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Regenerative Heart Pendant

Regenerative Heart Pendant

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Get your Regenerative Heart Pendant while they last!
As we are creating more and more new tools, we have to make space by letting go of other tools.  Some of these have been super powerful pieces, such as the various Golden Fire Rings, or even the newer Chalice Bangles.  All tools listed here are still current and potent tools, we simply need to clear some space :)

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The Regenerative Heart Pendant features the 1-1/2" Regeneration Ring with a Golden Fire Infinite Heart. Adjustable leather lanyard included.

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This pendant brings through all that the Regeneration Rings do, as well as that of the Golden Fire.  It is high heart / soul connecting pendant, and does all the personal and spiritual clearing as well as mitigates EMFs, dense consciousness, ghosts, etc...  Again, all that the Golden Fire and Regeneration Rings do.

EMF clearing, including 5G and wifi (only for the person wearing the pendant) Balances all energy bodies, including the Mental and Emotional.

Although this is the same configuration as the silver Infinite Light Pendant, except in copper, it is not as bright and clear and clean as the silver version.  The Regeneration Ring in Silver resonates with a much higher field than it's copper counterpart does, while the Golden Fire Ring or Infinity made in silver or copper rings are energetically the same.

With that said, the Regenerative Heart Pendant is still a very phenomenal and transformative piece!!!  It is like the Gateway Pendant for the clearing and connecting work.

The Regenerative Heart Pendant has become the most widely recommended Pendant by Brian.  While the Golden Fire Coil Pendant holds a nice comfortable space, all of the other pendants work to pull you out of that space where the energies even affected you.  Another reason it is the most widely recommended Pendant is due to the fact that this copper version is much more affordable than the silver version, the Infinite Light Pendant. 

As always, please do look at the photos of the tools, to help determine what you are drawn to most, vs the names or descriptions!  The energetics truly do come through the photos, and the tools we create here at the Studio offer a very intuitive space of knowing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Donna S.
it's a nice pendant

I enjoy wearing this pendant, as I was hoping for protection from the outside elements.... otherwise, not feeling the energy from it as I thought I would.

Karen H.
Energy Protection

I am amazed at how powerful this is. I have to carry in my pocket with my stones. Did wear it close to my heart charka and WOW! Very powerful and can definitely tell a difference in my aura. Working with this slowly. I am glad I found your group, would love to come for a visit in the near future.

Shekhinah D.
Wonderful Alchemical Bliss

Brian this is the best experience I have had in feeling alchemy in form. Thank you, I did receive a download and have a message for you. I am hopeful when you come to meet my friends who introduced us to your tools I can give you that message. If that doesn't work out then we willeet when we are supposed to, in Divine right timing.
Thank you for tuning in and offerings your uniqueness to all. These frequencies are not only felt in the human sense. My deepest gratitude.
Shekhinah Dawn

Awesome pendant!

This pendant started it all, now I have TS tensor tools everywhere and share with others. Very gentle grounding healing effect wear 24/7 especially helpful during these stressful times. Definitely recommend if your trying to decide which pendant to start with if you are new to the tools.

J E.
Its my favourite thing!

Can’t quite put my finger on it but loved it from the moment I put it on. I rested it on my relentless aching hip once and the pain went away. I was amazed and had only rested it there out of desperation. Thank you for this beautiful gift.

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