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Silver Series Golden Fire Generator

Silver Series Golden Fire Generator

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Silver Series Golden Fire Generator

Affecting people and Beings through the field of the Sacred Heart and the Quantum Mind

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Silver Series Golden Fire Generator

Affecting people and Beings through the field of the Sacred Heart and the Quantum Mind

The winds of change.... can you feel it!!?!!

Everyone within this field will be affected in some way.

This piece can be carried into a stadium, for example, to effect great change. As the field radiates out, it is that of the Sacred Heart and Quantum Mind. People and Beings may not catch that, but they will feel the Peace on some level. And that is where the seed is planted, is within that Peace. In some level, they feel the Peace. That energy is then with them. It starts a chain of events, of synchronicity. That's where the power lies. When the seed is planted, and one goes back into life again, synchronicity will bring them back into that Peace, somehow.

Yet there are also great transformations that take place with the Golden Fire Tools.  They are very powerful in helping to clear what no longer serves us.  As you wear these tools on your person, watch for old programs, beliefs, and emotions to come up.  As they do, simply see them and release.  If you try to stuff it back or ignore it, the same scenario will come back up even stronger, until you recognize it and release it.  It can be a very simple process, just a breath and an intention to release it is all it takes.

Simply being exposed to that field of the Sacred Heart and Quantum Mind completely changes everything in people’s lives.

People (and other Beings within that field) recognize the feeling of that field on some level. Maybe consciously, or not.

Their Soul begins to work towards that recognition and move towards that.

Deep within us we each know our path and what we want to do... Our Soul's Heart's Desires.

These tiny little Generators have a field that is nearly 2 miles in diameter.  At one mile, the field has begun to fade, but is still strong at 3/4 of a mile out.

No need to program or do anything.
These particular Generators are actually non-programmable.

Because the Sacred Heart is so pure, anything you would try to put in them would take away from what they are.

More about the Golden Fire tools and the Sacred Heart Activation can be found here.

Once you are exposed to the Sacred Heart, your Soul will do what it can to get you there again.

When you wear the Golden Fire tools, the energy field they produce acts as a reminder.
The tools remind you of the Activation.
Reminds the inner Being that you have the Sacred Heart, so you can continue to use it.

So many Activations you may receive, but do you use them?

This is an important tool to use, your Sacred Heart…

The Silver Series Golden Fire Generator is approximately one inch in diameter.  It can be wore as a necklace, and on any material.  Can also be added to the Silver Series Golden Fire Coil to make a powerful, beautiful, combo!!

Made of pure .999 Silver.

Customer Reviews

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My mom loves it! And I do too!

Ok, so I bought this bundle of energy for my mom to go on a trip. And when she got back I started to wear it, I love how it feels on me...there is a definite shift in energy EVERY time I put it on without fail. I dont notice much when I take it off but when I put it around my neck...just love the feeling. Thank you! <3


I love it,my daughter bought it for me. I am 72 years old, and currently living in very busy place (New York City) and my husband is a lawyer who is always stressed out and would come home full of negative emotions which affects me. Ever since I wore this silver pendant, it made me feel happier and more calm. I rarely believe in things like this, but wearing this made me realize how powerful and how happy it made me. Wearing this makes me feel happier, which affects the people around me, which causes them to be happy too. Many thanks to the person who created this pendant!❤️


This piece shines like no other. Very beautiful and is heavier than it looks, in a good way. Still need more time with it to note noticeable changes although I love sleeping with tensor tools as they make the quality of sleep much better. More dreams which are also more vivid and you really get the most out of the hours you rest.

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