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Shaman's Wand

Shaman's Wand

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Shaman's Wand

With the Shaman's Wand, you are truly a Galactic Shaman. 

With the Regeneration field, you become your Soul.

It begins by cleaning out all that junk to make more room for soul.
The Regeneration field will quickly allow you to release what no longer serves. 

More than just bringing your soul light in, it is a connection. 
In that connection you have all the resources you need, if you want them.

This field takes us into a new paradigm of being and doing.  Instead of trying to clean and clear all the stuff that affects us, we step out of it.  All that stuff is simply miscreations of our own or as a collective.

Clear out the old programs and belief systems, old traumas and dramas, as you become more fully in soul than ever been in any lifetime on this earth.

The Shaman's Wand is stepping up your vibration,
as the 3D world falls away.

If you are not dedicated to doing the release work,
we suggest the Golden Fire Rings instead of the Regeneration Rings.

The Regeneration Rings are for the high level clearing of personal miscreations throughout your existence. 
Yet they are also for becoming more You than you ever have before!

There is no need for protections in this space.
There is no 5G.  Chemtrails too, are a mis-creation.
We move beyond this all as we clear miscreations within this space.

Within this field, the soul is in charge, always.  This energy field helps body mind and soul come into a balance.

Come into Harmony and Balance of cosmic growth, by connecting you the human, the mind, the body, to the space of the soul that is cosmic galactic universal.

There is a surrender in that. It is a surrender into the soul light.

Things may not be easy in the beginning. 

For some, it could be simple and easy, very individual. 
If need grace and ease, will have it. 
Not a choice on the human level. 
But it is there.  Again, the soul is in charge.

As all that is cleaned out and cleared out, it brings in the soul light.  And the true human, that is so connected in with the soul.  The rings are not only helping with the cleaning and clearing and releasing, but bringing in that soul essence, vibration, being, the true you.  Its stepping up your vibration, as the 3D world falls away.

There is one more important thing to share, and this is the most important aspect of using these new tools.  Things will come up.  Things from this lifetime, also things from all that you have ever been or ever will be...  And you must find a way to release them.  There are many simply ways to do so.  Some will see the thought or emotion that comes up as a butterfly, and watch it fly away.  Some will carry a Ring with them, and when the programs, beliefs, thoughts, judgements, emotions, aches and pains come up, take out your ring and blow through it.  Whatever you find to release, and not stuff them back or ignore them. 

Here is a recent channel from The Elders Three that you may find helpful:

This is Brenda with the Elders Three here in service to each of you. In this time of shifts and changes, take three breaths to bring yourself into your sacred heart. First breathe, connect into the heart of the our beloved earth. Second breathe, bringing your awareness to the beautiful light of creation that flows through you. And third breathe, imagining the energy of earth, creation and you in every cell of your body. Please connect in this now moment.

As we move through our journey of life at this time, we are changing and shifting almost constantly. This is causing many old dramas, traumas, and emotions to surface to be released. These old energies may rise up like Old Faithful as out of control emotions, pains in the body or random thoughts. As these energies rise, find a simple and easy way to release them. This is the way that I have found to be the easiest and most effect in releasing. As these energies come into your awareness, take a few moments to just be with this energy in whichever way it manifest within you. Acknowledge it with love and then just be with it by placing your attention on it. That is it. You are not trying to change it, or see where it came from, you are just being with this energy in love. Do this for a few minutes at a time whenever it comes into your awareness. Always in love. Do this with those emotions that scare you, fear as an example. Recognize it, acknowledge it, be with it and allow it to dissipate. This is a practice. It is not something you do once and you are done. Same with odd pains in the body. Recognize the pain, acknowledge that you have a pain, be with the pain and follow the pain if it moves. As we move forward on this amazing journey, there are some things that you just can't bring along. Those old energies that cause you pain, both emotionally and physically are heavy bags to carry. Lighten your load. We are eternally grateful for your light upon our beloved earth. Great Love, Light and Peace to YOU!!


There may be some other useful information on the Regeneration Ring Creation Story blog.

The Shaman's Wand was first created as a solstice gift for Mayan Elders at Tikal, Guatemala.  They are powerful pieces.  The lobster-claw clasp allows the Shaman's Wand to be wore as a pendant or clipped to an article of clothing.  It is of a heavy duty construction.  The Infinite Heart is a medium-sized Golden Fire.  So both the Regeneration Ring field and the Golden Fire are present in this piece.

You can simply carry on your person, to receive all the benefits of the Regeneration field, or it can be used as a wand... to run energy, or to Create with.  Creation comes through the soul.  We are merely the anchor point for Creation on this plane.  So, the more you are in alignment with Source/Soul, the quicker you manifest.

Miscreations cannot exist for long, when working with these new tools.

To run energy with the Wand, simply point and move.  I use small circles with the Wand pointed at a point on my body.  You can use infinities instead of circles.  Does not matter clockwise/counter clockwise.  You can feel the cells ignite with the Wand.

The wand itself is approximately 4-1/2 inches long.  Six inches including the clasp.  

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Little gem

Love this wand! Not as powerful as the light wand but wow!
Very subtle but gets to the core quickly.
All of the tools I have purchased from you have been brilliant for me and more to come 🙏🙏🙏

Mysterious, alluring and powerful

The tracking on the Shaman's Wand package was slow to update online for some reason, but I could sense when it was leaving the US and arriving in Australia. Like the other tensor rings and tools I have acquired, it seemed to indicate in advance when it would be arriving; however, unlike all the other tensor tools where I knew more or less to the minute and could feel them arriving before the courier rang the doorbell, the Shaman's Wand somehow floated into my experience without me knowing about it, even though at that very moment I was in a deep meditation and should (based on experience with other tensor tools) have been able to sense it's imminent arrival. But no, even in a state of extended sensory awareness, and even though I knew it would arrive that day, it still floated in somehow above my awareness and I was strangely surprised when the doorbell chimed to announce its arrival.

It vibrates at a very different frequency to what I suspected, sometimes it seems inert and at other times it almost seems to sparkle with an unknown force. I wasn't sure what to make of the physical shape of it at first, it seemed peculiar but then after a few minutes as I held it in my hand, the beauty of it immediately became apparent and I began to understand why it was twisted around itself.

Not having had any exposure to the Regeneration Rings (or the Golden Fire figure-of-eight attached to the wand), I was not sure how I would perceive the energies and I didn't really know how the 'clearing' would work itself out. For the first few days, the clearing was quite surface-level, bringing much needed awareness to redundant thought forms which I hope I have been able to recognise and let go. As I began to get more comfortable with the energy and my interaction with it, I could sense that I as becoming more attuned to the wand and was hoping for more impact from it. Big mistake, I should have been happy with the progressive clearing I was going through as when I prompted the w...

What I wanted since many lives ago

Not sure why, but I always want to have it wherever I go. Few days ago while I was meditating holding it, I heard a voice saying I have been searching for this wand since many lifetimes ago. Now i wand it on food, water, skincare products, etc

Very good energy

Gentle but very supportive energy. Works very well It's in my bedroom or any place you need it around.
No need to carry it around because this energy permeates the entire room.
I love it.

Shaman's Wand: WOW!

I've had this instrument about a week. I've found that for me, I love being able to hook it onto my bra and it's hidden, yet
on me. A couple days ago, I was having an energy session and I'd been told the day before that something HUGE was going
to happen. About the Last 10 mins. I SEE JESUS walking toward me! He comes closer and closer, and we're FACE to FACE.
I not only could SEE Him, I could FEEL His Energy, and Hear Him as He spoke to me. He is so KIND & LOVING~
Talk about HUGE. . . Since then, 'out of the blue', He comes to me in my daily meditations and while I'm journaling. Today He sat down on a rock beside me & put His loving arm around me and we had a wonderful chat! OMGoodness. Who could ask for more?

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