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Practitioner's Tensor Rings
Practitioner's Tensor Rings
Practitioners Ring Regeneration 26
Practitioners Ring Golden Fire 29
Practitioners Ring Harmony 27
Practitioner's Tensor Rings
Practitioner's Tensor Rings
Practitioner's Tensor Rings
Practitioner's Tensor Rings

Practitioner's Tensor Rings

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The Harmonic Creation Field Trio is our heaviest set of Tensor Rings.

• 26" Regeneration Ring
• 27" Harmony Ring
• 29" Golden Fire Ring

While each of the three Tensor Rings carries its own unique energetic, and can be used as single Rings, the three together bring through something greater than their sum.

This heavy gauged set of Rings are felt tangibly on the physical for most people.  The Trio is featured in the video below, and goes more in-depth on their properties and uses.

The Alchemist Practitioner Set is a light gauge set of Tensor Rings.
• 26" Divine I Am Ring
• 27" Chalice Ring
• 29" Harmonizer Ring

The Alchemist Rings are an energetically updated set of Rings.  Again, each individual Ring is powerful on their own, but when together they create an even higher field.  One that is transformative and magnetic to consciousness.

The Alchemist Practitioner's Rings are beyond Transformational, and together carry energetics of the Wisdom Ring, which steps us into the beginning stages of Mastery.

26" Wisdom Practitioner's Ring

The 26" Wisdom Practitioner's Tensor Ring carries the energetics of both the Alchemist Set and the Harmonic Creation Field Trio!

The medium-gauged Wisdom Practitioner's Ring is a great addition to either sets, or as a stand alone Ring.
• 26" Wisdom Tensor Ring

*Ring sizes are all approximate diameter in inches

And don't miss our newest Set of Practitioner's Rings,
the Alchemist Halo!!!

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Our largest Rings to work with any modality. Can be used both actively and passively.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Saeed A.S.

So grateful for this amazingly powerful beautiful tool. We received it in divine timing, while making our first home made ormus and we put it to use 🙏💖💖💖 right away! We are using it daily in meditation, around the bed at night and for recalibrating and revigorating . It is instantly raising the vibration and shifting the frequencies
Infinite gratitude , from our heart to yours ❤️

Mark G.
Wisdor Tensor Practitioners Ring

Its awesome and a must have for me. I had first bout the 3.5 inch one to try out the Wisdom type. It does everything Brian mentions. Quickly helped me remove a knarly day long headache once by placing it over the pain. So I knew I needed one that fits over my whole body at once. This ring does not dissapoint. Just remember to do your part. With using the universes energy / consciousness to do any works...you have to deserve the resuslts first. Usually any thing requested in Love, true love and forgiveness for all, will get you there. Thats my default feeling unless I let myself get angry. As another note: When I got the first small wisdom ring, I found it fit the glass top of a brand aromatic new glass jar candle I had bought. I placed the ring at the top of the glass jar thinking that I would be charging the scents coming out of it when its burning. I lit the candle and subsequently fell asleep. I subsequently fell asleep. When I awoke a couple hours later the candle flame was out. I would soon learn that this candle is veeeery hard to put the flame out on and that I had to place the jars lid on it to starve the flame out. So, what I think was happening is that the guardians of the template of this ring did not want me projecting the idea form of fire into my or anyones near's house. That is my feeling. And, honestly I kind of should have "known" better as I always intuitively had that feeling when choosing not to put flames right inside my crystal grids. So, there you go. The Wisdom Rings are actively powerful. 05-02-22 0504 UTC

Megan G.
Great quality

I bought the wisdom practitioner tensor rings.. I’m not sure how to use it but I love the energy from it. I’ve been sleeping with it in my bed. It is great quality and I’m pleased with my purchase.

Alann D.
Beautiful tool

A surprising and gentle energy at the same time, allows me to meditate deeply, and a greater concentration and visualization..
Big THANKS ank you to the whole team for sharing this knowledge

Shaunay C.
Practitioner’s Tensor Rings Review

I am so pleased with the Practitioner Rings. The empowering shifts are viscerally felt! It is beyond words how much I love these rings!