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Columns of Light?

I purchased the Golden Fire and Light Wand the smaller version I did not actually know much about it in other words I read the booklet that came with it and put it.back in the plastic bag… one day I was on the cordless phone and I saw approx 3 to 4 pillars of light various colors and didn’t really understand what it was all about and yes it did disappear I didn’t even use the wand yet ! How do you explain that ?

Love the peaceful energy of my wand

I have been loving my Quantum silver pendant wand and connecting with the various energies this wand contains. Especially loving connecting to the dragon energy of this wand. The dragon I have been working with is named Xavier and the Fairy revealed herself to me as Fiona. I feel a lot calmer, grounded and aligned with my Divine I AM state of awareness.


love it

An update from having the Alchemist set for 2 months…

I received the large alchemist practitioner rings 2 months ago. As with other twisted sage tools I had a lot of clearing happening for weeks. It was a bit intense at times and I worked with the rings for only an hour at a time.

However, once the clearing finished, this combination of rings has a beautiful high heart pink and loving energy! If you work with crystals the energy of this combination of reminds me of petalite, kunzite, or pink danburite. Takes me right into the heart space!

This may not be the same experience for everyone, because the way I see these the energy of these rings or etheric template, is that it is similar to the way an energy healing attunement works. Depending on what the person needs the energy may feel different to different people. A lot of these tools have shifted for me over time.

I have been so in love with the large alchemist set, I have been sleeping with it almost every night or have the rings facing my home office chair all day. When I leave my home I have been missing the energy so much that I had to invest in this smaller personal set so I can always carry this energy with me.

Thank you TS 💓💓💓

Amazing Healing

From the day I received the bracelet in the mail, it hasn’t left my side. It’s perfect to wear or if I am laying down I place it on me opened with the intent to heal.

Love my beautiful protective phone tab!

Our experience with you and your staff was amazing! We will be back!!

Shaman's Wand
Michael D.
Shaman's Wand Review

I have worn it since I received it, I'm overjoyed with it I seem to heal faster and emit more energy from my hands. I wear it over my heart connected to an orgonite pendant. I have been a shaman for decades and this is one of the most powerful tools available and the price is fair

Not for me I guess

Beautiful piece. Strong vibes. Sadly it disappeared while running errands. Had the lobster claw clasp on a solid chain. Nothing broke.

High Level Alchemy!

Alright guys I'm finally ready to submit this review after the absolute and total transformation and evolution process of gradually incorporating all this rings one by one. Each ring that was released was like a cog on a machine of the soul that continued to speed up to where I am now. Chalice reminded I have a heart and It can be opened further. Harmonizer helped me bring up some dark knights that needed to be dealt with and healed. And last but not least the Divine I AM! This was the final level where I felt I was coming back to wholeness again. Stepping up and holding my mantle of responsibility the more and more I remember who I am and what I am doing here that serves my greater growth towards the whole. To assist in bringing balance to our universe just by being the true authentic essence of me! The journey and path to self mastery has always slopes, ups, and downs. Just enjoy the process and know while your healing enjoy the company of all your companions. I've lost count of all the times I've been caught up with laughter and tears these past few days and weeks. So much stuff coming up especially with all the changes happening in the unseen as we enter the new energy of creation coming forth. I've been feeling a new level of peace and I new sense of direction. Let's use this energy and create! The more i grow and develop, the more I see the teacher spirit within me eager to share all my knowledge and wisdom with grace and ease. Let the energy flow! The last ring was the most subtle but I just knew I was returning to a familiar yet new space that felt like coming back home. Amazing, simply magnificent! As always thank you for the life changing healings Twistedsage team!

Everything ring

I use the everything ring on my faucets. I find that it softened the water. The white fuzzy look is gone, water is now clear


I notice people tend to talk in it’s presence (not knowing it is there). However, this was with me in a thousand year old temple and I still got some “junk” from that place. While meditating to clear me and it, considering to use a column of light, the divine I am appeared. Each ring created a column of light, got bigger and bigger until the tensor rings were the size of the temple, with columns of light even bigger. Whatever was there, seemed to have disappeared. Don’t know what this means but was what I felt happening. Perhaps because of the energy of the place, it doesn’t seem to protect by itself (and I had other tools in the bag, like the golden fire wand and the wings of tok), however, it seems really powerful to intensify our intentions…

Works Great with Dragon Oracle Cards!

I bought this wand to use with Diana Cooper's Dragon oracle deck after I saw another review here providing positive feedback. After using the wand with the cards myself, I have to 100% agree. This is my first experience working with the dragons and it has been a beautiful and powerful collaboration. So many synchronicities and necessary daily guidance, along with clearings and releasing specific to each dragon. This wand absolutely creates a solid correspondence with the dragons and it has enhanced my spiritual work greatly. It also keeps me in the heart space throughout the day when I wear it around my neck. This was a worthy investment, and I thank the Twisted Sage team for creating this lovely wand.

Looks cool

Got it in good time. I'm not energy savvy to spot effects but I hope I'll get there

Stellar lunar tensor ring

I first bought a silver tensor ring to go with my water cradle from Dancing with Water. Loved it so much I wanted to get another. When I saw the review that mentioned keeping the silver tensor in a water pitcher, that was my cur. This one now lives in the glass pitcher where I store structured water. Feels absolutely right! By the by, I work with Intergalactic Healing Method. frequencies. For months now, silver tensor rings have been showing up energetically in connection with these frequencies.

A present for my daughters new restaurant.

Everyone said they could feel a difference right away. Then, the health inspector came, passed them on the spot. The interviews, at long last, produced the ideal hires, the landlord came to look at the spot, cried and was so grateful with all they’d done, she gave them 2 months of free rent to get started! An auspicious start!

Treasured Tools

I truly treasure my Twisted Sage tools! I use them all the time and carry at least one on me all the time. My new Generator is installed on one of my Radionics devices where i manifest Heart and Soul desire. Outstanding and powerful!

Connected and Reflected

This tool has really opened up portals for healing myself and others. I use it for my distance reiki and crystal healing sessions and its physically felt by some. Personally use it under my larger pyramid on a mirror beside the divine i am generator and alchemist set with some orgonite I made and wow

I Am My Devine Manifestation

What a phenomenal Soul Tool & Healing session w/ Brenda. I could feel those days that Brenda held space along w/ my soul to bring this Devine Tool into creation. It feels so blissful to be with my Torus, as all past traumas were cleared by my soul when I placed it on my being. It will still bring out deeper unconscious Behaviors/Patterns in both myself & those in its vicinity. Then you just release them in breath, so simple right, though sometimes we tend to make it more difficult than that. This Torus is something I’ve had before lifetimes ago & something I will still have eons from now, if not in the physical, then certainly in the etheric. Even the way I manifested the money for this tool, I traded 1 ring for 15, and all the pieces lined up into place. Certainly this is a tool that is priceless & its true value lies in something you can not measure because it is always changing. It is a wealth unto its own. It also makes a phenomenal addition to my Mini Ascension Pyramid & only yesterday did I place this tool on an electronic turntable & the energy moves in such a brilliant way than before, when it was stationary. This tool is both easy & difficult to put into words about its true nature. Mostly because everyone’s is different, having their own unique frequencies that shifts according to each owners needs. Words can only express so much, & if you are sensitive enough you can feel the energetic signature of the Torus through the picture. Even in its geometries, 2 seeds of life wrapped together under one ring, The Devine I Am Ring. Let those seeds thrive & become your Devine Manifestation. Cosmic friends forever. -Fern

Blessings & Abundance to Brian, Brenda & all the Twisted Sage Studios Team. For creating/ bringing into being consciousness shifting tool.

Devine I Am Generator.

I have also others Devine I Am tools, and the Devine I Am Generator, I bought it, for the invironment and my neighborhood. I feel that it is a very high and peacefull frequency. It brings me peace and reduces stress . It' s so fantastic, I don't wanna life, without anymore. It intigrates more, what I Am, in my pyisical body. I can feel, that I get more changes in my personality, letting go the ego and the duality. I become to a new person. I have also the Devine I Am Activator and the personal Alchemist set, in Silver.

A helpful tool, especially when combined with Real Intent

Its a nice tool, i utilize it plenty so its out of round but it isss a tool, and a sturdy one at that. Upon receiving i soak in salt and vineager to dissolve any thing it may have picked up from the mail lady or whoever, and so after several days i pulled it out and it instantly began to accustom to me ans my individual needs bases on the intentions i spoke into it. I combine with the ascension grid pyramid so its very neat to play around wirh these things, its supposes to be fun! Anyways on another note being considered a sensetive individual, there is a captivating life force that radiated out of this when opened up, and when flattened into a ring i hold in my hands and i can feel the Life Force flow thru my arms and my head and loop back into it, like an internal flush 😂. In summary/short a very sturdily reliable tool that can benefit anybody, thanks guy :D

If your on the fence, jump over.

The 2 1/2 inch Golden Fire generator is a great starting point if your new to tensor tools. They are still great even if you already have some other tools. I could feel an immediate shift even after I ordered them online, and then again when they arrived at my door. I was in the backyard and felt them and went to the front door and the mail person had just dropped them on the porch and was just at the next house over. Holding it in my hands I could feel the energy pulsing. Everyone is different so the experience might differ from mine. Either way these are amazing tools, you won't be sorry you took a chance and the 2 1/2 generator is great value for the price of something that will last a lifetime for you and beyond for whoever it is drawn to next. I purchased the smaller sized Harmony generator at the same time which is another great introductory piece for the price. By all means though pick what you are drawn to use.
Peace and Blessings unto you

Incredible Energy Lift

I was immediately attracted to this triple masterpiece and have noticed that my energy is easier to keep clear and sustain a more even level. It is also helping with the intensity of the 5 G satellite situation we are all dealing with at present. I am so grateful for this potent pendant !!!

Shaman's Wand
Rachael L.
Transformative Healing Device!

I love this wand! I have been sleeping with it by my pillow for the past 3 nights. The amount of clearing that has occurred in my dream state has been phenomenal! I feel like I have been working through deep fears and discordant situations while I sleep with the help of this wand. My experience with the Shaman’s wand has been more powerful than I ever expected! Be advised that this wand will take you to a whole new level of clearing and rewriting of your consciousness. Powerful!!

Golden Fire Coil Pendant

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