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Light Wand

I’m very happy with this little light wand , it travels with me and has many uses . Thank you so much !!



Love my Golden Fire Torus!

The Golden Fire Torus has been in my possession for about 3 weeks and I am finding that it is very healing, not only for me, but others too! It is great for clearing chronic back pain! Just ordered the Cosmic Sun Disc to use together with the Torus.


Since i was a young child, i have drawn and doodled this symbol on everything- little did i realize how powerful a symbol it is! The beautiful copper swirls of Khaleme are stunning- as i hold her in my palm i can feel a gentle but powerful energy and a cool breeze. She tells me she clears the ‘airs’ of our bodies and airs of humanity...I believe she works alone...
Thankyou for this beautiful piece!


I am just beginning to use these amazing tools.. I bought the Energetic Transformation Kit- and my whole family could feel the powerful energy! I love every piece- and have been using the tools in my healing practice as well. I am thrilled to have found these incredible devices.

Little gem

Love this wand! Not as powerful as the light wand but wow!
Very subtle but gets to the core quickly.
All of the tools I have purchased from you have been brilliant for me and more to come 🙏🙏🙏

Love them!


With so many choices I was grateful that there was a kit. I could smell the difference in the ions within the home after one night. I have taken the transformer with me when I knew I was going somewhere heavy otherwise I keep it at home. The wand is my new best friend. Grateful to have this kind of partnership.

Golden fire pendant

Awesome my girls love them
There well made and work well

Helps with low energy

The day after I had nausea and vomiting, I woke up feeling weak. I had worn the 1" ring as a pendant overnight. I took the ring off and my energy was a 3. I put the ring back on, and I immediately felt my energy being cleared and augmented to a 7!

Using generators to reinforce energy fields

Just like a person can use the bubble technique that Brian talks about, I visualize generator rings around my aura, home, husband, our work places, and our money! That way, we leave unwanted energies outside the home. When I envisioned the generator around our money, someone else came into our field and wanted it! I told "her" that if it's meant for her, she'll have it, and if not, I'm not giving it to her! She then went away! I also put a 2" generator in my bedroom. The energy is calmer and cleaner.

Dragon Wand 2.0 - Super potent upgrade!

I loved the original dragon wand, though, interestingly enough, was guided to gift mine. Lo and behold, the new one came out a few months later. I am really digging this 2.0 dragon wand. Well worth it getting the upgraded version. It's super potent, moreso than the golden fire and light wands, to me, and I experienced some interesting activations as I sat with it. I saw the council of 6, who then, in the visual I received, surrounded me in this sort of 6 petaled flower formation, which spurred activations and a branching out into my God-Self

Effective Neutraliser for toxic EMF fields.

Purchased well over dozen copper twisted rings to protect my home from toxic EMF field. They are one of the most cost effective shielding available. Placed them on top of computers. power strips, outlets, car dashboard, smart meter box, etc.

Picking myself up

As a result of my seeing intuitively that i was an antenna not emitting a big enough signal out far enough I intuitively asked for a boost to my signal - twisted sage enters and the Gateway Pendant - every trauma from mostly work related has popped up stirring every negative emotion...thats when I received my Personal Reconnection ( look up Eric Pearle) i mention my personal reconnection because the pendant I feel lead me to this life changing energy in Dr Eric Pearls words " this energy has never been on this planet" - I attribute my pendant to this happening. My empathic vibrations are now easily understood and dealt with - I can now see myself in a clearer less critical light...l can't thank Twisted Sage enough...definitely a labor of historic planetary
purpose and love

Very Powerful Wand

I've had so many amulets, talismans, energy tools in the past but nothing compared to this Golden Fire and Light Wand. It just emits pure, cosmic, universal loving energy unlike some other tools or talismans that needs constant devotions/prayers/ mantras in order to get them to work if you know what I mean. The moment I hold the wand I could feel an energy rush and my body is vibrating and I can feel my pores breathing out as if it is releasing some cold winds. It's been 4 days now since I have it and I'm wearing it 24/7 and my sinusitis has improved a lot. I'm still playing with it and exploring on how to maximize its use and the healing benefits it can give to me and other people, places, plants, animals, and our planet as a whole. The wand is very powerful and the craftmanship is superb! Thank you Twistedsage Studios!

Best Tool Yet!

I have had the Illuminated Heart since Valentine's Day (yep.. it arrived on the big day of and I have worn it every day since! I love this pendant the most out of all of my Twisted Sage tools (and I have ermmm quite a few, shall we say). I have done many years of clearing work so I haven't found that I have had any difficult or painful energy to deal with at all. My frequency has definitely risen a huge amount though and the people and synchronicities that are flowing (almost daily) into my life have been amazing... though it did take a couple of months for me to become very consciously aware of that happening.

As I've wanted to achieve something (create it/manifest it), the resources that I need to bring that into reality, have appeared without me having to ask or knowing what is needed. I have found that the energy of the people around me daily, has shifted slightly too. I am much calmer and less fearful... just going with the flow of what appears in my life and trusting my intuition much more.

At night, I place the Illuminated Heart under a glass of water and I drink that as soon as I get up in the morning. If I want to specifically do some clearing, I hold it in my hand and say "Illuminated Heart Activate", followed by asking that it clear all miscreations of "XYZ" (whatever it is I want to release) and then I ask for what I want in it's place (I don't think we should ever leave a "void"). I ask it to regenerate, rejuvenate and restore. When I ask it to activate, I can immediately feel energy in my hand. Love it!!

Beautiful Energies- Using in my own creations!

When this ring showed up, the first thing I did was take a second to sit with the energies. I love how pure the regeneration tools feel at first, it's like a beautiful pure light. The second thing I did was put it on my head and let the energies flow through me. That was a great feeling too. The third thing I did was put it to work. My partner and I make tinctures/herbal remedies, and had just started curing our first batch of a tincture we had channelled for dreams and sleep before the ring arrived. Without giving it all away, we incorporate herbs, energywork, pure intentions, and crystals, and it just so happened that this particular remedy called for a tensor tool. The 3" regeneration ring fit literally perfectly on the top of the jar. The lid had a 3" indentation for the ring to sit in, as if by design, so we let everything cure for the alotted time as such and the effects of the regeneration tool in combination with the other ingredients brought a potent dream tincture into existence. Our sleep improved dramatically, and our dreamtime clearing effectiveness has been multiplied! It turns out the tools work well with herbs too, perhaps unsurprisingly, and I feel it helped bring the alcohol we used to a higher state as well, which is nice to know.

So, a big thank you to Brian and the Twisted Sage team for this wonderful 3" regeneration ring!

Awesome combo!

I've really loved my experiences with these rings. For me, most of the 'heavy lifting' that the description talks about regarding the regeneration tools happened in the interim between me ordering the rings and the rings being delivered. I'm usually pretty good with clearing work once I know what's happening, so while it was pretty intense for a few days, it wasn't anything too rough once I realized what was going on. After the rings arrived it was smooth sailing, for the most part.

When it comes to water, even water I'm not usually fond of taste-wise tastes amazing after sitting in the rings for a day or over-night (often soooner), you really can taste and feel the difference. It's not impossible to do this sort of work for the water on your own, but it's helpful to use the rings too. I've been using the rings in crystal grids too, and it typically feels even more amped up, because of course it does. Our cat loves the rings too. When the rings first showed up we put them on the floor in the living room and made a crystal grid, and the cat, when she noticed them, instantly transitioned out of 'cat mode' and into 'Universe working through the cat mode', like a switch flipped, and took a minute to step a paw into the center of the rings for a bit. She (the cat) then proceeded to help with the crystal grid arrangement by knocking over some crystal points (for real, the grid felt better), and lingered around the energies for a while before switching back to 'cat mode' and peeing on the floor. I think I like Universe-mode cat better. It is what it is.

I was also guided to include the rings in a crystal grid my partner and I made for a unity ceremony, (which we were doing in place of a wedding) which was lovely and potent. Overall a great experience. These tools definitely amplify intentions, so intention setting and manifesting with the rings has been potent and fun. If you're feeling guided to get them, get them!

Thank you for more awesome tools!

Accelerated Manifestation!!

In all honesty my life has changed considerably since owning the golden fire, key pendant & other products. In all honesty I was struggling in my life and reach a point where I was defendant on drugs again and being tormented by outside forces. Literally on arrival into my neighbourhood by the postman (I didn’t know this at the time) my house was instantly lifted & voices gone from my head. I had the greatest sense of relief that reduced me to tears. I went to open the front door and the postman was asking my to sign for my package. Since then and Over a year ago every old hook into the past has dropped away, people, my house. I’ve maintained recovery. I have a responsible job that I excel at. More than that I have a peace and calmness that travels everywhere with me as do my tools. I’m sure I lift the energy of others when I am in there presence and my thoughts manifest very quickly. My psychic abilities have increased and the knowledge I seek and the answers find me. I have never been more grateful for a material possession on my life. They are truly a gift from the universe and beyond and I cannot tell you how much they have transformed my life. My mum and friend also have them and we’re dubious initially but both commented on improved peace and a sense of calm. I thank the creators of these tools daily and I wish you the same success that I too have experienced and the longer I have these tools the greater the effect. With huge love and appreciation for such special gifts 🙏🏻

Goden fire pendant

Love the pendant and the frquency of it. I wear it every day.


all of your products are precision instruments - I really appreciate the workmanship on all levels - more fun than a barrel of monkeys to watch those transformer stations balance out -


the Gateway Pendent helping me release energies. The feelings you
receive from wearing it. I brought the Gold Fire Wand with it. Working
with both of them. They're amazing tools. I have release so much.
Still learning more things to do with them. Thank You

Tools for healing

I love these tools for transformation! A must for every heart and home~*~

Powerful Toroidal Field

Wowzers this pendant packs a beautiful energetic punch. I find that people are either attracted to this beautiful golden fire energy or repelled from it and they go out of their way to get away from you. Knowing everyone is at different levels on their soul’s growth it’s understandable why I see both behaviors. Though it’s amazing that if I go out I’m not drained like an empty battery when I get home from any simple errand. People act with kindness and compassion around me too. I get people who tell me all the time that I made their day just a little bit better with a small act of kindness. The energy from this pendant also makes my hand buzz after holding it. I feel like one day I won’t need the pendant it will be like training my mind body and soul to attune to the sacred heart activation. Though until that day I continue to enjoy this amazing tool. That you to Brian and Brenda and the rest of the team for creating amazing tools.

Powerfully Magical

The day this wand came into my keeping was a truly magical day both literally and allegorically. I go to open my mailbox to retrieve the package and a beautiful big moth flies sporadically out from inside the mailbox almost as if it had been startled. I then know immediately I had seen a faerie, attracted to either the wand or the energies emanating from it. The more I work with the wand the more fantastic experiences I have with it. I had an amazing vivid dream of me following frogs to a pond to enter the Feefa realm were I reconnect to the earth through working with the elementals and experienced so much bliss. I almost didn’t want to wake up from that amazing dream. The energies felt from this wand are powerful too they are felt quite prominently on the physical body. My sister loves holding this wand and tells me she can hear whispers in her ear. The more I work with the wand and it’s energies the more time I find myself spending in nature and just coexisting. Yet another truly amazing tool from TwSa thank you Brian and Brenda for the groundbreaking work and a huge thanks to the rest of the team.

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