Silver Heka Clasp
Silver Heka Clasp Regeneration
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Silver Heka Clasp

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Sterling Silver Heka Clasp

Egyptian literature cites Heka as the personification of magic and medicine; existing before duality began. Others say Heka translates to Activating the Soul. Two sizes available.

Sterling Silver Heka Clasp

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The Golden Fire fits a wrist size of 5" - 8".

The Regeneration Heka Clasp fits wrist sizes of 6" on up.

With smaller than 6" wrists, the Clasp ends will touch.

The Heka Clasps in Silver are Sterling Silver.  Fine Silver is too malleable to use for these Clasps, where Sterling Silver is a harder metal.  Sterling Silver gets a slight tarnish over time, but simply adds to the beauty of the finish.

Of course, the Regeneration Heka Clasp is more potent in the Silver option than in the Copper option, where the Golden Fire is the same in either metal.

The Copper and the Silver can be wore together, and make a beautiful and elegant combination when wore together.

This style of closed-loop ring is just as potent and powerful as wearing a full-sized ring of the same frequency around the wrist.  Having either of the frequencies on your wrist will shift the frequency and vibration of your wrists, hands, fingers, as well as your entire body, bodies, and energy fields beyond those. 

I see the Golden Fire as bringing through all the healing, clearing, activating, and connecting.  While I feel the Regeneration takes us even higher, to where none of that is even a reality.  I prefer the Regeneration over the Golden Fire, as that is simply my point on my path.  Please do feel into each one, as the energetics does come through the photo. 

Customer Reviews

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Silver Heka Clasp, Love Love Love them!

Thank you so much Brian for offering these beautiful bracelets. I bought a Golden Fire and Regeneration Silver Heka Clasp and wear them everyday. I feel more protected and they look beautiful. Thank you!

Love the Energy.

I wear the Silver Regeneration heka clasp and the Golden fire Silver heka clasp together. I feel calm, peaceful and light in spirit when I wear them. I only take it off to shower. It looks and feels good. I love the open clasp as I can put it on, and take it off with ease. Thank you for this lovely product and great service. Appreciate the webinars.

I love it ..

Best purchase of the year


HEKA SOUL Memories ALCHEMiZE ANY & ALL DAiLY CHALLENGES that aRiSE!!! i Bless EVERY bottle of H2O that eye deliver by hand & man I gotta express my gratitude for this AMAZiNG CREATiON ♾🤍🕸🤍♾ THANK YOU !!! thank you !!! Thank You !!! Everyone @ Twisted Sage Studios i LOVE you <3

Beautifully Made

This bracelet is beautiful & well made I have not taken it off since I’ve received it. Fits my wrist perfectly, energetically I ❤️ it. Thank you Twisted Sage !

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