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Alchemist Pendant
Alchemist Pendant
Alchemist Pendant
Alchemist Pendant
Alchemist Pendant

Alchemist Pendant

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Distilling the Light and Information of all lifetimes into the Here Now you.

Within the energy of the Chalice Ring, you become that container, the chalice of crystal clear pure consciousness light, transcending duality. 

The Divine I Am Ring holds a space which allows your soul to integrate all lifetimes.  This soul level work extends throughout this entire universe of duality creation.

The Harmonizer Ring acts like a bridge, or a cosmic blender, which integrates all of this Light more into the physical.

As lifetimes are cleared, harmonized, and integrated, you are closer to being simply your soul, and you in this here now moment. 

The Alchemist Pendant contains one of the most transformative fields to date! 

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The Alchemist Pendant includes the following: 
• 1" Divine I Am Ring
• 1-1/2" Chalice Ring
• 2" Harmonizer Ring

The Alchemist Pendant is made up of the Rings found in the Pocket Alchemist Set

*Ring sizes are approximate diameters

The three rings are held together permanently by our custom-made bail. 

The Alchemist Pendant's bail allows you to use up to 1/8" chain or rope.  It is suggested to not use a hard metal chain, such as stainless steel, as it can wear away the silver bail.  Sterling silver or silver are great options!

The Alchemist Pendant is available in either Copper or Sterling Silver

The Copper Alchemist Pendant includes an adjustable leather lanyard.

The Silver Alchemist Pendant you may choose from a leather lanyard, 24" Sterling Chain, or a 30" Sterling Chain.

Personal Observations:

Brian's observations:  The Silver Alchemist Pendant has been most grounding tool for me.  The pendants just seem to bring through whatever is needed most!  

Between the copper and the silver, some of us are just more drawn to the silver recently.  When speaking with Brenda about the silver and the copper Alchemist Pendants, it went back to some people will be drawn to the energies of the copper, and some to the silver.  It's not that one is better than the other, there are simply different qualities that come with the silver or the copper.  No matter which one you resonate with, it's perfect. 

Brian on the Alchemist Rings.  "It is one of the most powerful sets of rings I've worked with.  Just holding them in the palm, and simply allowing the energy to come through, is so potent and transformative.  I can feel so much happening through all bodies.  If you are tuning into the work being done, it can actually be intense at times.  Simply breathe and allow. The work is being done!" "I am drawn to wear them daily."

More uses:

The Alchemist Rings can be used for distance work with another.  Simply be in the heart (with the Trinity Breath), and imagine the person standing within the column of Light created by the Rings. (Imagining the rings and light column are the same size as the person)

When working with others, you are able to hold another's Soul Light within the Divine I Am Ring (simply by intention), and hold space for their soul to do for them that yours did for you. The clearing, the releasing, the harmonizing, and the integrating.  It all happens in an instant.

It is a great Set to work with water!!  And yes, the Alchemist Pendant is an excellent choice for EMF remediation!  You may find that you simply do not take the pendant off, once you put it on!

Place the pendant on the body to do any type of healing work, and be in a state of allowing.  Allowing the soul to do the work is the most transformative and powerful way you can use these tools!

These are the same Rings as our Binary Infusion Pendants, with a Divine I Am Ring upgrade, shifting it more than just the sum of the three energies together. This is a super transformative Pendant!!!

Customer Reviews

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Holly C.
Incredible Energy Lift

I was immediately attracted to this triple masterpiece and have noticed that my energy is easier to keep clear and sustain a more even level. It is also helping with the intensity of the 5 G satellite situation we are all dealing with at present. I am so grateful for this potent pendant !!!

Magic Manifester

Three breaths..get in the Heart Space. Hold the Alchemist Pendant in your hands. Set intention.. visualize positive outcome.. Let go and it is so

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