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Zipper pull

Love the energy felt from the zipper pull. I hook it on my purse to help those around me wherever I am. These make amazing gifts. Thank you twistedsage crew.

Golden Fire and Light Wand

I'm so amaze seeing this wand at the store.

I watched the Webinar, did the other activations, and started using it with reiki.

I didn't hold yet the wand physically but started using it with visualization and remote installation of column of light.

Most of the people that I've installed with the column of light, did some clearing and cleansing in all levels.

I really like to use it because each day, I can feel that I'm always in the column of light.

The connecting to heart space is almost instant, its like anchoring instantly using this tool.

I hope that in the future, more.webinars in each tool will be published and some combination tools can be shown in some webinars.

I love this tool, as well as it amplifies my reiki practice, as well as dowsing practice.

Channeling reiki in Heart space is most loving experience I've encounter.

Once again Thank you twisted Sage, Brian and Team.

Sacred Space

This tool is immediate heart sacred space on a 3mile plus radius absolute Harmony.


I am entirely new to all of these amazing tools, I work on an energetic level with crystals. While at a holistic fair this pendant was the one that called out, I couldn’t even hold it for very long because of how phenomenal this piece is. Three days later it’s still on Iv noticed I’ve slept sounder and been more present minded even during a trying and transitioning point in my life. It is a highly recommended tool to help you expand into your greatest version of yourself. XoxoxoX

Wonders in healing space, chaos at home

I bought tow of the Harmony Generators and placed one in the healing room at my office and I can really feel the difference. My energy is flowing better with each Person I see. The other one I placed in the center room of my house and that one I have noticed it has intensified some of the disharmonies present but I attribute it to maybe a cleansing effect before it becomes harmonious again.

It works!

I love this product and technology so much have referred it to 3 friends. Thanks 🙏 for creating it.


Has,and yet! Continues to BE an Astounding/unbelieveable CHANGEMAKER ❣️ I purchased this with lack of trust and have been nothing but AMAZED!! To this moment, with results beyond my imagination continuing through this very moment. Just fill it w/ INTENTION sit back, forget about it &💥❣️. Unceasing change as we RISE into SoulFullness🤩⚡️🌟DELIGHT FULL🥰

Excellent Tool

I purchased some of these to carry with us to transmute non-beneficial EMF into beneficial energies. They are also very useful for diminishing pain by slowly passing them over the afflicted area of the body - once a "sticky" spot is felt, gently pass it back and forth until you feel the energy free up. Thank you, Brian!

So versatile

The bracelets are the best to travel with! I collapsed it going through TSA and opened it when I got seated on the plane. No questions asked. It is sitting on the patio overlooking the Nawiliwili Harbor in Kauai with a shungite sphere in it. The energy is incredible! I will be bringing the Golden Fire Bracelet next trip. I just ordered another one to travel with :) Thank you again Twisted Sage for all of your beautiful work!

LOVE the Infinite Light Pendant

I bought mine last month at a holistic show. Brian I'm so glad you showed me. It has cleared many things. Absolutely needed it.

Incredible Tool!

As soon as I felt, before I saw the Silver Infinite Light Pendant, I knew it was affecting my energy field & something I really needed - not just for me but for my clients as well. When I had a moment to sit with it, asking for more information that it held for me, I got - that this benevolent energy is a connector with the inner-upper-outer-lower, Milky Way Galactic energies. It works within the past, present & future to the zero point of all creation. It is assisting in a realignment with an individuals Resonance with their Divine Blueprint, activating their 'junk' DNA/RNA to obtain the highest level of health possible, and to continue the longer it is worn. At times it feels like a miniature but magnified Star-gate/Portal. Thank you for this phenomenal creation!

Powerful Pendant!!!

The energy of the Infinite Light pendant is unlike the energy of any other tool or pendant made by Twisted Sage. I have many pendants that Brian has created and by far, this my favorite one. I have to have it on all the time. Amazing energy!!!

Whether you are new to Twisted Sage or you have other tools from Brian, you will want to get the Infinite Light pendant. I’m so glad I did!

Light wand

I love this powerful tool. I have anchored columns of light on cell towers in school yards, military bases, and rerouted the energy to one that is beneficial for all.


I just went through a loss of a family member, and I was really down, sad and negative about every thing. I received the product and within a few days my mood and energy has taken a positive swing. My job is very stressful and it has given me the energy to deal with the stressful day to day problems, and I feel that I can handle anything that comes my way. Thanks

Have you lost your divine self, TwistedSage got you covered!

The gateway pendant. It’s just... Wow. Go deep and it feels like your standing under a hot shower. So relaxing... I love it. It brings back memories from the past, I feel it everyday little by little I come back to my divine essence, to the white pure light. It totally removes the negative ego, and puts the higher self in the driver seed. Every now and then the ego sneaks in again until it gets fully disolved into thin air! The gateway pendant, it’s amazing. Thank you for this lovely creation.

Wild Wings of Tok

This is the most interesting tool. It wants to go everywhere with me and be used. I have been taking pictures of places with it and sometimes just visualize use of the column and sphere. I seem to be drawn to areas that need the Light! Love it! Thank you again Twisted Sage for these wonderful tools.

Golden Fire Coil

I love my mini! I wear it daily and I put by my bed at night. The patina is changing and I feel it is me. I am on vacation and I have found interesting encounters. I met to a pineapple farmer and he stood about a foot from me talking, smiling and enjoying the energy. I have the standard hanging on a stand at home. I am much more comfortable in crowds. Thank you Twisted Sage for all of your wonderful tools.:)

Infinite Heart (essential purchase)

I felt an immediate sensation of calm once the Pendant was around my neck. The Infinite Heart keeps me feeling relaxed with a warm feeling between my chest and throat. I’ve recently ordered the Heka bracelet for my wife and the Gateway Pendant which I’ll use for my meditation sessions. Cheers Brian and all at TS
Peace and Love to all

Shaman's Wand

The right wand for me

I'm so glad we stopped by the twistedsage shop to check out the various wands. I was having a tough time deciding online, luckily they aren't too far away. I'm amazed at how different each piece feels in person and I'm sure I made the right decision. Thanks to everyone who helped us get exactly what we needed.

A gift worth giving

This is my second purchase of the Infinite heart. I bought this one for my best friend. I love mine and wanted her to feel the amazing energy from this piece. She is sensitive and noticed the positive energy right away. Thanks to the team at twistedsage for letting us drop by (again), they are a great group to work with!

Golden Fire Generators

Golden Fire and Light Wand-Pure Magic!

I just received this wand and I just have to say, WOW! The energy coming from this is so strong! I have been carrying it with me to connect with it and am very excited to see what miracles manifest. Thank you so much for making this amazing tool!

I do like them

But I can't feel the energy of them, like I do my wands. The wands are easily felt by many of my customers too.

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