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Silver Blue Light Pendant

Silver Blue Light Pendant

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Silver Blue Light Pendant

The .999 Silver Regeneration Ring comes with an adjustable leather lanyard. Regeneration Ring is approx 1-1/2". All silver construction.

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Building better bridges between the Soul Light and the body.

Silver-Blue Light

The .999 Silver Regeneration Ring is bringing through a higher vibrating energy than what we have ever felt. 

It feels like a pure form of energy. 
A pure Silver-Blue-White Light,
with some Golden Fire.

Such a pure energy that it is holding. A reminder of your pure Light, reminding the body. 

Like the other tools, the Blue-Light Pendant will work with each person with the needs they have..

Tok, and the master blue beings, are here to help bring the Human in more fully.  For us to be more fully within the Human, and to be in this new space forming around us.

To me, this looks like an integration of our Light, more into the physical. That we become more of our Light incarnate. 

Working with the mind and the energy field to support the transformation!

Comes with an adjustable leather lanyard. Regeneration Ring is approx 1-1/2". All silver construction.

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Customer Reviews

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Tania I.
Miracle Tensor

Everytime I've talked thru the ring (to TOK), about getting me thru an emotional upset, Tok has placed some sort of bubble around me to get the job done and not be emotional while doing what I have to do. Best way to describe w/o getting into the story. I never take it off. I can feel the good vibes from it!

New water experience!

So I got this a while back to wear initially. Like all tools when you order it the shifts begin to happen upon purchase. I noticed some small changes here and there and wore it daily for a month or so. Eventually I got the Inifinite Light pendant and decided it was time to drop the Regeneration Ring into my water holding vessel as I no longer wanted to wear it. THIS is when I felt justified in my purchase! The taste of my water changed instantly! As I was sipping I was like "wow, what's up with this water?!" It had this crisp vibrant spring water taste like nothing I had experienced. I already have Shungite and Silver Golden Fire ring inside. As well as it near high grade Orgonite and in a Water Ring Trio. While these help with the water quite a bit, the Silver Regeneration Ring is what made delicious ice cream even more magnificent and sweet! Story short, put it in your water and taste the results. :)

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