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Dancing With Water-The Book

Dancing With Water-The Book

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A Guide to Naturally Treating, Structuring,
Enhancing, and Revitalizing Your Water

The New Science of Water

Dancing with Water-the book by MJ Pangman and Melanie Evans


 Dancing with Water is a truly amazing book, anchored in science,
and presented as an easy to use manual
for working with water.

One of the best reference books for water out there!!


Plus, we are in the second edition with the Tensor Rings!!!

Our good friend Randy Hatton, with the Gaia Fountain,
is also referenced in the book,

as well as many others who have made an impact on water!

To Learn more about this fantastic book,
as well as to see all the great products MJ and Melanie offer,
please visit DancingWithWater.com!!!

Pictured with the Book, are the Earth Resonance Water Rings, which are not included with the book purchase. 

To learn more about the Water Rings, please visit the Water Rings page!!

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