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Silver Series Water Rings
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Silver Series Water Rings

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A beautiful energetic mix of Golden Fire, Silver Tensor Rings, and Water

Re-Introducing Silver Tensor Tools!!

Silver is no longer simply pleasing to the eye,
it is now capable of carrying a fully functional Tensor Field!!
When we made the Silver tools years ago,
their field was "fuzzy" in appearance, and not nearly as strong
or complete as the Tensor Fields were from the copper tools.
The Silver Series Water Rings are now whole and complete in their energetic qualities!!
.999 Silver is used in our entire Silver line of tools.

Silver Infinity also available here
** We no longer recommend using the Silver Infinity with water.

I prefer the 2" Silver Ring, but any size of
Silver Series Rings will work with water!!
The Silver Series are not just for water!!!
They are all created in the Golden Fire
and hence are all-purpose tools!!

Golden Fire Rings for the Original Blueprinting of Water!!
The Golden Fire Rings bring water to it’s original state of being,
clearing ALL memory of it’s time on Earth,
to carry it’s original blueprint, as was intended at this time!!!
All of the Silver Series of Rings are and will be made of the Golden Fire.

I have kept a 2" Silver Water Ring in my steel water jug for almost 4 months now, and have not had to rinse or clean my jug even once!!  I usually have to wash any container out with vinegar at least once a week due to the smell coming from bacterial growth.

We cannot say how quickly the Silver Water Rings
charge and restructure the water.
Some of the time it takes depends on the water you are using,
the energetics of the environment as well as that of the water.
Yet we are seeing/understanding that water
is transformed faster with these particular Rings,
part of that is they are immersed directly with water.

Water Rings connect to and with the physical and etheric/spiritual aspects of water.
Water Rings help with communication to your water.
To create healing elixirs, simply speak to the water.
In as little as ten minutes you can notice a change.
I leave my Ring in my bottle of water for at least eight hours for a total clearing and charging of the water.
As you add new water to the bottle, the water left in the container helps to even more quickly disperse the vibrancy into the newly added water.

To work with the Golden Fire Water Rings, it is an automatic process. 
By simply placing the ring within your water is intention enough,
as the energetics of the Golden Fire Rings come through
best when we are not directing the outcome!!

You can still take an active role by working directly with your water. 
Water is here and in service, while we are living on this beautiful Earth.
You use the Rings as a tool to easier connect with the water.
Creating Elixirs from Water-
Water is a crystal, it is conscious, and I believe it to be a profound healer when used with intention and gratitude.
Tensor fields connect with the physical of the water, balancing PH and creating ORMUS within the water, raising it into a high vibration state. The Rings connect with both the physical as well as the consciousness of water.  It is this direct connection that allows an ease of communication with the water. You can use the Ring to communicate your needs and intentions to the water. This can be done by holding your container of water with the Ring in it, and voicing your intentions to the water.  Have your Ring in the water vessel for at least a few minutes or even overnight, and then drink the Elixir.

Use at your own risk, possible choking hazard.  We are not responsible for the accidental oral ingestion nor choking due to any of these products placed in your water container.  It is recommended to sterilize the tools you receive before placing them in your drinking water.  The polishing compounds are non-toxic and vegetable-based.  New Rings still require cleaning.  It is suggested to boil the silver tools before use to avoid any contamination in your water, or in the least scrub with dish soap to clean them. 
Copper in your water vessel:
We do not recommend putting copper in your water.  That has always been our disclaimer, as it is easy to orally ingest too much copper for the body to process. 
Granted using copper water vessels comes both from ancient Ayurvedic scriptures, and cultures in Asia and India who have drank from copper water vessels for thousands of years, though it still has to be done correctly.  There were formulas for drinking from copper water vessels that were followed in order to receive only the healthy benefits of ingesting copper. 
Historic uses of Silver
There are many cultures throughout time who have utilized silver to prevent bacterial growth and mold as well as preserve other substances. Another Ayurvedic treatment, as well as much written in Greek, some Egyptian, and early American history all testifying to the uses of silver.
**We no longer recommend using the Silver Infinity with water.  The solder that is used with the Infinity contains 75% Silver, and 25% copper.  This small amount of copper may leach into the water.  While a small amount of copper in the water is beneficial, you must check with your body each time you ingest copper infused water.
We no longer use solder on the Silver Water Rings, which is why the price has increased, due to the creation process becoming more labor and time intensive.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Magic indeed! I have a plethora of tensor tools but this one is definitely one of my favorites. Honestly I would wear it but this ring literally "shines" the most in your water. I already have Shungite in my canteen but when I add the Silver water ring it brings an intense vibrancy to the water that is pristine! It is the magician that gets your water dancing to the roof of your mouth. :)

Very effective

I have two of the 2" silver water rings. One is in the reservoir of my Berkey water filter, the other is a crock that I fill with more highly conditioned and structured water. I got busy and didn't add any additional water to my nearly empty crock for the past couple of months. I just drank a glass of water from the long neglected crock. It tasted as fresh and good as it did when I first filled it a couple of months ago. For me this is definitive proof that the silver water ring is highly effective.

Hot Tub

I have been using Brian's products for approximately five years. I have a Hot Tub and do not like to use chemicals. I had been putting a quart of colloidal silver once a week into the Hot Tub to keep it clean. When I saw the silver water ring on the site I decided to purchase the 2" silver ring for use in my Hot Tub. Upon receiving the water ring I stopped the use of colloidal silver to see what would happen. I leave the silver water ring in the Hot Tub 24/7 on top of the paper filter where the water is constantly pulled through the system. I am thrilled to report that after two months of use the water is crystal clear and that other than the paper water filter which is used as the water filters through the system and a sponge ball that picks up body oils I have to perform absolutely no maintenance of the hot tub. A very satisfying experiment/experience. Thank you Twisted Sage!


I like the quality of the 2” water ring and am extremely happy with its abilities to structure our RO drinking water.
I had a silver tensor ring in priorcbut I was not sure of the type of solder thatvwas use as itcwas not made specifically made as a piecevthat was food grade safe. When you receive yours, you will appreciate the weight and quality. I also have a piece of Rose Quartz, a programmed blessed clear Quartz crystal in the water. I’d buy one to wear if it were bigger. Balancing my bodies water 😇. I’m very happy with my purchase.

Just came today!

So I just recieved my first silver tensor ring and it came with another product of yours and even before wearing or putting it in water I felt it's high vibration! fells truly great. Thank you so much for what your'e doing!

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