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These points rock!

I love all the things I get from Twistedsage! I recently needed some extra energy for myself and some family members, I opted for grid points. They arrived quickly and as always the team at Twistedsage were awesome to work with.

Calming, Centering and Minty Fresh :)

My pendants just arrived! I got one in copper and one silver. My left shoulder and neck had been very painful all day, not a norm for me at all. As soon as I put the silver pendent on the pain dissolved and was replaced with a minty coolness that radiates from the back of my head and neck and fans out across my upper back and shoulders. There is a calmness, as all anxiousness and worry are released. It feels very centering to me with no effort required. And that’s just first few minutes.
I’ll play and get back in a few weeks.
Thanx Twistedsage Studios <3

5 Stars!

I've bought this pendant back in 2019. At the time when receiving the tools I placed them aside. Perhaps I was hoping for the Wow effects I see in the reviews of the products, but the fact is that, except in very rare occasions, I do not feel anything immediate / physical with energetic tools. However, it was in use, and I can remember three true stories about it:
1. A friend requested me, at the time, to look at the pendant. She felt something with it, specially in the surrounding environment (she is clairvoyant). We went for a long walk, and she spun it all the time, and was in awe looking at the clear and bright colors around (her words)
2. The pendant then went to a toddler's parents. This toddler would get unrest but a strange unrest, fear like, without a seeable reason (for us, at least). Since one of the characteristics is way-ward clearing, instead of me doing that, I tried to do it with the pendant and the toddler was immediately calm. Could have been my intention working as well (which is how I clear them), so I left it with the parents to be used whenever needed. According to the parents it did bring relief many times.
3. Two weeks back I looked into Twisted Sage tools again. Felt the urge to talk with the toddlers parents and see if they were using this key, which was very rare nowadays. So I requested it back. I still don't feel it energetically, however, it tends to spin in situations I know need to be cleared and can be doing it for hours. Also, stressful moments happen but with ease and quick solutions. As an example, my mobile yesterday decided to dive into water (problem). Stopped working (problem) and I sent it to repair. Had a budget for the repair and had to wait 24h to get it back. I was still in the surroundings of the store, when they called me back. Went there, tested, everything worked, they didn't want to charge, I insisted, they continued not accepting saying it was a small cleaning and pointing I bought the mobile with them. In my life history, this is a really out of the ordinary situation and is one of daily situations.
I feel things more at ease. Coincidence?

Fantastic and Therapeutic.

It feels almost like its a therapeutic one for me, like nursing and healing at this time. When i can't move past or get into a block, discover or see it fully and when its just a bit dark, sticky and tumultuous, this ring is ideal for me. It's beneficial chaos resonates with the chaos and dark bits left inside and helps clear them. I just consciously bring those parts inside the ring or bring it energetically to completely surround me and let it clear them. It feels for me that its energy and energy of all the tools available is what is needed to clear these denser things, similar to "like attracts like", the chaos knows how to clear the chaos.
I have one, most the time in my pocket or with my chalice, harmony and quantum healer pendants over my heart. On the pyramid its goood, though you might prefer the more subtle pyramid peace without the everything ring. I only took it out my pocket for one day recently to get some steadiness and peace and just back to more my divine essence and sitllness. It can be used for anything, so many functions with all the templates ever previously created - you want to manifest, clear or address something, ask for it to do it or help and it can. Its much more versatile than any other individual ring, i feel. Helps me feel more empowered. When i'm stuck, its great at just creating more movement and shifting the things that i can't shift by myself. A great pocket piece and of course, with intention becomes a generator, which is awesome and i feel it mopping up the density of everything and everyone around me. Good one to get, totally worth it. Thank you Twistedsage team and all creators through time, space, dimensions for your contribution to this tool! I would like more variety with the everything tools, would like to feel other forms and energy fields with it too.⭐💚

Beautiful energy

I am so grateful to have the Divine I Am Torus and the Divine I sm pendant. It was a splurge that I am happy that I gifted myself. I find the Torus and pendant to be a bubble of divine light. I feel an energy of grace and harmony as well as a beautiful protection that surrounds me. It is peaceful and comforting ✨💗💫


There is so much to say where do I even start, it would seem that the Harmonizer Frequency was the energy I didn’t know I needed until I worked with it. The Chalice Frequency in conjunction w/ the Harmonizer ring is Beautiful, talk about grace and ease. It would seem that the Harmonizer can help usher in the Chalice Frequency to physical matter much easier, than the Chalice Ring by itself. The Harmonizer clears density so easily, making room for the Chalice energy to come in and simply be. They work so well together, I’m so happy that TwistedSage Studios released the Silver Harmonizer rings early, & I’m ecstatic to see what Brenda finds out about the Silver Version of the Harmonizer Ring. As there is an energetic difference from the 9 1/2 inch copper ring to the silver version. This is one of my favorite combinations since the Infinite Light Pendant combined Regeneration & Golden Fire. I no longer feel that heady sense of doing that comes with slight bits of anxiety. Simply being is enough, then you can consciously co-create with the universe. It’s been something out of a blissful dream these last days, even my animal friends have noticed the energetic shift that has taken place. They love coming up to me and circling around my feet. My walks in nature feel more potent as do my Crystals, it’s as if life is more potent than it’s ever been before. The subtle sensation of grass between my feet, the sun on my skin and the wind’s breeze flying through my hair is more present than ever before. The subtle energies are so multifaceted, even music & Solfeggio Frequencies are different, more palpable. Most likely the Harmonizer Ring’s doing, though I’m sure the Chalice energy helps too. I’m so excited for a Chalice & Harmonizer Heka Clasp in the future. If you feel drawn to this pendant, then by all means I encourage you to purchase this profound tool. If your budget is more magnanimous, then the Devine I Am Activator will most likely be felt more prominently on the body than this one. However, wowzers, this pendant shifts perceptions, realities, densities, beliefs, timelines, and so much more if you allow it to. And there in lies the key, surrender and simply be. As with every new tool a Huge Thank You To Brian Brenda & the Whole TwistedSage Team. Love & Presence to you all.

finger ring

I found these rings so powerful for the size and they fit so well on the finger!

Divine I Am Activator Pendant

Large swirling energy felt especially lower half of body, which is where i have a longtime injury. I place it under my pillow while sleeping, with the practitioner rings at my head. Lots of energy shifting!. Beautiful piece!! Powerful. Feeling lighter :) Thank you divine creators <3

Harmonizer Ring 9-1/2 inch

Well, I combined the Harmonizer Ring 9-1/2 inch with the Chalice Ring Bangles and the energy I am feeling is amazing and very calming. Then I started adding tools, please, check pics.
Each of the combinations have done something different. Adding the Chalice Ring Bangles created a portal. Then adding the Golden Fire Generator created a vortex of energy I am still working with and trying to figure out the energies I am feeling.
Adding the Fire and Ice quartz crystals made the energy to increase in a very nice way. Adding the Quantum Grid Points made my heart chakra expand and feel more connected with the ALL. It is an amazing feeling!
I am in a WOW moment right now!
Thank you Brian and the Twistedsage team for all the AWESOME tools you are bringing forth and creating for us to use and benefiting from them!

Love my pyramid

I absolutely love this pyramid x could feel it’s energy immediately. I use it for manifestation, in client work and in my daily meditation. Also my sleep has normalised after 20 years of disrupted sleep. Such a gift to the world, thank you, Dominique Mali.

Divine I Am Activator Pendent

Thank You both so much, Big different I am at peace with my self, Feeling good Happy I Love this Divine I Am Activator Pendent, I can not thank You enough. Much Love David

Loving my Shamans Wand

I had my Shamans Wand laying on my chest during a remote Reiki session I was receiving. I didn’t inform my practitioner about it. As we started in on my session he immediately says, “wow, everything is feeling pretty in line and balanced. I don’t have much to do here in your energy field (aura). Very nice and bright.”

The next week I decided not to have the wand present during my session and had no intention of using the wands energy. Ummmm, everything was all kinds of chaotic. I had blockages and definitely needed extra attention/clearing done by my practitioner.

Needless to say, I keep my wand close now!

Powerful, Awesome pendant!!!

I have been wearing the Chalice ring for awhile now and I love its energy. I feel more present when wearing it!
The Harmonizer pendant arrived today and I wore it by itself for awhile. The energy of the Harmonizer got me off my socks! Super strong energy but not the kind that fries the wearer.
After an hour I combined both and started wearing both together as the Binary Infusion Pendant. The energy is powerful but not overpowering and within seconds I started to feel different, I started to feel happier, more centered, more complete, calmer, more myself! I felt being part of the ALL, being one with the ALL. I also feel energies which did not served me being gone! I love the Binary Infusion Pendant, the combination of the Harmonizer and the Chalice rings/pendants. I will be wearing this pendant all the time and when I go to sleep I will have next to me.
Thank you Twistedsage Team for all the tools you are bringing forth!

Heart silver

The energy that is felt in the heart is very tangible in a calming sense.

Favorite tool !

As always the Harmony Generator performs superbly. A little love enhancing programming and artful placement and they start working immediately. Lifting the energy of the surrounding area and all that that entails. Lovely tool! Thank you.

Profound Epiphany

Wowzers, what a ride it’s been with the Chalice Frequency. In times of profound presence & surrender I feel a huge ring around me spinning and spinning, clearing space, time dimensions & densities. Though it didn’t always start out like that, It was a bit unsettling at first, when I switched from the Regeneration frequency, in conjunction with the Chaos of the Everything Ring. Those other frequencies felt very comfortable to me, specifically the Everything Ring. It wasn’t until the latest 50 questions Friday when I heard Brian say that he doesn’t particularly enjoy the Everything Ring due to its’ chaotic nature. However It would seem that I was very comfortable & adjusted to Chaos. So much so that when I removed that frequency and focused my awareness on being more present and in the now moment, it felt strange, foreign and uncomfortable. Even though I know it’s my true state of being the Chalice Frequency asks us to surrender and just be. Something I found difficult, as I wanted to do, do, do more and more. However, it has been getting easier to simply be my Devine Manifestation and to surrender fully to encompass my true being bit by bit. I do find that at times I have to reintegrate my Silver Quantum Healer to my Chalice pendant, since I wear four chalice rings at all times. I guess I’ve never been the type to dip a toe, but instead i go for a deep splash. I feel like everyone will experience the Chalice Frequency differently, though I hope this review helps at least one other person out in the world. As always profound thanks to Brian and Brenda & the Whole TwistedSage Team. I wish you all loving Devine presence.

Harmonizer Ring 2-inch pendant

When I saw that Twisted Sage was going to have a 2-inch pendant Harmonizer Ring I knew I needed to get one so I could make a Bi Pendant using my silver Chalice Ring. The look is wonderful. And I'm sure the energy will do great things for me.

Very Pure and Bolstering (It helps!) Worth Picking Up!

A couple weeks or so ago, my thoughts went to how energy tool pendants tend to break in some way after I've gotten what I need from them. Knowing how I operate, I checked my pendants and found my chalice ring pendant leather cord was coming undone. My guides had me take it off and hang it up and wait. Soon after, the harmonizer pendant came out. (I loved the laptop size, which brought higher sense of peace and a silky smooth energy that was hitting some energetic spaces I needed it to in my apartment, and it helped me out too! I hear "upgrade" as I type this) I actually emailed Brian asking about a pendant and a generator (I still want a generator, haha! But for some reason I keep wanting to add the regeneration energies!) And he emailed me about this pendant coming out soon. I knew the harmonizer pendant wasn't quite it alone (for me!) but when I saw the binary infusion pendant, boom! That was a step closer. Knowing how things tend to play out for me, I felt the chalice pendant's cord unraveling earlier was The Universe preparing for it to be added to the harmonizer pendant to create the binary infusion! Plus, it's silver and looks really sweet with the copper harmonizer around it!!

I keep finding myself wanting to add regeneration energies to the mix, so perhaps I'll buy the silver regeneration (i forget the name, quantum heart?) infinity symbol from here and add that in too. But the binary infusion pendant is amazing as is:

I hear: a calming force. Uplifting and easily clearing away what no longer serves, gently. Bolsters the positive energies and helps the body flush away the old paradigms. It's a new tool that will help anyone step up their game, at least a bit! It's really just a great tool to have on hand.

It's a soothing, calming presence. When I first put it on, I was stepped outside of time (I'm familiar with the sensation, but it's also what my guides said.) I'm looking forward to seeing how things shift for the better as I go about my week! I hear there will be more presence, a bit more grounding, and a bit more ease and peace. I definitely feel more serene! I love that silky smooth energy I feel from the harmonizer+chalice. So soothing! When I first opened the big harmonizer, my guides replayed a scene from a movie where a character says, "I have what you need!" I feel a big part of that is this silky smooth energy. I wish I had a better descriptor for it! It's clearing in a beneficial way, like an energetic wash, but deeper. Not sure if that will make sense to everyone.


Thanks guys!! Love the new tools that have been coming through!!

Thanks for all, i love this finger ring !

Not feeling a lot of energy, yet, but will continue wearing and be optimistic.

Chalice Ring

Another must have powerful energy tool that you can feel even on the physical!

I believe in your products but am still new to all of this. I see you will be in minneapolis at Mind, Body Spirit so I plan to stop by to see more of the products and understand more. I definitely feel a benefit from phone tap and harmony bracelet.

Glad to have it around

As soon as I got the wi-fi ring I put it around the faucet in our upstairs bathroom with the intention that it would positively impact the water in our house and back to the water tower, It looks very attractive there and reminds me each time I see it that the water in our house is not only safe to drink but enhanced. I don't have physical proof of this, I just believe it. and because I do, I no longer hesitate to use our faucet water to drink rather than bottled water.

Best pendant yet!

As soon as I put this pendant on I could feel a subtle vibration running through my body. When sitting and doing the trinity breath I can feel a sense of well being and an uplift in my vibration. Pricey I know, but well worth it. The craftsmanship is excellent and arrived quite quickly (Western Australia). I also find my silver quantum healer combines well with this wonderful tool for the intentional work, I find that one only needs to sit and feel with this pendant instead of needing 'to do' anything as such. A big thank you to Twisted Sage.

Divine IAM Activator

This is a beautiful tool! It emits a powerful energy that I could feel and sense even before I opened the package. The activator energies blend with my heart center and raise the frequencies to a whole new level. I have been using this in tandem with my sacred heart tool and the two nestle together perfectly and can be used for just about any energy work that arises.

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