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Very Good Product

I ordered two golden fire bracelets after viewing some u tube videos on your channel. I was curious to see if it would help a energy deficient problem I have because of my thyroid. I noticed a boost in my energy level almost immediately. I don't understand the science behind the product but it does work. Many Thanks.
Sheldon Leonard

Great product!

We are thoroughly happy with our harmonic creation field trio. Thank you for your contribution to our lives! We have been using the field to charge 1/2 gallon of water daily, enhanced with some perfect words on the jar. The water is supporting levels of detox that we work with regularly. Nice high quality rings - Thank you!

Very powerful!

This is a great pendant, it is powerful and peaceful. The first time I put it on, I stopped and just said, Wow... I could feel the golden fire burning in my chest. It is really a powerhouse. Some of the other tools I may or may not "feel" immediately, but this one I sure did. It works on many different levels and frequencies, helping us to bring our greatest good into the world. These are transformational tools. Don't expect to be the same after you experience them. This is a good thing. Very good

Amazing results

I am simply amazed by my new golden fire and light rod and the other products I purchased from Twisted Sage. It feels as if they have been a part of my "toolbox" for ever - they slotted in so naturally with what I had already been doing and have greatly amplified the intensity and speed at which I can clear things in nature, for my clients and for myself. The connection to my Higher Self was already strong before, but now new ideas, possibilities and methods seem to be pouring in whenever I am interacting with any of the tools. Thank you Brian, Brenda and the team at Twisted Sage!

Pleased with craftsmanship

Quality material, and a most unusual handle that is free to move and will not come apart. The energy, like life, is what you put into it.. When you increase your understanding, then the more the energy grows.

So Universal

What an amazing and affordable tool for those who don’t have the budget to buy the bigger golden fire rings. A truly amazing tool that everyone should have. This little ring absolutely does have manny beneficial qualities that must be experienced. The more products I try from TwSa the more bliss comes into my life. It’s so strange remembering how life was before I bought a lot of these amazing tools. Easy to forget how much they have changed me energetically. Though when I place some thought on the situation, I remember it’s the best investment physically, spiritually, and mentally I’ve made. As always a huge thank you to Brenda & Brian & the whole TwSa team for the life changing tools they create.

I feel the energy, the calm, peacefulness it brings to an empath. Anytime I am going to be out in public and around a lot of people I wear it to safeguard me wherever I go now. Thank You for the peace it brings to me.

I miss my Heddeka

I really enjoyed the feel and energy of this beauty. It felt good to me and I had it under my water bottle during the day and in my pillowcase at night. I had it in my pocket one day while out running errands and it jumped out. I'm thinking someone else needed it more than I did at that point. I will have to get myself another one soon though.

Feels different around here

I've had my plug-in disc for a few weeks now. It feels different around my home, inside and out. Calmer.

Golden Fire Rings

Many Applications

Alright so here are some ideas that anyone can take further if they should so choose! For programming water it is VERY potent. The water becomes much more smooth and silky compared to using one ring alone. Very enjoyable! Putting them around my ferments like sauerkraut and kombucha, brilliant! My bacteria buddies love them as they taste more rich in flavor. If you make smoothies, put them around the blender and it literally makes it even "smoother". Just recently I used them to program my water for home colonics. A few trials later and I definitely feel a lot of emotional clearing occured. Much of my anger and angst has been let go. My mood is light as a feather as I used to carry all sorts of subtle emotional baggage with me. I used to be very emotionally unstable around my kids when they misbehave and end up reacting badly like my mom would. I feel many of these imprintings have been removed and worked out. Being able to be a kid around my kids more often, very rewarding! And last but not least it will enhance your geomancy items like orgonite significantly! I was making a beeswax orgonite piece and every time it solidified it had massive cracks everywhere because the trio rings kept making the beeswax rise too much. A sign to me how potent and strong the trio really is. A good purchase for anyone wanting more oomph or punch with tensor rings.

Shaman's Wand

Our Path to Infinite Awareness...

Mine Gateway Pendant arrived a couple weeks ago, having researched online and finding Brian's Energy, Wisdom & Talent most evident & inspiring. I am embracing this most potent tool upon mine Path of Love & Sharing - Cleansing & Freeing us All in Creativity & Truth - We are Infinite Awareness. Namaste 💕

A New Level of Calm

I recently moved to a major city and found myself always tired to the point of needing to nap when I came back from shopping or running errands. The first thing I noticed after wearing the Golden Fire Coil was a steady reserve of energy. I no longer feel the need for a nap after being out in public. Also, people seem to be kinder, and strangers seem to be taking an interest and talk to me. I definitely feel calmer when I am wearing the Golden Fire Coil. I also wear it under my outer clothes and it feels very comfortable against my skin. Very happy with it.

Such a powerhouse!

I borrowed a friend's when we were at a conference and spent much time placing the gateway pendant over all the chronic sore joints I have - this pendant plus a little good intention and attention felt so lovely! Have one of my own right now, and it activates so quickly with good vibes. Quite lovley.

Golden Fire Generators

Buy Twistedsage

Let’s be real ! If your looking for something that will last you a lifetime in quality and performance ,then Twistedsage is the place you need to be to buy that quality and performance.

I couldn’t be anymore happier then I’m with their workmanship, care of packing my product and getting it on time to my location.

Do not sell yourself short, buy Twistedsage and you’ll be glad you did.

Love and Peace to All !

Bracelet Generators

What profound power for love & light

This wand is everything you could ever want & need, if I could only have one TwSa product it would be this wand. It has so much versatility from healing the physical body to healing earths lay-lines & restructuring non beneficial EMFs. You can open up columns of light around airplanes & bless the water to the frequencies of unconditional love & gratitude. The trail then simply has no ill effect on anyone. You can restructure your smart meter & cell towers. Your imagination is the limit/ and you know you can never do any harm wielding this tool. I think of these tools as technology we once had & I’m so happy humanity is rediscovering these tools. As always a massive thanks to Brian, Brenda & the entire TwSa team for your contributions to the advancement of humanity!!!

So much beauty in love

When this generator came into my being I felt @ peace and such blissfulness, especially when I was outside grounding with it on earth. I almost don’t want to leave my house or it’s field of range along with the golden fire generator too. They create such a beautiful environment in and around the home. Doves & quails come more frequently to my house now, along with a kinder neighborhood. Plus in conjunction w/ the orgonite & crystals all around my house my home feels like a sacred spiritual sanctuary/ haven. Thank you to Brian, Brenda & the entire TwSa team for channeling & bring back into existence such life Changing tools.

Talk about powerful clearing

If could describe to you what feeling I had when using this amazing tool, it would be Shooketh. The amount of clearing that comes up from small thoughts to programs lying deep in the subconscious mind are wowzers. Everyone will for sure have a different experience of clearing but wow does it get to the core, pairing this wand with the elementals helps tremendously too. I mean you never need sage or palo santo again to clear oneself or possessions. Open up a column of light w/ golden fire & light wand and your golden, literally! Thank you so much to Brian, Brenda & the entire TwSa team for making such uplifting & life changing products. Pretty soon I’ll own most all the product they make.


It's like Harry Potter but it's real.

This wand is awesome. Not only is magical. But it does it's thing without me needing to say anything. I always tell my wand to just do whatever is needed for everything I point or wave at. I also keep it clipped onto my keychain when out and about or when my hands are full. It works no matter how you go about using it.

Divine assstance

I am so grateful to have these beautiful tools to assist in my spiritual evolution.

No title

I bought this because a friend recommended it. I still have no idea what it's supposed to do as I feel no difference. Sorry.

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