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Wings of Tok Pendant
Wings of Tok Pendant

Wings of Tok Pendant

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Shifting Creation through Divine Wisdom

A profound connection to all that you are, as a Soul, is created with this new tool.  But is your choice to fully access it, or not.  If you do not consciously access it, things still occur.  Healing, clearing, connecting with your higher self.  All is automatic.
But if you choose, there is an entire new world waiting for you to access.  It is a world of magic and miracles, all aligned with you, in the highest and best!

The Pendant contains the energetics of the Wisdom Rings.  The field of the Wisdom Ring ignites, grounds, and expands you in the flow of the Divine You, standing strong and vibrant, as all that no longer serves falls away with ease, allowing one to fully step into their magnificence as an embodied Light Being.

It is a tool to help complete the release work.  More release, more peace.  Peace beyond here.  Releasing old ways of being and bringing forward the NEW.

The 1-1/2" diameter Ring is crafted from solid copper, in a medium-weight 10 gauge wire.  The starburst design is made from two different lengths of steel rod.  The entire unit is electroplated with copper.  Through years of wear, the copper plating may show signs of scuffing, which does not affect the energetics.  You are welcomed to send your Pendant back anytime to be plated, you simply pay postage!

The Pendant works well to restructure EMFs. It can also be carried in the pocket, or placed on the body where needed.

Environmental Use

Just like the full sized version, On The Wings of Tok, the Wings of Tok Pendant expands out into your immediate environment, covering about the size of a home.  Again, this field restructures EMFs, as well as clears and harmonizes other discordant (seen as nonbeneficial) energies.

All within in the field will receive the benefits, and can actively work with its energies, or not.  It will never adversely affect anyone or anything, as it is always the soul that is in charge!

When you walk into the world, everyone and everything is affected by this field.

How To

As with all Twistedsage tools, you need not necessarily "work" with the energies of the tool, rather you can simply put it on and wear it, allowing it to hold space for energy transformations to take place (such as EMF mitigation, or simply holding a higher vibrational space around you).  

Yet using your intention and attention with the Pendant will allow it to do so much more for you!  An example is a reoccurring pattern (such as a reaction to a situation) which can be released so you no longer have to experience that reaction/situation. 

Restructure energy patterns with attention.

It all begins with acknowledging a situation.

The example we will use here is reacting to being triggered.

With the energy of this Pendant, you can change your way of being in that trigger.  Simply give your attention to the emotion and the Pendant at the same time, and just be.  It is that simple.

In that moment of the trigger, with your attention on the emotion that is coming up, you are releasing old patterns that are not in the highest and best through allowing it to be in its highest and best beingness or state.

There is a suction in the energy field and body as it goes into the core of you.  Energies leave, for some it is like a tornado.  Then peace.  Not the peace you normally think of.  It is light and bright.  More of a connection of the soul and the light body.

Try it for any physical, mental, emotional, or life situation.  It is simply acknowledging and allowing.  Allow your Divine Awareness to do the work, as you simply step aside and allow. 

Releasing the old brings in a whole new energy beyond imagining.  It is all done through You, your higher consciousness, and is not influenced by your thoughts or emotions!

Learn More

The Wings of Tok Pendant is the exact same energetics and potency as the larger version, the On the Wings of Tok.  The full sized version makes a great tool to work with on the body, or with others.  As with all the Tensor Tools, you may feel the energetics more (physically) with a larger and heavier gauge, but the fields they carry are very much the same.

This space is beyond time, beyond dimensions.  It is a space where you find the Universal You, that higher aspect of you as Source, Soul, Creator.

You also find Tok, a master healer of the blues.  These blue, wing-ed, plasma-like beings have always been here, they are just now ready to step forward.  Forward in this space in which is created here, to work with all of those who's Souls choose. 

Each person will have a different experience.  Each will see it a little differently.

The Wings of Tok Pendant releases spirits and energies that don't belong and also releases your own personal dramas and traumas.

This tool does not carry a specific frequency, as our past tools have.  It is more of a gateway or a portal. 

Sitting and being in the moment brings a stronger soul connection, to bring in the next level, whatever that level is for you.

It's in the allowing. A lightness and a brightness. A peace.

Customer Reviews

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Deep Layered Multi Dimensional Transformation and Healing

My entire reality has felt and seen a major shift sense the energy of the wisdom ring came through on October 30th. Everything that no longer is in my highest path has slowly started to fall away. Choosing to go with and flow with the movement of this energy knowing that it will bring me into more of what I came here to be has made the process of this transition much smother, which is really beautiful. I felt drawn to purchasing the Wings Of Tok pendant, so far I have felt the clearing and healing of many life times and timelines, a restructuring to the core, as fears and programs have come up to be recognized. I have also felt the need to come back to my own divine awareness and release the need for external validation. As well i have felt and seen change within my environment, specifically my family and my pets. I didn’t fully understand the energy of Tok before this but on the first day of using the pendant I saw the being Tok within my field. He is definitely a master being to say the least. I feel that the energy’s are helping me to come back to the awareness of the ever present awareness of god. This energy definitely allows and holds space of the highest of creation, all you have to do is let go and flow with it and transform!

Thank you so much Brain, Brenda and the Twisted Sage team for the amazing work here on Earth and beyond. So much love and appreciation. - Mathias

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