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Water Wisdom Alchemist Rings
Water Wisdom Alchemist Rings
Water Wisdom Alchemist Rings
Water Wisdom Alchemist Rings
Water Wisdom Alchemist Rings

Water Wisdom Alchemist Rings

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Water Wisdom Alchemist Set

Clearing the memory of water through all time, this trio of Tensor Rings brings the consciousness of water more into physical form.  Tensor Rings are shown to return water to its original crystalline structure.  The high spin rate of the Rings make water lighter in weight in the lab. The Tensor fields can balance PH in water, and have the highest paramagnetic value of anything ever tested.  That is the science side.  Now let's talk about where the real magic and miracles are found.  You may ask the water to carry whatever beneficial and healing energies you need, essentially creating a elixir from water!!

To use the Rings with your water, simply place your glass or container on top of the Rings. Placing water within a Tensor Ring will normally restructure water in 4 to 6 hours.  When working with the consciousness of water, the physical transformation takes place instantly!

We are mentioned in the second edition of the Dancing With Water: The New Science of Water book, whom we also make Tensor Rings for.

The Alchemist Sets carry the Wisdom energetics when used together as a Set.  It is this energetic trio which allows water to fully embrace its physical self, and bring through an energetic aspect of water never before seen on this planet.  It is the consciousness of water that makes these Rings so powerful and instantly transformative of water.

*If your container is larger than the Rings, that is perfectly acceptable.  All the water within the container will work together as if all are within the energetic column of the Rings.

** This Water Wisdom Alchemist Set innately restructures water in 2 to 4 hours.  For the instantaneous shifts to occur physically in the water, it takes your attention.  That simply means you place your awareness onto the water and the rings, with your intention of instant restructuring of the water.  The field and the water do the rest! It is that quick and simple!!

Physical details

Personal Set: 
• 3-1/4" Divine I Am Ring
• 3-3/4" Chalice Ring
• 4-1/4" Harmonizer Ring

Home Set: 
• 6-1/2" Divine I Am Ring
• 7-1/2" Chalice Ring
• 8-1/2" Harmonizer Ring

The energy of the Chalice Ring is a crystal clear pure consciousness light, which clears away eons and eons of the memory and programming of the water's physical form. 

The Divine I Am Ring is the energy of the soul, or spirit, of water.  We refer to the spirit of water as Heddeka, the Water Elemental.

The Harmonizer Ring integrates consciousness and Light more into the physical form.

The Wisdom energetics are present when the three Water Wisdom Alchemist Rings are nested together.

The Alchemist Rings are made of copper, with a faint amount of bronze brazing holding the ring together.

*approximate diameters

Water Wisdom Alchemist Rings ONLY available as a Set!

The Water Wisdom Alchemist Set is made from a medium-duty 10-gauge wire.

More uses

Shifting your physical vibration-
An exercise to raise the vibration of the physical body through that divine awareness of You and the consciousness of water.

1) Go into the Heart, taking a breath up from the heart of Earth, and in from the heart of Creation.  Or use the video below to guide you there.
2) Ask the Soul to step fully in. Bring all that you are as a Soul from throughout all of Creation, into the here now. Your Soul, fully within you.
3) Imagine the column of Light created by the three Rings.  All together, this set of transformative Rings hold a space beyond time and matter, where the soul in in it's zero point space exists as the source of creation. This column of Light from the Wisdom Water Alchemist Rings is a space of clarity, of full connection into the wisdom of You. The field of Light you can access through these Rings also holds the wisdom and consciousness of Water.
4) Imagine yourself stepping into that brilliant Light of peace, support, and transformation.  Put your awareness into every cell in your body.  Each cell is being bathed in that Light of the Water and the wisdom of You.  

Here is a quick tutorial for the above meditation:

💛 💫💙💦💙💫💛

Creating Healing Elixirs

Ask the water to carry whatever beneficial and healing energies you need.  This could be the frequencies and properties from any plant, crystal, or mineral of the Earth, and so much more!  Whatever is the highest and best, is what will come through for you!

Other Energy Work

The Alchemist Set can be used to do energy work at a distance, through simple visualization and intention.  Start with being in the Heart, and imagine whatever you wish to work on whether it be a person, water tower, communications tower, plant or tree, within the column of energy created by the Rings.  Do not hold an intended outcome of how you want it to be (judging), rather just hold the space and then let it all go!  Everything happens in an instant, in the highest and best good!

Placing the Set on your body while in the Heart Space is also a great way to use the Rings on the physical.

The Water Wisdom Alchemist Set works perfectly for EMF remediation as well.  Try placing the Set under your laptop and see if you feel a shift in the energies.

Your imagination is the limit with these wonderful tools!!  You can never misuse nor do no harm with these tools, so play in joy, however you are drawn to!!!   There is no right or wrong here!

Customer Reviews

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Jenn G.

I put the Wisdom Alchemist Rings under my Berkey & affirm it is a healing elixir for all my family, friends, & animals that drink from it. I also have the sterling silver Water Ring inside my Berkey to keep it crisp & clean. The water tastes better & pure. Great for city water! It gives me great joy that I can set the intention & peace knowing it is a healing elixir for all that I love :)

Ana S.
Water is tastier

I've been using a 9 inch harmonizer ring in my water. When these came out I changed and started to use them. I didn't feel much difference in the water with the harmonizer ring, but I do feel with this one: I was about to change the filter and after using the wisdom rings felt that the filter still had sometime left (I change filters when I notice a change in the taste of water... and it seems the water tastes "fresher" now).

New wisdom water ring set

As with all twisted sage products, it arrived quickly and looks wonderful. I very much am looking forward to using these new rings for water charging. And other energy work. The rings are on an orgonite charging coaster.

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