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Everything's Going To Be OK.

It took me a couple of months to be able to put this one into words. The other testimonial on this pendant says "Game Changer". That is absolutely true. This pendant is a game changer.
Since I've had it, my life has been so much easier! To let go of everything and invite it all in, even the ugly. When we let it all in, it flows through us. It does not stay. And life continues to feed us rich experiences. The good, the bad, the ugly; they're all the same.
Its almost as if we can float through life, as life hands us experiences to go through. Open up your heart and you are free. "Everything is going to be ok." This is the knowing this pendant brings me. "Everything is going to be ok."
It is a game changer. Your life will never be the same. It's totally worth the money. Having a healthy mind is worth more than the price of this pendant. A healthy mind. A healthy out look on life.
In the words of the great sage: "When you stand in your power, you are untouchable." ~Brian Besco~ That's what this pendant does. Spend the money. It's totally worth it!

Calm Quiet Knowing.

The incompetence that flooded my being every time I thought of a daunting project has been replaced with a calm quiet acceptance and knowing that what needs to be done, I can do.

4" Gaia Prototype

This 4inch Gaia is FABULOUS .I held it up to my heart upon removing from plastic and it felt like Shields melted away from heart area ,like frozen butter melting just flowing away steady and easy ,like pouring hot water over an ice cube
Really exquisite energetics and love the triangle shape of the copper.
Here is a short video of how I was guided to place it .
Inside is the shamans wand as well and small generator on the copper wand .
Thank you for this piece and please continue creating and sharing your journey of awakening thru your Creative essential expression
WONDROUS this is.

Amazing and very powerful

Greatest Gratitude for this precious technology
Very pleased to have one - it’s a must have .
Thank you Twisted Sage .

Best Sleep

The Grounding Ring has drastically improved my sleep. I normally would wake up 2-3 times every night but since sleeping with this ting under my mattress I get deep prolonged sleep. Occasionally I’ll wake up once in a week now but the sleep is so deep and soothing

Mater dei like it

Great protection

Betar Coil w/Ring
Victoria S.
Overkill? No such thing.

I placed my new Betar Coil w/Ring inside my Alchemist rings & set my Wisdom Generator Bracelet on top. Inside are three happy euphoralite stones just radiating away. The Wisdom energy combined with the Betar boost makes for a strong, clear, evenly dispersed flow of energy. Thank you Brian for encouraging us to play with these wonderful tools.

They disappeared!!

I was so excited to receive these tensor rings. I swear I placed them in a pocket in my purse because I intended to purchase a leather strap to make a necklace, so I purchased the leather and now they are gone they are not where I left them. I’ve heard of things disappearing and reappearing later. I sure hope they reappear because I was so looking forward to experiencing this energy. 🥴

Healing Hands
Teresita A.
I love the ring

The ring that I ordered arrived in a week, and I am very happy with ot. I didn't know that it is a bracelet and about the size 8. It's very nice. But because it's a large for my wrist. I am wearing it on my neck as pendant.

Subtle Transformations!

The Quantum Heart Pendant has grown to become one of my favourites.

At first, I did not see what it was doing, the field is not as tangible unless you expand it consciously.

I stopped wearing it for awhile, and then wearing it again, doing this several times; in this contrast I swiftly became aware on how immensely it was affecting me.

It such a subtle but absolutely profound little pendant, transformational!

It has a soothing field that just melts away old identities and believes while transmuting it into Wisdom and Light, it takes old experiences and turns these lessons, integrating them while becoming Wise in the process. The more darkness you carry, the Wiser you will become and the more expansive your Light!

This little guy allows me to grasp so much of my Soul’s Wisdom—almost like a living library, awaiting to be accessed and this Pendant is the Key, it gives me access to the Soul’s Wisdom through insight and “knowing” that was not previously there.

Beyond all of this it instills within me a sense of protection. It is less “dense” of a field compared to something like a Golden Fire Coil, and less tangible, but it is protective in other ways — more like a warmth in the chest, nurturing and healing you.

Truly a magnificent pendant. Subtle yet transformative.

It brings in so much of the Soul’s Light no other pendant has done this so far, a lot of Soul Aspects come in and with this Pendant all of them become easily accessible, including all the Wisdom these aspects have gathered thorough lifetimes.

Get yours and see for yourself! ✨

Worth every penny... 💚😊🙏

I am loving my clasp.


This coil is awesome

Feeling grounded

Since I’ve been wearing my silver quantum heart coil pendant I’ve been feeling more grounded. It actually helps me manage my anxiety. I was thinking about getting back on anxiety medication, but since I’ve been wearing the coil I feel less anxious. I was recommend to Twisted Sage by my friend Renard. It didn’t know it would work so well and didn’t know it would work for anxiety. He told me I needed one and I didn’t have any expectations but it def worked wonders.

peace abounds

The harmony generator has brought a palpable feeling of peace to my house and neighborhood. Fabulous to be in this field.

Water Rings
Subtle but powerful 🙏

So pleased with my new tensor ring from Twistedsage. Our water is filtered using one of the most sophisticated systems available. Yes, I can affirm that there is some intangible, but powerful, energy that the tensor ring adds.
I was gifted an elemental, mine is a heddeka I think. I have been using that as well in all sorts of ways. Would appreciate more hints on how I can benefit even more from it as well as my tensor ring. Thank you!

Lightning fast

The rods are very sensitive and quick responses

This is my second or third set

I ended up dividing up the individual rings to place around our water bottles, my husband's meds and my vitamins. A couple days ago my husband said, "the water tastes funny, I mean different, a little sweet. Did you add sugar to it?" Of course I hadn't added sugar or anything to the water. I just keep the bottles sitting in the ring before I give them to him to drink!
I have another set of rings that I stack over my mini-pyramid - just because it makes me feel good to look at the arrangement. When I think or hear of someone who needs help or prayer , I put their name under the pyramid arrangement, intending for it to hold sacred space for them to come into alignment with their higher self and purpose.
I recently bought a third set and sent to a friend who is going thru some physical challenges, along with a grid point pyramid. I hope to hear a great testimony from her soon.

Great generator

Wonderful generator. I got the 4” and 2” golden fire generators and they were shipped on time and i can feel the positive energy emanating from them. 4” generator is used for the house and 2” generator will be used as portable device as it will be easy to bring when commuting.

Really does help!

I have less pain, heated & tingly palm and numbness since putting on my phone. Not completely gone, but MUCH better!

4" Tensor Coil
Neil J.G.

This tool is beautiful. I'm still in the process of discovering the benefits of this tool.

What I observe is that most people are friendly and respectful every time I'm wearing this coil.

Thank you, Twistedsage Studio family. 🥰

New chain to compliment my pendent

My silver chain is perfect for my infinity pendent. The chain has a beautiful pattern and length that compliments the pendent .,It both feels good and looks good.

Fairy Wand
Yvonne M.
Love This Wand

I received the Fairy Wand this week after working with the wisdom wands. I enjoy the copper wands more for their calming energy feel, over the silver as that for me feels more like a crisp energy.

However, the Fairy Wand feels completely different, so fun, playful and joyous energy! I can’t wait to do more work with this wand and connect to the fairy realm. It’s said you don’t need to wear it to work with it, but I feel I’d still love wearing this for the high vibration and joyous feeling I’m getting from it.

Subtlety Sublime

The concept of having my own Personal Healer has been something I’ve desired since I began my Awakening Journey, & what a truly sacrosanct help this tool has been for me. I’ve worn it every day since it was delivered, & it has replaced my Crystal Pendants that I enjoyed so much in the past. It’s Energies are subtle and not as palpable as the Wisdom Wand, but are similar enough to be comprable. Indeed health problems that I was having trouble letting go of for a couple years slowly vanished, and were replaced with vitality and wellness. It also holds a space of grace, ease and all you have to do is allow as much resistance to drop as you can allow, to be enveloped in a delicious healing energy. In moments of deep and total relaxation I’ve felt a kind of sacred geometry spinning my body goes into. In deed 10 minutes of that deep healing is just priceless, It’s unlike any Reiki or other healing modality I’ve tried. It is also made so beautifully it shines with such a stunning silver sheen as to match J.R.R Tolkien’s Mithril. I use a sliver cloth cleaner & for the hard to reach places a bath of hot water Aluminum Foil & Baking Soda leave it glimmering like new. It is for lack of better words a physical reminder and place holder for all that you truly are here and now & if you tap into that space the possibilities of what is are limitless. Thanks again to the entire TwSa Team for the amazing work you all do.

Powerfully Stunning

What a Beautiful Tensor Tool the Double Silver design is Stunningly Shiny in direct sunlight. It shines with a radiance & Silver Sheen unlike any I’ve seen from any other tool I own. It’s energy was felt even before it arrived to me in the physical. I sensed the energy it carries upon purchasing the tool with increasing levels of palpability once it arrived. I love using it to restructure water instantly & I find the taste softer sweeter and more alive than before. & Even in preforming energy work on myself or any other object, The results are as instantaneous as I allow them to be. I love the aspect of Re-patterning Creation through Consciousness work it absolutely lends more awareness to the fact that we are all creating our own reality. I also find myself seeking comfortable places to just be with the wand, whether that is in a Cocoon like Hammock or a Swinging Park Bench I’m drawn to spaces of relaxation & blissfulness. I’ve also been drawn to add a pendant that broke & I know use it to add more weight and hold to the wand whilst using it. & I Feel it has been a very intuitive addition that makes both the wand and the crystal feel like they were meant for one another. I also love creating Columns of Light & I feel like when I get out ahead of my day and place Columns in the area’s I’ll be spending time in, my days just flow smoothly and seamlessly. A Wand worth the investment & if cleaned with a silver cloth cleaner & Taken care of it will last you a lifetime. Thank You To All The TwSa Team.

Enhance meditation

Use it all the time now meditation are quicker to get to the quite mind state.