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Transcending the Matrix- Live Workshop Recording
Transcending the Matrix- Live Workshop Recording

Transcending the Matrix- Live Workshop Recording

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Transcending the Matrix: Live Workshop Recording

Nearly 4-1/2 hours of video content from a live event held on August 31st, 2021.

Part one:
Infinite Heart Technique
Concept of Duality
Tensor Tools
Sacred Heart Activation
Sacred Space of the Heart

Part two:
MerKaBa Activation
Pendulum Attunements
Entity Attachments
Earth Grids
Clearing the Church Grids and State Capitol Grids
Golden Light Rod
Global Love and Gratitude Grid

Part three:
Tensor Tools and GMOs
Ascension Grid and Pyramids
Quantum Mind
Universal Peace
Field of All Knowing
Chalice Attunement
Releasing Programs
Bring in the Soul's Light
Clearing Family Lineage

Part four:
Light Anchoring

You will receive with purchase:  A pdf download which shares the links to each video.  You will have unlimited access, for an unlimited time!

And, of course, we ask that the pdf and video links are not shared publicly :)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Camille E.
Great Workshop!!!

I find this to be one of the very best workshops ever! I've found when bringing other people's energy into the space, there's a profound healing & awakening that takes place.

Ana S.
I’ve enjoyed it

It was interesting and allowed me to understand some topics and connect some dots. I would like to see it time stamped with the agenda: there is a lot of talk that makes sense in this kind of workshop, however, when we want to revisit we don’t need to go again through all the information. I want to review it but have been holding back because of this: not easy to find the subjects and is long. Anyway, I felt it did good for me, hence the 5 stars. Is also well priced. Thank you

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