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Infinite Light Pendant
Infinite Light Pendant
30" Silver Chain Infinity Pendant
24" Silver Chain Infinity Pendant

Infinite Light Pendant

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Infinite Light Pendant

Comes with an adjustable leather lanyard. Outer Ring is approx. 1-1/2". Infinity is welded in place. All silver construction.

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The .999 Silver Regeneration Ring is bringing through a higher vibrating energy than what we have ever felt. 

• A pure form of energy.  A pure Silver-Blue-White Light, with some Golden Fire.

• The Infinite Heart brings in the Golden Fire and that of the Infinity and never-ending energy.

• Connects into your infinite Light, and adds to it, fusing your Infinite Light more into the physical. Such a pure energy that it is holding.

• A reminder of your pure Light, reminding the body.


Like the other tools, the Infinite Light Pendant will work with each person with the needs they have"...most likely will be a wow experience!" -Tok

Tok, and the master blue beings, are here to help bring the Human in more fully.  For us to be more fully within the Human, and to be in this new space forming around us.

To me, this looks like an integration of our Light, more into the physical. 
That we become more of our Light incarnate. 

Working with the mind and the energy field to support the transformation!

Comes with an adjustable leather lanyard. Outer Ring is approx 1 1/2". Infinity is welded in place. All silver construction.

For just the Silver-Blue Light Pendant, please click here

My personal experiences with this pendant...  I has been one week since Brenda mentioned to try the new Infinite Light pendant without some of my daily wears.  I took all the pendants but the new one off, and I shot straight upwards...  everything was crisp and clear.  I was bright, aware, and connected!  I have not been able to put the copper back on all week, though feel that will soon shift :)
I use the pendant as a tool to run that white/silver blue light into physical issues, emotional energetic situations, as well as I don't even take the pendant off while sleeping... 
I feel that it shifted my daughter physically with her wearing it for even just a few hours.  She slept most of a day after wearing it the night before.

Anyways... I am super impressed!  We feel the Infinite Light Pendant to be one of the most profound tools currently available at Twistedsage Studios!!

Place the Infinite Light on top of a Wings of Tok, and hold on for a zap!!

Thank you for considering this tool!!  It is certainly a portal to another Universe, and feel it will help shift us more quickly into that new space, hopefully with a bit of grace!!  - With love and gratitude, Brian B and the Twistedsage Studios team!

Was there a change in Silver?  What is the difference with silver and copper?

A few years ago we were making Sacred Cubit Tensor Field Generators, as well as Tensor Coils, with silver.  They wouldn't hold the Tensor Field very well, being in silver.  They appeared to me as a fuzzy field, not solid like with copper.  Brenda got that "it was pleasing to the eye."  A few years later we tried again with the silver, this time working with the higher consciousness of silver, asking it's physical aspect to hold the energetics of the Tensor Tools.  and so it was.

We have been making the Silver Golden Fire Rings for coming onto two years.  They are phenomenal, but have not been any more amazing than their copper counter-parts. 

When our shop foreman Lucas (Brenda's son, my nephew) and I felt the first Silver Regeneration Ring, we were both blown away by it's energy!  So flipping Amazing!! 

It's not that the silver shifted, in general, but it certainly does work exceptionally well with the Regeneration Rings!!  And yes, let's totally make them of gold next.  In Brenda and I's talk with Tok, he mentioned "wait until you feel it with gold"...  Philanthropists need only apply to obtain a return!

Soul Light / Body Bridge Building
Silver-Blue Light

Customer Reviews

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Mathias B.

I’ve had my silver infinite light pendant for more than a year and have always loved the healing and connection I feel when wearing it. With the newer rings coming forth Into my life I haven’t worn it as much recently, until today. I’ve felt drawn to reconnect with this pendant, and I must say it’s more powerful than ever before! The amount of love and balance I feel l within my self is truly beautiful, I’m wearing the pendant with the new Wisdom wand and they seem to work so well with each other. I recommend this pendant to anyone who would like to feel more love in life and have a bit more assistance with your path.

Janet K.
I love my Silver Infinite Light Pendant

I wear it almost all of the time. I did realize I should take it off when I get in the pool. I didn’t experience a strong energy but I couldn’t take it off. By now I realize that I am happier than I have been in years. I lost several cousins and a nephew this year and I think my pendant has helped me deal with the grief.
I feel like a barrier has been removed and I can more freely relate to others without judgement or intimidation. Kind of like my heart has been set free.
Thank you Twisted Sage. “I’ll be back”

Jenn G.

This piece is lovely, tender, & peaceful. I love wearing it which is unusual because I don’t like things around my neck. I also purchased the Infinity Bracelet to go with the necklace. I get lots of compliments with the pieces. They go nicely with my hoodies & sweaters. I have the 30” Silver Chain with the pendant.
As I was out Christmas shopping the other day, I felt the pendant helped me move through the chaos gracefully & I was helped immediately by very kind people. I also notice it helps me with my asthma. When I feel my airways tighten, I practice relaxing & releasing. It seems to work better than my Albuterol Sulfate inhaler.
I am new to these energy tools & enjoying the process. I am learning a lot!
Thank you Brian & Twistedsage for making beautiful pieces of art. Many Blessings, Jenn

Infinite Light is my fave

So, so love this pendant as all from Twisted Sage. 👏 But just like dear Brian shared in the video, one really doesn't want to take it off. Ever, lol. It enhances loving- kindness I Am meditation, assists the body's energy field beautifully, is a real beaut, too, have recommended to many. Many thanks for this amazing tool/beautiful jewelry helping to usher in a totally new paradigm transforming Mother Gaia one light beam at a time, yet inseparably so--One! ⭐️💙⭐️

This Beautiful Pendant Really Does Work Automatically!!

I love this pendant! I have only had it 3 days but found that I wanted to sleep more even a nap as it was helping me to recover from a long term sleep deficit. I am getting 7 to 8 hours mostly which was unheard of before this. The other thing is I had the Gateway pendant plus the infinity heart all in copper of which my body would give physical symptoms which would clue me in that I had to deal with a negative emotion from my subconscious. I would do that and then declare the body symptom gone and it would go away. But I have had the Gateway for one year and should have moved on after 3 or 4 months to this infinity light pendant. I received all I could from the Gateway after 3 or 4 months. So IMMEDIATELY after getting this pendant, when I test myself, I have gotten NO negative emotions within my mind which is a miracle as they would come daily and many times a day some days! So also I don't have the body symptoms to tell me I have an issue. Can you imagine getting itchy skin, that fever feeling on skin, a rash, cold feet plus so much more. So ALL of that is NOW GONE as it is doing it's work automatically! This little pendant is such an amazing piece, I only remove it for my shower. Thank you Brian for something above and beyond! My friend is also ordering one as it is calling to him. And just to thing for so many months this pendant was calling to me but I didn't realize at the time that my Gateway pendant was providing all it could and I was ready for something on a higher frequency which will take me further. I am a pretty even tempored guy but I now feel different in a good way, more at ease still and mellowed out maybe even more.