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Golden Fire Infinite Heart

Protects the human energy body, 10-12 feet out, from EMF's of every variety including fluorescent and LED light spectrums.  Also clears dense energies, dense consciousness, and energetic attachments.  

Brings the person more into the heart space, resulting in a more calm and relaxed space.  Those within the person's field are also brought into that heart space.  Perfect for children of all ages and levels of sensitivities. 

This medium-sized infinity is right between the small and the large Infinite Heart, in size.  With clasp, is approximately 2-1/4 inches long, and has a nice weight.  

The sturdy, high-quality, metal clasp is plated a gold color, with a swivel base, and is permanently attached.  Perfect for zippers.  Can also be carried in the pocket or wore as a bangle attachment.  As long as it is close to a person, and within their energy field, it is doing the work.

This Golden Fire medium-sized Infinite Heart is only available as a Zipper Pull. 

Customer Reviews

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I gave this to my daughter-in-law to put in her car. She works in the medical field, so she cannot put on her person. She likes it, although doesn't seem to sense anything. I was in the vehicle with her recently and I could sense the energy it omits...very positive and the energy seemed to extended beyond the vehicle. Plan on getting me one.

Very heart warming and allows me to remember who I am.

I love the Zipper pull because I can clip it on to anything I'm wearing that day with great loving connection to others and it dispenses my anger at times too.


I have several Infinite Hearts & this Zipper Pull is the bomb! Easily attaches to my bra strap, purse handle or just about anything. E Z Breezy. Probably be back for more.

Zipper pull

Love the energy felt from the zipper pull. I hook it on my purse to help those around me wherever I am. These make amazing gifts. Thank you twistedsage crew.

Bought this for EMF

Bought the zipper pull for EMF protection and something I don't have to wear just clip on my coat or jacket.

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