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Surf’s up!!

I’m sure many of you can relate to this phenomenon. I ordered the Wings of Tok and immediately waves of energy started moving into my world. Subtly at first, then increasing daily until the tool was delivered with a tsunami of energy. I was sitting at my desk, feeling an extremely positive influx of high vibratory energy, so much so, that I thought I’d step outside to ground and give gratitude. I opened the door and sitting there was a tiny package from Twisted Sage Studios.
I don’t order tools often, maybe once a year, but this has continually happened. And repeatedly what has also happened is that within a relatively short period of time the energy is integrated in my field and no longer seems extraordinary.
So, I’m beginning to understand this as learning to ride these invisible waves with grace and ease, mastery. And the image that comes to mind, is me surfing those 80 foot Atlantic Ocean waves that roll into Portugal every year. Cowabunga!

Energy Protection

I am amazed at how powerful this is. I have to carry in my pocket with my stones. Did wear it close to my heart charka and WOW! Very powerful and can definitely tell a difference in my aura. Working with this slowly. I am glad I found your group, would love to come for a visit in the near future.

Amazing Energy

The Ascension Grid Pyramid by itself is amazing! I love working with it and I feel I am connected to other places when meditating with it.
I also like to combine it with Selenite towers, quartz crystal points and Preseli Bluestone pieces, and now I have added the Everything Ring and this combination is totally AWESOME!!! The energy I feel is huge and I feel transported to sacred places all over the planet. At times I have seen myself traveling through space and seeing other Galaxies.
I cannot handle the energy of this set up for a long time as I feel I am ready to leave my body after 10, 15 minutes of working or meditating with it.
I love these tools and how they interact with one another.
These tools work according to the person who is handling them. I have shared here my own experience.
Thank you Twistedsage team for all you do!!!

Love it!

You will definitely be hearing more from me again! You have a new customer for life. Thanks!

Wonderful Alchemical Bliss

Brian this is the best experience I have had in feeling alchemy in form. Thank you, I did receive a download and have a message for you. I am hopeful when you come to meet my friends who introduced us to your tools I can give you that message. If that doesn't work out then we willeet when we are supposed to, in Divine right timing.
Thank you for tuning in and offerings your uniqueness to all. These frequencies are not only felt in the human sense. My deepest gratitude.
Shekhinah Dawn

Awsome tools

I bought two cooper heka clasp. Golden Fire works perfectly with my wrist. I'm very slim so Regeneration is a bit too big for my wrist so I carry it on my arm. They are light and comfortable, well-made and the wonderful energy of love flowing from them, which raises me to higher vibrations.. I feel more peace in my heart since I wear them... I will order more tools from Twisted Sage and recommend the excellent quality of service. Thank you so much.. and bless you with a light of love and peace for the entire team.🙏

Missing Link

I immediately added this set to my pyramid and felt the shift. It feels like waves of water moving in and around you. Don’t know what took me so long to purchase this set. Super satisfied

Totally blown away

We received two Chalice Rings in the mail a few days ago. I held the two Chalice Rings we ordered, one after the other to try and “tune in” to see which one felt like it was “for me” and which one felt like it might have been for my roommate. When I held the first one I felt this profound energy move throughout my whole body, and I had the thought, “My whole body is vibrating with energy,” and right when I had that thought my whole body started shaking uncontrollably. I’m actually pretty used to this, since years ago I had an energy healing session that freed up my kundalini a little bit, but this was still pretty intense and remarkable. The second Chalice Ring was calming and peaceful and activated my third eye, but I definitely felt more of a resonance with the first one so I went with that one (and my roommate seemed happy with the other one). I put my new Chalice Ring on a lanyard I had lying around and have been wearing it every day since!! I’ve noticed while wearing it at work that I’ve felt a lot more lucid and a lot more “present” – it’s been easier to accomplish tasks and multitask without getting frazzled or stressed. Maybe the ring somehow does something to “filter” out lower vibrations? Another observation is that wearing the ring while listening to music I somehow feel “one” with the music. I feel a deeper appreciation for music in general, and am somehow a lot more in tune with the emotional essence of the music, which is a great thing for an obsessed music lover like me.

Thank you for everything you guys do!!! You guys are the best!!!

Finger Ring

The energy of these rings is amazing! Very strong! I got one and after wearing it for a couple of days I decided to get another one and wear one in each hand!
I noticed that anything I touch when wearing the rings, Tensor Tools, Quartz Crystals, stones, etc., the energies of these items feel more amplified, more intense. We have Focused Life-Force Energy (FLFE) in the house and I was able to feel it really intensely when I was wearing the two Finger Rings.
To me, the Everything Ring, the Finger Ring and the Chalice Ring are in a league of their own!
Thank you Brian and the Twistedsage team for everything you do!

Chalice Ring

As with all the tools I wear and write reviews about this review about the Chalice Ring is my own experience.
I have the copper Chalice Ring which I wear as a pendant!
I feel the Chalice Rings work according to what the person “needs”. Like a portal of sorts, a two way radio or antenna!.
It feels as it sentient and has a life of its own!
When I started wearing it I felt love around me and a tremendous peacefulness. Also the place I felt it the most and still feel it's in my heart area, and when communication takes place comes through my heart/heart chakra. I also felt an “Angelic” Energy as the ring works as a “connector”, a “portal” to the Angelic realms. Then I closed my eyes and tuned in to the ring I felt and “saw” angels around me. Never before have I felt this kind of feeling and “seen” angels around me. 
This ring is not a ring which announces itself with drum and cannon and a whole band to boot. The energy is strong but “humble” in the way it presents itself.
I feel very strongly that as I wear the Chalice Ring with other stones and crystals and Tensor Tools, the Chalice Ring continues with its energy, but unnoticeable, and the moment I focus my attention to it the energy is there, with a very noticeable presence.
I also noticed that it combines really well with the Finger Rings when I wear both kinds of rings at the same time.
I am very grateful to the Twistedsage team for providing us with these awesome “new” tools!

One of a kind product & tool!

The quality of this tool is amazing. I was impressed at the packaging of it too! They definitely pay attention to all details!

Give Love

I like the wand, I feel energetcally that it works.
I take it to work and the atmosphere is calm around co workers!

Powerful little things

I knew I was going to love these and I do! Using them in energy work is amazing as they help hold a vortex structure to work within. I would like to request these specific rings in silver for the energetic properties of that element. Would love to experiment and observe the change from using copper to using the silver. These rings are super powerful, so be prepared for that if you can! Thank you Brian and Brenda from the Virgin Islands!🌺

Beyond Grateful!

The packaging was better than expected. The tracking was perfect, but the wand...? The mini is larger than expected and truly so powerful upon the first use; I could feel the energy of it immediately. Thank you Brian & All at Twisted Sage. Funny thing is I had a dream about a copper wand and had no idea how to find or where...that was a few months before I found you...found/guided to you when looking up a radionic rate for divine light & protection...through another site. Thank you for your service.

Love the Everything Ring!

I’m super excited about my ring! It’s very strong and it seems to stir up energy that hasn’t been moving in awhile. Great to put on top of my sits pyramid!

This Beautiful Pendant Really Does Work Automatically!!

I love this pendant! I have only had it 3 days but found that I wanted to sleep more even a nap as it was helping me to recover from a long term sleep deficit. I am getting 7 to 8 hours mostly which was unheard of before this. The other thing is I had the Gateway pendant plus the infinity heart all in copper of which my body would give physical symptoms which would clue me in that I had to deal with a negative emotion from my subconscious. I would do that and then declare the body symptom gone and it would go away. But I have had the Gateway for one year and should have moved on after 3 or 4 months to this infinity light pendant. I received all I could from the Gateway after 3 or 4 months. So IMMEDIATELY after getting this pendant, when I test myself, I have gotten NO negative emotions within my mind which is a miracle as they would come daily and many times a day some days! So also I don't have the body symptoms to tell me I have an issue. Can you imagine getting itchy skin, that fever feeling on skin, a rash, cold feet plus so much more. So ALL of that is NOW GONE as it is doing it's work automatically! This little pendant is such an amazing piece, I only remove it for my shower. Thank you Brian for something above and beyond! My friend is also ordering one as it is calling to him. And just to thing for so many months this pendant was calling to me but I didn't realize at the time that my Gateway pendant was providing all it could and I was ready for something on a higher frequency which will take me further. I am a pretty even tempored guy but I now feel different in a good way, more at ease still and mellowed out maybe even more.

Quantum Grid Point

The energy radiating from this grid is amazing! Five Quantum Grid Points and I added four Preseli Bluestone.
The moment I set up the grid I felt the QGPs (Quantum Grid Points) connected with the five QGPs my housemate has in his room and the energy of the ten of them can be felt very clearly and strongly around the house. The house feels like it is inside an Orb of Light, and the energy felt is super calm, peaceful! I also feel very calm and very much at peace! I feel totally centered!
Thank you Twistedsage team!!! 💖🙏


The quality is excellent, and so is the shipping. Thanks!

Shamans wand

Love it. Peaceful good energy 💕

Thank you

I am very happy.Love you

Pyramid Power

My mini Ascension Pyramid is truly a major Power Pyramid. I have been able to transmit healing intentions for people around the world from here in Western Australia and my next task is to launch a wave of healing to remove negative vaccine effects and I know the mini Ascension Pyramid is big enough to do it.

Everything Ring

We got five Everything Rings. The energy from these rings are amazingly potent!
I work with three of them mostly. Using the Everything Rings I open portals for healing, communication, manifestation and whatever else I am guided to open a portal for, always for the highest good! Once I am done with my work I close the portal and I disengage!
I create a grid with crystals, stones, Tensor tools we got from Twistedsage, four Quantum Grid Points I have, Ascension Grid Pyramid, which I use individually or I mix and match according to guidance as part of the portal. The energy generated is amazing! I mostly work with three Everything Rings I use one with the grid, another one with a crystal I use to connect with the Field and I wear the third one. When I am done, the portal is closed and I disengage and I put everything away including the rings. I do this because of the energy being very strong and also because I am not aware of the way I feel all the time and I do not want to attract strange energies or "things" because I am not in a good space or centered. I am very careful working with these tools. I wear two rings as bracelets and one as a pendant when I work with wands or pendulums and I have noticed fast results.
In my opinion the Everything Rings are not jewelry pieces or something "cool" to wear or carry around, they are powerful tools and we need to be careful about how we use them. Also I do not wear them for over 15 minutes and the longest I worked with them was one hour as I was writing guidance I was getting.
Of course, these are my experiences and we are all different so each one of us is gonna have a different experience.
Thank you Brian, Brenda and the Twistedsage team! The work you all do is totally awesome! Love and Peace!

I love it

I find it lovely and love that I can share it with my kids. The intercontinental shipping was perfect and on time. Forever grateful

Golden Fire and Light Rods and wooden box for them

This is my first order from Twisted Sage, and I can say I am beyond pleased with my rods! I also ordered the beautiful wooden box to put them in. Whoever made this box did so to sheer perfection with the measurements. The craftsmanship of both the rods, and the wooden box, are simply the BEST! I will definitely be ordering from Twisted Sage many more times in the future. The videos provided are also wonderful, and I suggest anyone wanting to order to watch the videos. As for these healing tools, not only is the craftsmanship equal to none, but the HEART that goes into each piece makes them so much more special. You can feel the LOVE, the HEART, the CARE, the SPIRIT that goes into each item! I'll be back for more soon! Many thanks and love to each of you! Thank you!

Everything ring

When I recieved the box in the mail I could feel the ring's energy surging through it. It was very powerful and a shaky feeling energy. I picked it up, connected to the earth and sun thru my heart and asked the energy to smooth out and it did. As the ring brought things up for me I simply placed it over my heart and let the chaotic energies go through the ring and envisioned the chaos turning to order as it streamed through. No matter how crazy the energies were that came through I just watched it turn into beautiful order on the other side.. I've been able to release alot with this ring. I love it and wear it every day

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