and an excellent companion. Planning to get another.

With gratitude

I watched your webinar, then used the information to energetically put the Wings of Tok in my home. I have had many issues in the past few months that have energetically drained me and made me physically ill. The Wings of Tok have been invaluable already and I am so thankful! A good night's sleep with minor issues that were clearly defined this morning. I will be purchasing one for my home and one to carry with me. I am so glad you and Brenda are so generous with your work! Denni Brouhard

Heka Clasp

Love the Heka Clasp. I put it on out of the box and haven't taken it off since then, which is very unusual for me. I bought the smaller one that fits the 6 inch wrist. It's very comfortable and looks great.
Thank you TS TEAM.

Wifi rings

Bought several wifi rings, good quality from a trusted site. Very versatile. A good energy item to gift. Will order more. Thank you TS team..

888 series ring

Love the 888 series rings. They fit my left hand ring finger, I wear 2 and keep them on. The 3rd i add to other TS pieces. Love the energy. I have several other items from them, all quality work. Thank you TS team.


I bought two wifi rings, one to place on my router, one to place on the cable box in my bedroom. I have to say I've been sleeping so much better. My dreams have been more vivid and that hasn't happened in a long time. The only thing that's different is the placement of the wifi ring so I'm crediting it with this positive change. Thank you!!

Cell phone tab

I love it!
Thank you

Heka Clasp

So comfortable to wear, I forget it on. The only time I remove the clasp is when I shower.
Check out Brian’s You Tube video showing you how to clean copper tools. White Vinegar and Salt cleans the Heka Clasp in seconds. Thanks once again TwistedSage yet another great tool.

Golden Fire Generator

I love this product and brings so much positive energy in my space.

Changed my life

I was new to the idea of our world being made up of frequencies and I liked the idea that we had the ability to manipulate them and harmonize them for the highest good of all. Then i stumbled upon twisted sage and bought the 8” golden fire ring and I could feel it so profoundly when I placed it upon my head. It taught me to feel and understand energy. It taught me how to program the frequency of anything straight into the molecular structure of any substance. Any person who saw it was attracted to it and asking questions. One day I was playing with my little nephews in the park and we lost it there. At first I was sad and then I realized that it may have completed its purpose in my life in all the lessons it taught me. I am now able to access the code levels of frequencies without any tools and I like the thought that someone will find the ring and take it home and have their lives changed.

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