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The Silver Torus Pendant is a powerful piece. It carries the energetics of the Infinite Light Pendant, but moves the energy in a different way. It is a very heart-connective pendant.

The Silver Regeneration Ring connects to a space outside of our Universe's duality, and acts as portal for this blue Light to come through.

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When I see just the Ring, or the Ring with an Infinity, I see this blue Light beam coming through.  It is a beautiful, crisp, clean, quantum blue Light.

When I see the the Torus Pendant, I see the blue Light filtering out into a pattern, the sacred geometry pattern of the Torus. 

Like the Cosmic Sun Disc or the Golden Fire Torus, the Torus Pendant creates a flow of energy that is unique to the Tensor tools.  The Torridal field is what helps make all the the Tensor Torus tools some of the most powerful tools we have, due to it's innate natural patterning of the physical electromagnetic world we live in.

Outer ring is the 1-1/2" silver Regeneration Ring.  One side of the pendant has a Golden Fire Seed of Life.  The other side is a slightly smaller Regeneration Seed of Life.  These two seeds together create the Torus. 

The torus is simply a name give to the way energy moves, in a torridal field, or donut shaped field that is the basis for all physical reality.  All energy constructs move in a torrid fashion, from molecules to the way galaxies are formed, and all physical constructs between.  The human heart is even a large electromagnetic torridal field, about 6 feet across.

***Limited runs available***

We are currently averaging about one week wait time for pendants. 

As these are harder tools to create, we simply keep them stocked, as we can!  Our shop foreman, Lucas, makes everyone of these pendants. It is a delicately tedious operation! 

For years, we have been trying to create this pendant, in a way we were satisfied with.  We were unsure if this was going to be the version of the Torus pendant we were going to use.  With this silver version, we tried Regeneration seeds on both sides, Golden Fire seeds on both sides, but neither were quite right. 

The current Torus Pendant sat in waiting for some time, before we were able to even utilize it's higher fields.  They were almost inaccessible to us.  Just this early spring of 2020, when a huge shift came into all of the Tensor tools created at Twistedsage Studios, we saw that the Torus Pendant was complete the way it was. 

During a few months this last winter of 2019-2020, Brian was unable to wear any of the Tensor Tools, until this shift came along, bringing in the higher fields of Neutrality, quantum Harmony, and Universal Peace into all of the tools.  Once these higher fields were anchored into all of the tools ever created at Twistedsage Studios, it changed Brian's, and others', relationships to the tools.

So, this is the Torus Pendant we will continue to make for some time.  Again, we have been working to create this one for years, and as all tools, we may make changes to this one at some point, but it is most definitely Brian's favorite pendant, and we plan to continue making this one for some time.

Solid .999 silver outer ring, and Sterling Silver petals. Adjustable leather lanyard included.

Customer Reviews

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Shawn J.
Torus pendant

Absolutely love this pendant, I wear it everywhere I go and I really think it’s helped with the massive energy bursts the wrath has been going through. I find myself in a state of perpetual happiness to the point where people are commenting on it…this dosent fix your problems I’ve been meditating daily for the past three months I’m just saying I can personally feel a difference and it’s so beautiful.

Dale F.
Silver Torus Pendant

Beautiful craftsmanship! I absolutely love this pendant!


I second all the other reviewers wrote, this gorgeous piece forces my lower chakras to be as open as the upper ones, has a crisp, blue, luminous light energy, is just beyond beautiful and the only TS piece I am also able to sleep with. I had worked with it last year, then focused intensely on the I AM energy of the Binary Infusion pendant, and lately took the lovely Torus pendant out again when dealing with a nasty chest infection. As other reviewers have remarked, it seems to clear up the lungs, am able to cough stuff up ( yikes, sorry) easier, which is just one added benefit of this luminous jewelry for life. It amplifies energy healings and I could go on and on, thanks again, dear lovely TS team, for all you do! Light and Love always!

Torus Pendant. Max from Russia

I also want to share my observations in the early days. On the second day of wearing the pendant, my back ribs and spine ached. The lower back hurt too. Pain as from a severe bruise. It was very difficult to turn around. But I decided not to take off the pendant and endure it. The next morning there was no sign of pain. Everything is gone. And it became easy. Here is such a story😊
The tools are just great! The master has golden hands! I want to thank the master and all your team for quality tools! As for energy, I can't say anything yet. I will observe the changes and try practices🙏

Patsy W.
Beautiful and Calming pendant

I have yet to be able to "feel" energy but I am drawn to to this pendant and I love it
I also ordered the WiFi 1 inch ring and it wanted to be on my middle finger--I don't know why but it feels right.