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Step into the Quantum Void and just Be…

Allow your soul to open the doors of infinite possibilities. Silver Infinity now available!!!

Just the infinity symbol itself is powerful.

Infinite Heart represents love, continuance, without end.
Connects the Soul to the physical and multidimensional Heart.

• Facilitates a higher Soul connection

• Resonates with the Heart Chakra

• Protects the energy bodies 8-10 feet out

• Brings the Soul more into the body, and will
assist others in proximity to do t he same

• Slip onto ANY existing necklace to create a heart
connection with your favorite crystal or stone

• Access to the Sacred Heart and Quantum Mind Activations

• Creates healing and comfort for all your critters. May be fastened onto
a collar with a split ring or fastening hook.

New!!! Illuminated Heart!!!

The newly released Regeneration Ring is now an Infinity!! 
Find the Illuminated Heart here

 Silver Infinite Heart

The 1 Inch Silver Infinity is a beautiful piece on it's own.
It has the same measure, frequency, and properties of the 1 Inch Copper Infinity.

Silver is no longer just pleasing to the eye as it had been before,
as it now has the capability of carrying fully working Tensor Fields!!

Be sure to check out the other Silver Series of tools here

Add the Infinite Heart to your favorite pendant to bring in that heart connect.

Creates a higher connection for the consciousness of a crystal pendant, to the heart.
Synergizes well with all energy tools and pendants.

Hammered and hand polished to create a sleek and slim design,
which can be used on it's own as a pendant.

When you wear any of the Golden Fire tools, the energy field they produce acts as a reminder.
The tools remind your inner Being that you have a Sacred Heart,
and wearing the Golden Fire Tools can help activate the Sacred Heart and Quantum Mind,
bringing in that Field of Universal Light and Universal Peace.

More about the Golden Fire tools and the Sacred Heart Activation can be found here.

 Any necklace material is suitable, or use the Infinity on a key-chain, critter collar, or as a pocket piece.

The small Infinite Heart is approximately 1 inch in length.

I like to add the Infinite Heart to a 1" Heavy Duty Golden Fire Ring,
along with a Lanyard to make the Golden Fire Pendant.

The small Infinity is the one used in all the Coils, as well as 111 Heart Pendant.

The large Infinite Heart is approximately 2-1/2 inches
long and 1 inch wide.

The larger Infinity is used in the Golden Fire Crown as well as in the Activator 3.0 base.
The Infinity within the Activator allows for the connection
of the lower and middle Earth planes.

The large Infinity is a hefty piece, made of a thicker 10 gauge flattened wire.
It is not necessarily any more "energetic" than the small Infinity,
though with all the tools, the thicker gauge is usually felt on the physical more.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful rings

I have purchased several products from this website, and a few of these silver Infinite Hearts (for treating my drinking water). Very happy with everything, and totally impressed with the quality workmanship. Thanks to Brian and his crew for the work they do.

Adore this Silver Infinite Heart!

I fell in love with and purchased the Silver Infinite Heart as soon as I saw it. When I arrived I could feel the wonderful energy emanating from it and fell further in love with it's beauty.

I had purchased it to use in my water and was looking forward to trying it out. However when I saw the Infinite Heart in all it's shiny silver beauty. I couldn't bear to put it into my water! Instead I found a leather type pendant cord and knotted the little Silver Infinity symbol onto the cord and put it on! It looks beautiful with a lot of things I wear since I wear colors that look great with silver. I have only taken the Silver Infinite Heart off a few times since it arrived. I definitely feel the beautiful energy it emanates and I love how it I feel while I'm wearing it.

While I haven't submerged it in a bottle of water, I have gotten it quite wet and it is as shiny as it was when it first arrived! I'm going to have to get another Silver piece to put into my water because this one is NOT leaving my neck!

Silver Infinite Heart

I treat my filtered water with shungite and the copper water ring. I got a silver Infinite Heart for my stainless steel water bottle, the silver ring would not fit inside the bottle opening. The silver has improved the overall taste and made the water more "silky". I believe the silver is definitely helping to restructure the water. I got an additional Infinite Heart to wear as a necklace so it can keep working on me internally. Thanks Twisted Sage!

I wear my silver Infinity pendant whenever it's not healing ...

I wear my silver Infinity pendant whenever it's not healing water for me or my plants.

It's energy is so clean and pure, and what it does to water is nothing short of amazing.

This is a fabulous piece. Highly recommended.

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