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Practitioner's Tensor Rings
Practitioner's Tensor Rings
Practitioners Ring Regeneration 26
Practitioners Ring Golden Fire 29
Practitioners Ring Harmony 27
Practitioner's Tensor Rings
Practitioner's Tensor Rings
Practitioner's Tensor Rings
Practitioner's Tensor Rings

Practitioner's Tensor Rings

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The Harmonic Creation Field Trio is our heaviest set of Rings.

• 26" Regeneration Ring
• 27" Harmony Ring
• 29" Golden Fire Ring

While each of the three Ring carries its own unique energetic, and can be used as single Rings, the three together bring through something greater than their sum.

This heavy gauged set of Rings are felt tangibly on the physical for most people.  The Trio is featured in the video below, and goes more in-depth on their properties and uses.

The Alchemist Practitioner Set is a light gauge set of Rings.
• 26" Divine I Am Ring
• 27" Chalice Ring
• 29" Harmonizer Ring

The Alchemist Rings are an energetically updated set of Rings.  Again, each individual Ring is powerful on their own, but when together they create an even higher field.  One that is transformative and magnetic to consciousness.

The Alchemist Practitioner's Rings are beyond Transformational, and together carry energetics of the Wisdom Ring, which steps us into the beginning stages of Mastery.

26" Wisdom Practitioner's Ring

The 26" Wisdom Practitioner's Ring carries the energetics of both the Alchemist Set and the Harmonic Creation Field Trio!

The medium-gauged Wisdom Practitioner's Ring is a great addition to either sets, or as a stand alone Ring.
• 26" Wisdom Ring

*Ring sizes are all approximate diameter in inches

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Our largest Rings to work with any modality. Can be used both actively and passively.

Customer Reviews

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Bloss T.
One of my Fav Tool!

I can’t express how much I love this ring! Just peaceful bliss!!

They Can Feel It !

I received the 2-29" practitioner rings last week. I immediately looked for opportunity to try them out and found that both my husband and my son could "feel" the energy when I pass it over their bodies. So I let my son keep one in his room. As for me, I sit in the center of one ring to do my prayer and meditation, then set it back at the head of our bed. I seem to feel the energy differently than the rest of my family - mine is more of just a good feeling and a faith that it's having beneficial effects. I have also noticed a positive energy shift in my husband. I plan on completing the practitioner set with the purchase of the wisdom and the harmony rings in the near future. Thank you for your continued dedication and for sharing these tools !

Surprising addition

In addition to clearing away layers, I noticed that information and knowledge that I need right now is coming to me from many different directions. I will continue to sleep within this ring and look forward to the outcome. Thank you Twisted Sage for your many integrative tools!

Chris F.
Living Portal

It's true, this ring blows energy 24/7. Sitting in front of it yields a completely creative transformational space. Placing the ring at the head of one's bed similarly does this. It is a powerful, gracious energetic quality -- but clearly you need to be aligned within yourself to make right use of it.

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