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Practitioner's Set

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A set of our largest Rings to work with most every modality

both actively and passively.


The Practitioner's Set is a set of two Rings which is beyond Mastery, it is Transformational.

The larger Rings are versatile in that they can be used in both an Active and a Passive sense. 

Included are the 27" Harmony Ring, and the 29" Golden Fire Ring.

Active use of the Practitioner's Set with another person.

If you choose to use the two Rings in an active sense, with another person:

  • Start with the Golden Fire (larger of the two) on the ground
  • The receiving person then stands in the Golden Fire Ring
  • Use the Harmony to begin above the head, as far as you can comfortably reach upward
  • Slowly bring the Harmony Ring down to the top of the head and downwards over the body
  • Feel the Harmony Ring as it passes through "stickier" spaces
  • As the Ring "sticks" bring it slowly up and then down past the space once more
  • Repeat until the "stickiness" is gone
  • Use the Harmony Ring to scan the body and bodies as it passes downward
  • Set the Harmony Ring on the floor, and slowly raise the Golden Fire Ring
  • Follow the same clearing procedure with the Golden Fire, if you feel it "stick"
  • Once the Golden Fire is up and off the column, the client may step out
  • Or you may repeat.  This is where you need to play and feel
  • Every person, every time, will be different


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