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Prototype Products Page
Prototype Products Page
Prototype Products Page
Prototype Products Page
Prototype Products Page
Prototype Products Page
Prototype Products Page
Prototype Products Page
Prototype Products Page
Prototype Products Page
Prototype Products Page
Prototype Products Page

Prototype Products Page

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Welcome to the Prototype Page!! 
While this page was promised to only to those who subscribed to the Prototype Subscription Service, we are discontinuing that service, and are opening the page up until all prototypes are gone!
Here we feature higher end and one-of-a-kind prototypes, as well more affordable pieces we are trying out in the Studio.
There are some beautiful pieces here.  Most all carry the Divine I Am energetics, unless otherwise noted.  We only post those that we feel are worthy to be sent out as prototypes.
Again, the products here are for the consumer's input to see if the tools should be produced and sold. 
Any and all feedback is very helpful!!

Currently in stock:

Heavy Duty Gaia Sphere- Made from a heavier Triangular-shaped wire, this weighty sphere is gorgeous!  The 5-1/2" Sphere feels good in the hands, as it is a heavier weight.  Made in the Divine I Am energetics.

4" Gaia Sphere- A lighter gauge triangular-shaped wire is used to create this beautiful sphere.  The Divine I Am energetics is used in this one as well.

Triangle-Wire Bangles- Small have an inside diameter of just under 2-3/4" (7cm).  The Large Bangles have an inside diameter of 3", or 7.75cm. Divine I Am energetics.

4" Divine I Am Generator - Triangle shaped wire in a medium gauge, make this a beautiful piece!  Just as powerful and same properties as the Divine I Am Generators we know and love!

 3-3/4" Heavy Duty Generator - This heavy duty Divine I Am Generator was too much to make any rounder.  As you see in the photo, it is a bit oblong, due to the heavier wire size. It is made in the triangular shaped wire. 

 5-1/2" Gaia Sphere- The Triangle-Wire in a lighter gauage make this a beautiful and dainty looking Divine I Am Gaia Sphere.  Very beautiful piece of work. 

Clasp- the clasps are an open ended, light gauge, Divine I Am Clasp.  They are in the triangular wire, light weight and comfortable.  As far as sizing, they are the same size as the smaller Golden Fire Heka Clasp.  They fit my wrist comfortably and well.  The only drawback is they do not hold up as well as the heavier Heka Clasps.  If you are wearing then for manual labor, they may not adhere as well as the Heka Clasps do.  If you are wearing them for a night out or around the house, they are wonderful and feel great!  Comfortable and beautiful!!!

Out of stock items:

Elementals Coaster-  4-1/2" Divine I Am Ring contains the Earth Elemental symbols, the same as found in the Elementals Pendants.  In the center is a 55.5 Metatron's Ring with a small quartz crystal in the center to signify Gaia.  The base is powdered Shungite, all encased in EcoPoxy, a plant-based resin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
4" Gaia Prototype

This 4inch Gaia is FABULOUS .I held it up to my heart upon removing from plastic and it felt like Shields melted away from heart area ,like frozen butter melting just flowing away steady and easy ,like pouring hot water over an ice cube
Really exquisite energetics and love the triangle shape of the copper.
Here is a short video of how I was guided to place it .
Inside is the shamans wand as well and small generator on the copper wand .
Thank you for this piece and please continue creating and sharing your journey of awakening thru your Creative essential expression
WONDROUS this is.

Ellen W.
Love, love, love the new energies!!!

Since discovering you in January, I have purchased several magnificent tools to support me in my ascension process. My most recent purchase included a couple of new energy rings. The vibrancy in the new energy rings I found on the Prototype Products page is exquisite!! I wear one of my rings as a long necklace and it significantly boosts my ability to remain elevated when interacting with the 3D world! I find it such a powerful tool that I am going to get the rest of my 5 limit quota of rings to give as gifts!!! All of my tools are so magical and I have so much gratitude to have been led to you...Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!

Christopher K.
Give this Piece a Chance

I purchased 3 of the new energy finger rings and the energy is stronger and than any of the previous wonderful Twistedsage items. I added one of the new energy flat rings to my older Gateway tab on the house electrical grid. The other flat ring a put on my middle finger and it gave me the bird. The energy bird that is, as I felt like I was soaring on a wave of peace. This new energy truly brings forth a peaceful meditative feeling. This energy would be good for anyone, but if you suffer from anxiety than give this piece a chance.
OM Peace, OM Joy, Om Bliss

New Energy Sample (two finger rings)

Amazing energy! I held the two rings, one on each hand and the energy was truly strong. I "saw" a globe of Light around my body, and a Light Energy circle which included me as part of the circle. These rings with the new energy are must have!
I love the energy!!!

I love it!

I received my first 3 1/2 " Alchemist Halo and have been wearing it as a bracelet. I ordered my second one and use it as a generator. A lot of clearing going on :)