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Ascension Pyramid Kits

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This is the page where you can find all the parts and pieces
to complete your own Ascension Pyramid, of any size!

To create the Ascension Pyramid, which contains the Field of Neutrality, you will need all five components.

If you already own some of these specific pieces, you are on your way to having one of the most phenomenal tools from Twistedsage Studios!

The Ascension Pyramid Kit includes: 1/2" Copper Poles and connectors to create all three pyramid sizes including the mini Ascension Pyramid and the Sits Pyramid.  Sturdy PVC carry case for poles.

The Sits Pyramid Kit includes: 1/2" Copper Poles and connectors to create both the mini Ascension Pyramid and the Sits Pyramid.  Sturdy PVC carry case for poles.

The mini Ascension Pyramid Kit includes the 1/2" Copper Poles.

All kits come with the Rubber Grommet pre-installed.  The mini and the Sits will both come with the hardware to fast a 3" Gaia onto the top.  The full-sized Ascension Pyramid will come with the 8" Gaia attachment.  If you need a different size than what is included, please leave a note in the order :)

Rubber Mount for Gaia Spheres
The rubber mount includes the base connector for the Pyramid, plus a mounting screw to hold the Gaia Sphere in place.  You will need to choose the mount specific to your size of Gaia Sphere.  While the base connector that sits atop the pyramid is the same for either size, the mounting hardware that holds the Gaia Sphere is specific to the size of Gaia Sphere.

The rubber mount base is included and installed in all pyramid kits, as pictured above.

These are the items required to hold the space of Neutrality within the pyramid structure:

1) Ascension Pyramids.  The top of the Pyramid is held together with a jump-ring, so it is collapsible and portable.  The cable basket under the apex holds the Cosmic Sundisc, while keeping base at the appropriate distance to create the 60 degree angle needed to hold the energetics.  Included is the Rubber pyramid cap, to attach the Gaia Sphere.
The Pyramid itself is made with 1/2" copper tubing, cut to sacred measurementss. 

2) Cosmic Sun Disc, 8-1/2".  This is what helps generate the torridal field, the moving field within and outside of the pyramid.  The Sun Disc is a powerful tool on it's own, and more information can be found on the Sun Disc product page.   If you own the 3" Cosmic Sun Disc, that will still work perfectly with the pyramid, though it will not sit securely on the wire harness, as the 8-1/2" Sun Disc does.  You can still place the 3" Disc anywhere within the structure for it to work.

3) Wings of Tok. Another powerful tool on it's own.  The addition of the Wings of Tok helps create the column of Light, as well as that healing Blue Light.  More information can be found on the Wings of Tok product page.

4) Harmonic Creation Field Trio is the three ring set pictured.  The Trio holds a space for grounding, connecting, and simply allowing more of the individual's Light to come in.  The Pyramid Kit includes this larger Home Set of the Trio, which is the one we personally choose to use on the Pyramid.  It is perfectly acceptable to use the Personal Set, if that is what you already own!  More information on the Trio can be found on the Harmonic Creation Field Trio product page.

The Practitioner's Rings, which come with the full-sized Ascension Pyramid, are not necessary for the larger pyramid.  We use them to add more potency to the Pyramid as you stand within, but just the Harmonic Creation Field Trio, as mentioned above, are still perfect to hold the space required for the Ascension Pyramid.

5) Regeneration Gaia Sphere is the final piece to the entourage.  This 3" sphere sits atop of the pyramid, securely fastened with the rubber mounting hook.  For the full-sized Pyramid, an 8" Gaia Sphere is utilized.  This is merely for aesthetic reasons, and the 3" may be used in it's place.  The Gaia Sphere is removable, so it can be used on it's own as well.  More information on this phenomenal tool can be found on the Regeneration Gaia Sphere product page.

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