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Torus Pendant

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The Alchemist Torus Pendant
w/ spinning bail


The newly updated (July '22) Silver Torus is a powerful, elegant piece. It carries the new energy, found in the Alchemist Torus.  Brings soul level transformation, with quickness and ease. 

The deeper, the darker, the experience alchemized,
the more light and wisdom the Soul elicits from it!!!!

We have been working on this one since the release of the previous silver torus!  The sterling silver bail was made at a local jewelry company. It was envisioned to be a spinner, but in reality it is not as free flowing as intended.  But each side of the bail has a different marking.  One side is a faint TS for TwistedSage, and the other side of the bail has the 13 circles of Metatron's cube finely inscribed.

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The outer ring is a 1-1/2" Sterling Silver Tensor Ring with two Seeds of Life together to create the Torus.

Available as Torus Pendant (no lanyard or chain) or with a 24 or 30 inch sterling silver chain.  This is our heaviest duty chain offered.

The torus is simply a name give to the way energy moves, in a torridal field, or donut shaped field that is the basis for all physical reality.  All energy constructs move in a torrid fashion, from molecules to the way galaxies are formed, and all physical constructs between.  The human heart is even a large electromagnetic torridal field, about 6 feet across.

For years, we have been refining this pendant, and this is truly a beautiful piece!

Brian has not sat with Brenda to do a reading on this pendant yet, so more description is yet to come!  It is the new energy, though, which you can read more about on the Alchemist Torus page!

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Everything's Going To Be OK.

It took me a couple of months to be able to put this one into words. The other testimonial on this pendant says "Game Changer". That is absolutely true. This pendant is a game changer.
Since I've had it, my life has been so much easier! To let go of everything and invite it all in, even the ugly. When we let it all in, it flows through us. It does not stay. And life continues to feed us rich experiences. The good, the bad, the ugly; they're all the same.
Its almost as if we can float through life, as life hands us experiences to go through. Open up your heart and you are free. "Everything is going to be ok." This is the knowing this pendant brings me. "Everything is going to be ok."
It is a game changer. Your life will never be the same. It's totally worth the money. Having a healthy mind is worth more than the price of this pendant. A healthy mind. A healthy out look on life.
In the words of the great sage: "When you stand in your power, you are untouchable." ~Brian Besco~ That's what this pendant does. Spend the money. It's totally worth it!

Jenn G.

It’s a lovely piece & I wear it to work every day. I work in a nursing home & my Residents love 💗 it 🤩 Its also wonderful for redirecting when a resident is getting upset or having behaviors. The silver really pops & gets there attention! Thank you Twistedsage for making wonderful energy tools:)

Shawn J.
Torus pendant

Absolutely love this pendant, I wear it everywhere I go and I really think it’s helped with the massive energy bursts the wrath has been going through. I find myself in a state of perpetual happiness to the point where people are commenting on it…this dosent fix your problems I’ve been meditating daily for the past three months I’m just saying I can personally feel a difference and it’s so beautiful.

Dale F.
Silver Torus Pendant

Beautiful craftsmanship! I absolutely love this pendant!


I second all the other reviewers wrote, this gorgeous piece forces my lower chakras to be as open as the upper ones, has a crisp, blue, luminous light energy, is just beyond beautiful and the only TS piece I am also able to sleep with. I had worked with it last year, then focused intensely on the I AM energy of the Binary Infusion pendant, and lately took the lovely Torus pendant out again when dealing with a nasty chest infection. As other reviewers have remarked, it seems to clear up the lungs, am able to cough stuff up ( yikes, sorry) easier, which is just one added benefit of this luminous jewelry for life. It amplifies energy healings and I could go on and on, thanks again, dear lovely TS team, for all you do! Light and Love always!