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Chalice Ring Bangles
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Chalice Ring Bangles

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This pure light, a crystal clear light, a light of crystal clear pure consciousness, has always been. It is present throughout this universe, since the beginning of Time.

Hidden during the times of great duality, it’s purpose is to just Be.
To bring in that energy of great peace and ease.
Pure clear light. A crystal clear pure light, within the heart.

The Chalice Ring Bangles are available in either Copper or Sterling Silver. 
The size Small Bangles have an inside diameter of 2-5/8".
This is the size of the 222 Bracelet Generator, which fits the average female hand/wrist.

The size Large Silver Bangle has an inside diameter of 3".
This is the same size as the Everything Ring, which fits over my larger hands perfectly.
The size Large Copper Bangle has an inside diameter of 3-1/8".
This is the size of the Harmony Generator Bracelet. Again, is large enough to fit over the average-sized male hand.


Chalice Ring Pendants can be found here.

The chalice energy is not for healing, yet those results may occur. With an ache for example, it may transform the ache, because of the transformation of the old reality.

The chalice energy shifts old paradigms, beliefs, and realities.

To work with this energy, for example to do healing with yourself. The mind and the soul know your intentions, so leave your intentions with them as you move into the heart.
We are moving into a space of Being, and not doing, so drop your intentions as you come into the heart.

The Sacred Space of the Heart is where we begin with any energy work. It is the most important step in everything that we do. Sacred Space of the Heart video.

Take that deep breath with the soul, while within the heart. Make this conscious soul connection as simple as you can.

The Quantum Heart Activation video is an easy way to make this connection. Another way to consciously create this human heart and soul heart partnership, is to simply go into the heart, with soul before you (imagining your soul as a light bodied being, or perhaps as an energy orb). Or perhaps you would choose to start with being in the heart and expand. Expand into your true beingness, the soul’s heart. We are simply trying to achieve that mental knowingness of that heart and soul connection; whatever way is the simplest and easiest for you.

Connection within the heart is where this chalice energy is. Allow and imagine that pure light within your heart, and just Be with it. It will not take very long for all to be complete.

Again, there is no doing, it is simply Being with this energy and allowing. Some will have instant relief. Some will not. The chalice energy is not for healing, yet those results may occur. With an ache, it may transform the ache, because of the transformation of the old reality. The chalice energy shifts old paradigms, beliefs, and realities.

This crystal clear, pure energy plays a part in the transcendence of Duality on this planet, and throughout the entire universe. And, of course, it begins right here, with the human being.

One of the first ways we used it on myself, was to take it back to prior to my conception, and then bring it forward throughout my entire life. As it moved forward with me, it interacted with every situation and person I came in contact with.  Utilizing Time, in conjunction with energy work, is a powerful concept.  The Chalice Ring energies certainly assist with this concept.

While we were doing the reading on the Chalice Ring and this crystal clear pure light, I asked if Brenda would try to channel this pure light consciousness. It was like the time she channeled Tok for us, to ask questions. The whole time I had tears, and the field was intense, and Brenda felt like her heart was going to explode.

We received a couple messages in regards to how to share this information. What came through is:

Allow others to feel it as they feel it.
Use words to guide, to a point, then allow.
The interpretation will feel different for each person.
Some will run with it, some will run from it.
Make your words on it be easy. Don’t tie it down.
So, there you have it!  With all of the tools here at Twsitedsage, we have always been told not to limit them, or put them in a box.

I was noting that the only time I have been able to “hold” this Chalice energy, I would feel it on and around my brain. Brenda would feel it in the heart. As I was feeling it around the brain, it began to move. It moved down my neck and into my shoulders. From there I felt it reconstructing my wings.
And then my consciousness left my body, and settled around the back of my head. I became aware of myself separating... my wings grew as a golden being grew right up and out of me.
I was suddenly aware of my human aspect, and of my giant golden being aspect. The being felt solid. It was shiny and strong and radiant. I was simultaneously aware of it, and of my human self at the same time.

There is more to that story, though rather sensational, if you feel to read.  Again, this is simply my personal experience.

The complete story can be found here:

Chalice Rings- the beginning

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Profound Epiphany

Wowzers, what a ride it’s been with the Chalice Frequency. In times of profound presence & surrender I feel a huge ring around me spinning and spinning, clearing space, time dimensions & densities. Though it didn’t always start out like that, It was a bit unsettling at first, when I switched from the Regeneration frequency, in conjunction with the Chaos of the Everything Ring. Those other frequencies felt very comfortable to me, specifically the Everything Ring. It wasn’t until the latest 50 questions Friday when I heard Brian say that he doesn’t particularly enjoy the Everything Ring due to its’ chaotic nature. However It would seem that I was very comfortable & adjusted to Chaos. So much so that when I removed that frequency and focused my awareness on being more present and in the now moment, it felt strange, foreign and uncomfortable. Even though I know it’s my true state of being the Chalice Frequency asks us to surrender and just be. Something I found difficult, as I wanted to do, do, do more and more. However, it has been getting easier to simply be my Devine Manifestation and to surrender fully to encompass my true being bit by bit. I do find that at times I have to reintegrate my Silver Quantum Healer to my Chalice pendant, since I wear four chalice rings at all times. I guess I’ve never been the type to dip a toe, but instead i go for a deep splash. I feel like everyone will experience the Chalice Frequency differently, though I hope this review helps at least one other person out in the world. As always profound thanks to Brian and Brenda & the Whole TwistedSage Team. I wish you all loving Devine presence.

Chalice Ring Bangle

This is another amazing energy tool that give proper results!


These rings are pure magic! When I started wearing it I did alot of releasing, spiritually and physically! These rings clear crystals like nothing I’ve ever worked with and when I feel pain or a blockage and move the ring around the area it helps to clear things. I’m never without mine! Thank you for creating such wonderful tools.


I love the way it brings in a state of peace

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