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Harmonic Creation Field Trio Home Set
Harmonic Creation Field Trio Personal Set

Harmonic Creation Field Trio

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Plants, animals, and water, will respond to the field.
Basically in the same way as the mind, body, soul responds to this field.

This video is simply a meditation you can do with the Trio.

There is also the Sun Activation, for more in depth consciousness work,
which follows this video on the ReclamationEarth.com website. Enjoy!

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Even plants, water, animals, will respond to the field, by doing basically the same thing as the mind, body, soul with this field.

Plants become what they truly are.

Water comes to it's original blueprint. That Divine blueprint. The inner-most being of water. It becomes Divine, soft, vibrant, alive again.

As water comes back into its beingness, all the energies are released. Water carries everything that has ever happened to it within this Earth plane.

Its like a human that's lost connection... and watching them, how their chemistry and thought processes and whole beingness changes, so will it with water.

The Regeneration Ring's transformative field comes through much stronger when it is in the set of three.  With a single ring, we may not get the changes.  The power is with the three.  First is the Golden Fire.  Second is the Earth Resonance Ring.  Then the Regeneration Ring.  These are the three Rings found in this set. 

To find out about the true power and potency this set of Rings has to offer, please check out Universal You- Sun ActivationThis page will walk you through the clearing work, and Sun Activation for simple, high-level, clearing work of miscreations from lifetimes.

One of our co-authors had this to say, during the ring’s development:

When combined and used as a set, the Harmonic Creation Field Rings establish a vibratory “chord” and a harmonic resonance with the universal creative field of energy. This makes it easier to step into our true state of infinite beingness, with less interference from forces that attempt to keep us disconnected.  The 3-ring set creates energy waves—toroidal fields, sound frequencies, and magnetic fields—that when used with focused intent, act like a reset code taking us to the beginning—before the insertion of false patterns and the disruption of the original blueprints for life on this planet.

The Harmonic Creation Field chord also opens our awareness to (and our ability to utilize) the multitude of bio-regenerative frequencies inherent in the Earth’s biological and spiritual energy fields. Water made using the 3-ring set allows us to move further into transformation and healing. It prepares the physical body for higher frequency energy thus allowing more of our true self to be present in the physical realm. When used with pure, joyful intent, structure and balance (regeneration) can begin to emerge from the disconnection and chaos the human race has experienced for eons.


More from Dancing With Water on the Harmonic Creation Field Trio:

In 2018, the authors of Dancing with Water introduced a set of three Tensor Rings that function based on harmonic resonance. Referred to as the Harmonic Creation Field Trio, the set of Rings establishes a nested toroidal field that resonates with the universal creative field of energy. Water placed in the resonating field can enhance the ability to utilize the bio-regenerative frequencies inherent in the Earth’s biological energy field. 

Harmonic resonance has been defined in many ways. Technically, it is a series of frequencies related as integer multiples of an initial note. But it has also been defined as an organizing force. Read more about harmonic resonance.

Together, the three Rings create a frequency "chord" that augments the expression of each individual Ring.The “base frequency”  in the Harmonic Creation Field chord is the Earth Resonance frequency, brought in by the innermost and smallest Tensor Ring. The Earth Resonance Ring (also sold separately) vibrates with the Earth’s central core and with the Earth’s natural energy field. It grounds water, strengthening and refining its connection to the core energy of the Earth. This Ring creates the foundation on which the chord is built. The next larger Ring in the trio is called the Golden Fire Ring; it carries frequencies that restore water’s original life-supporting blueprint. The outer Ring of the Trio is referred to as the Regeneration Ring. This Ring is aligned with the bio-regenerative frequencies of the Earth’s creative center. It strengthens water’s ability to support natural and ongoing regeneration. Regular consumption of water treated with The Harmonic Creation Field Rings gradually clears chaotic vibrations and attracts life force from the Earth’s bio-regenerative field; it cleanses, repairs and prepares us on many levels to move back to the center of our being—with less interference from forces that attempt to keep us disconnected. Balance and regeneration can begin to emerge from the chaos and disconnection the human race has experienced for eons. The Harmonic Creation Field Trio works in tandem with each individual’s intention. Your energetic input enlivens and directs the energy field, providing additional information so the resulting water is tailored to your personal needs and/or the needs of your family.  The Ring Trio is Ideal when used in conjunction with many of the Earth’s stones which add frequencies that build on the original chord


The two sets of Rings listed contains the traditional Water Rings, the Golden Fire and the Earth Resonance.  We have added the Regeneration to this set to create the Trio.

The Personal Set has a 3-3/4" Golden Fire Water Ring, a 3-1/2" Earth Resonance Ring, and a 3" Regeneration Ring.

The Home Set, as seen in the Dancing With Water video above, contains one each of the 8-1/2" Regeneration Ring, the 7-1/2" Golden Fire, and the 6-1/2" Earth Resonance Rings.

We will be offering a Harmonic Creation Field Pendant, as well as the new Practitioner's Set, soon!!

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Customer Reviews

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Incredible Trio

Simple and easy to use, extremely powerful, my water has completely transformed and I will never drink any other water again. My health has vastly improved beyond words or anything the doctors could do. Every person on the planet NEEDS this !!! Thank you for your love of humanity for making these items for all to have and thrive with. Much love and gratitude to your team !!!

Awesome must have...

in use with 2.5 gal water jug and future orgonite charging plate. so far frozen water is great.

Check out this kombucha scoby!

Under an orgonite plate with a set of harmonic trio rings. Fermentation happens more rapidly over here! You can see the energy spiral in the SCOBY.

May be the best thing I’ve ever done

I put these rings under the storage tank for my water filter and let it sit for a couple of hours. After tasting, I believe it is the highest vibration water I’ve ever have ever had. That sensation has since dissipated some, but l think it’s because my energy has become accustomed to the water, not because the vibrations have dropped. Thanks for the recommendation, Brian. You were right on.

Game Changer

I have many twisted sage products. They are all unique in their own way. Some the energy even calls to me as soon as they are shipped. Each item means something different and special to me. However, this trio has been the most powerful so far. If you want to increase your meditation, this tool is for you. If you have anxiety, it has given me instant relief. Especially during this last month’s eclipse season. Some tools I attune to the energy pretty quickly and don’t feel them again but I feel these rings every time. I wish I would of had these rings years ago. I haven’t tried them with other people yet but they have changed my life.

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