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Shaman's Wand
Karen H.

I am amazed at this wand. Didn't expect the high energy it produces. Watched the video on line to learn more about it and the use of it. Fascinating healing tool. What really amazed me is the connection this wand has with the moldavite I have. The energy is WOW! I am gratefully to you for creating this piece. Much Love and Many Blessings to all of you and for doing the work that you do.
Gratefully, Karen

Wisdom Wand Pendant
Jennifer H.
Intense Energy

I immediately felt the energy. Beautiful wand pendant. I am having quite a clearing of energies.


Received my wand last week, I could feel the energy coming through the package, I got a sense of "Giddyness" when I put it on, laughing way more.. I feel myself ascending steadily..I feel "Safe".

Love it

Not only is the silver ring beautiful but it feels so loving and complete.

Silver Quantum Heart Coil

This is my second Quantum heart coil, before I wear it in copper. I wear the coil now for one year, and I can say, it is one of the best personal tools, from twistedsage. It brings an extra healing and releassing old stuff support, what the other tools didn´t have. This is the golden ball healing aspekt and I can feel the difference, between the other wisdom tools. What I reconize, is, that this coil brings more sovereigtny. The coil helps to switch from a unsure mind to a sovereigty mind. My 14 year old doughter, my mother and my wife wearing Quantum heart coils, and they helping a lot to support and bring us to the masters, that we are.Thank you, twistedsage team, for developing, such powerfull helpers. Greetings from Germany

Love it

Gentle and soothing energy. I purchased the silver one for me and have received compliments on it. It seems to smooth out energies for me

Shaman's Wand
Kristine D.

I like the jewelry and twisted metal look. I am going to have everyone wear one.

Wonderful Energy

I love this pendant. I’ve been wearing it continuously since I purchased it. It’s beautiful and the energy is amazing. I’ve received many compliments on it, too.

Works perfectly

Their products are incredible. The workmanship is excellent and they work as promised. Love these guys for what they do.

Smart Meter Electrical Clearing Disc

This disc is the most recent purchase that I have made. My circuit breaker box is in my bedroom located on the right side of my closet door. Not only that, but there are also 4 smart meters outside located behind the back wall of my bedroom closet. I placed this disc on the door of my breaker box. Not only that, but I also have an 8-inch Golden Fire Tensor generator and I placed a 2-inch elite shungite cube in its center. I also wear a silver golden fire coil pendant along with the silver rings. I carry a 2-inch golden fire tensor generator in my backpack since I commute to NYC every day. I have noticed a definite improvement in how I feel. Aside from protection from nonbeneficial emf, I have been under spiritual attack and what I have felt has subsided. I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am with these tools. Thank you so much.

Energy Restored

These tools are a work of art, in the physical plane as well as the spiritual plane. My dreams have increased and my inner clarity has been restored as it was in my childhood. I could say much much more, but I really just want to extend my blessings to everyone involved at twisted sage!!❤️

heavy duty prototype bangle

A few weeks ago as I prepared for my dentist appt, I decided to use the bangle as hair jewelry around my ponytail. When I left the dentist office and got back in the car, it fell off and ended up under my drivers side seat. I thought to myself, well maybe thats where it really belongs. Interestingly enough, I no longer have anxiety feelings when i drive. I get in the car and feel relaxed and alert, but not anxious, nor in fear. This change occurred so subtly and gently, that I just noticed it today. I checked under my seat in the car and surely enough the ring was still there - it had positioned itself in such a way that the energy flows up through my spine when I drive. Awesome Tools ! I am deeply grateful for the work you do.


Om namah shivayah, we bless your existence.
we purchased 2 Golden Fire Generator Bracelets. I feel like it was communicating with me when I was on the website and it chose us. After purchase the energy shifts began and continue. The experience is more than I expected.
when we openned the package the bracelet immediately broadcasted an energy clearing at my face. It took me about 10mins to realize that it was introducing itself and its power to us(me & my wife).
THE CLEARING IT GAVE US was a blind spot that we had not even see despite me having been in verbal silence for over 10 years, S0 when I say its powerful......... Its POWERFUL!


Water Rings

Such a blessing to be able to connect with water consciousness in a multitude of ways!!! These tools are my favorite because I use them daily to create elixirs for my family. I also traveled with them and blessed the Mediterranean waters in Sardinia and had amazing synchronicity in the La Maddalena Archipelago on solstice day 🙏, on an Island called Mother Mary island . Words are not enough when we tap into our power to create Heaven on Earth, linked with the New Earth Grid through our golden frequency of Pure Love ❤️
I also use these amazing rings working with the waters of my being in healing and raising my frequency.
Much Love and Gratitude to the Twisted Sage Team and to all who are open to receive and use these tools for their good and the good of all. 🙏🙏🙏

Silver Wisdom Wand

I LOVED my Wisdom Wand.. yes loved. It vanished off my kitchen counter. I've looked high and low, and it's nowhere to be found. I guess it was needed elsewhere. I'll be purchasing another one!!! Very nice craftmanship, I have been happy with all of my purchases from Twisted Sage. Bryan and the Twisted Sage Family are good people!

Very potent

I immediately discerned the potent energy in this device. I call it my power tool. It absolutely warmed me. I liked it so much I bought “The Key” subsequently, which has a similar configuration. I recommend both, although I find Tok to have a stronger protective energy, while The Key is a more compassion centered energy, but that’s just me, right now. I am sure more will be revealed.


Having all the elementals around help in my attunement in ritual, meditation, nature, life etc. I'm surprised how potent and real these elements are. I really enjoy the ether. I keep the fire element often in my wallet and the others I place around and shift in correspondence. I also keep a set on my alter very beneficial as always looking forward to another monthly order.

Shaman's Wand
Master Touch

The Shaman Wand is like have a gigantic guardian of remembering beside you until you wake up with the knowing that it was yourself all along. I have all the wands and 2 Shaman wands. I love the Dragon wand and Shaman Wand there such wonderful companions. Highly beneficial and an easy Wand to work with.

Heka Clasp Bracelet
Elizabeth W.
Helped ease elbow pain

In the few months that I have been wearing my clasp, the pain in my elbow has decreased to a manageable elbow. I even miss it when I have remove it for various reasons

Powerful protection

I love this piece. i do wish it was smaller, because I like to carry this around with me everywhere I go. I might just have to buy the smaller rod version. But this piece is POWERFUL and the size makes it more so!

I keep it close to me at all times especially when i sleep. Ever since I got this rod, the spirits stop entering my body. they always use to come for me at night.

It also helps me concentrate better during meditation and I can tell the difference when I dont carry it. Its like having an invisible spiritual armor for my mid torso.

The looks that I get when I carry it around is the most amusing. Friends, family and strangers will stare but they never ask me what it is for. LOLLL!!

It is also grounding for me

Golden Fire Tensor Field Generator and Meditation

I am so pleased with the effects of the Golden Fire Tensor. Truly there are no words that I can express to thank Brian for making this tool and will be looking for more. At first it seemed that I didn't know how to use it or where to place it in my apartment but after I while I noticed that it had an energetic impact on my surroundings. I noticed this especially when I placed it over my head when meditating. Wow! I am not sure if that is what the tool could be used for (I see that it is part of the larger pyramidal kit) but I can say that it definitely improves the ability to clear unwanted energies so that one can better focus and meditate on the things that matter.

Cell Phone Tab
Power tab!

Before I got the tab my phone would get warm and fatigue my hand. Tried the aluminum foil to block the heat. Read about the tab and have had it on my phone for years! The phone doesn't get hot! My hand doesn't hurt! The tab glue is unbelievably strong! It's as if the tab and cell phone are a solid unit! I had the tab and cell phone muscle tested. Before and after! Weak before, strong afterwards! Five Stars from me!
~Suzanne w.

Amazing energy. I’m recovering from colon surgery and it is helping to heal nerves that were cut....

I slept better last night.

Finger Rings
Exquisitely Elegant

This Chalice ring pairs beautifully with the Silver Heddeka Elemental Ring. It brings such a remarkable energy to the finger and by extension the rest of the body. They are very simple and refined whilst made perfectly for stacking multiple upon one another. If you absolutely love the Chalice Energetics this ring is a must have in your every day jewelry collection.

I give it 10 stars!

Absolutely love the Golden Fire and Light Wand! Sometimes I keep it nearby when I am sleeping.Sometimes I just like holding it :) The energy speaks for itself, it's very powerful and wonderous.Customer service is on point as well at Twisted Sage!! Love it Thank you!