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School Kit

School Kit

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These are powerful clearing tools, that hold an amazing space of protection and comfort
for all that are within their field.

Each of these tools transform EMF's of every variety including fluorescent and LED light spectrums. 
Their fields also clears dense energies, dense consciousness, and energetic attachments.  


Golden Fire Zipper Pull

2" Generator for Backpack

Cell Phone Tab

Brings the person more into the heart space, resulting in a more calm and relaxed space.
Those within the tool's field are also brought into that heart space.

Perfect for children of all ages and levels of sensitivities. 

Golden Fire Zipper Pull

Protects the human energy body, 10-12 feet out.  This medium-sized infinity is right between the small and the large Infinite Heart, in size.  With clasp, is approximately 2-1/4 inches long, and has a nice weight.  Brings the person more into the heart space, and affects those around them.  Those within the person's field are also brought into that heart space.

The super-sturdy, high-quality, metal clasp is plated a gold-color, with a swivel-base, and is permanently attached.  Perfect for zippers or belt loops.  Can also be carried in the pocket or wore as a bangle attachment.  As long as it is close to a person, and within their energy field, it is doing the work.

This Golden Fire medium-sized Infinite Heart is only available as a Zipper Pull

2" Golden Fire Generator

Creates a field nearly 2 miles in diameter.

This is the one I put my daughter's backpack and send her to school with.  She is so sensitive to other's energetic attachments, as well as other kids and teachers, in general.  Not to mention the frequencies from the lights and all other levels and layers of non-beneficial energies that can be found in public schools.

The 2" sphere is sturdy, and even if it gets slightly bent out of shape, will still function perfectly.  The 2" Golden Fire Generator is most important of the three tools to have in the school, and affects the entire school!

Cell Pone Tab

The self-adhering cell phone tab is found to be highly effective
in remediating harmful radiation from your phone
and other electronic devices. 

Instead of blocking harmful EMF’s and Radiation,
our tools are transforming the energy
into something healthful and beneficial!!

The 1” Golden Fire Cell Phone Tabs have a super-sticky rubberized backing which stays readily onto any surface.
Apply to your Cell Phone or Cell Phone Case, Tablet, or other electronic devices.  If you ever need to change your phone or phone case, we are happy to send you a new sticker-back for your Cell Phone Tab, for free!

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The school kit is a great value for lots of needs

I love this kit! It's great for students' needs. It is also such a great value for so many uses...travel, the glove compartment of the car, giving as gifts to those who ask about the cell phone tab (I like to keep extra on hand). The zipper pull is genius, what a great form factor for kids and teens, also for business bags and purses. Thank you TwistedSage for creating energetically beautiful, effective, beneficial works of art that are immensely practical too!

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