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On The Wings of Tok- Energy Clearing Device

On The Wings of Tok- Energy Clearing Device

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On The Wings of Tok

It is a tool to help complete the release work.  More release, more peace.  Peace beyond here.  Releasing old ways of being and bringing forward the NEW.

On The Wings of Tok releases spirits and energies that don't belong and also releases your own personal dramas and traumas.

It is a step up from its predecessor, the Wings of Tok.  The updated version contains the energetics of the Wisdom Ring.  The energy of the Wisdom Ring ignites, grounds, and expands you in the flow of Divine love, standing strong and vibrant, as all that no longer serves falls away with ease, allowing one to fully step into their magnificence as an embodied Light Being.

There is a suction in the energy field and body when it comes in to your field.  It goes into the core of you.  Energies leave, and is like a tornado.  Then peace.  Not the peace you normally think of.  It is light and bright.  More of a connection of the soul and the light body.

This tool does not carry a specific frequency, as our past tools have.  It is more of a gateway or a portal. 

Sitting and being in the moment brings a stronger soul connection, to bring in the next level, whatever that level is for you.

It's in the allowing. A lightness and a brightness. A peace.

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Imagine stepping into a higher vibrational space of healing, of all knowing, of clearing, whatever it is that you need, and having all the support of your Soul, along with many master Beings, each with their own gifts and talents, ready to be in service to you and your Soul. 

The space is created with this new tool, it is up to you to fully access it, or not.  If you, or those around you, do not consciously access it, things still occur.  Healing, clearing, connecting with your higher self, and the same happens with the environment.  All is  automatic.  But if you choose, there is an entire new world waiting for you to access.  A world of magic and miracles, in the highest and best, as perceived by your Soul.

This space is beyond time, beyond dimensions.  It is a space where you find the Universal You, that higher aspect of you as Source, Soul, Creator.

You also find Tok, a master healer of the blues.  These blue, wing-ed, plasma-like beings have always been here, they are just now ready to step forward.  Forward in this space in which is created here, to work with all of those who's Souls choose. 

Each person will have a different experience.  Each will see it a little differently.  I see this space as almost a saucer-looking space, but vertical.  There is the central space that intersects the surface of the earth, and a beam that extends both up and down, like a column of light connecting both Earth and Sky.  Source and our Earth mother.


The new version, the On The Wings of Tok, is made from heavier steel rods and a heavier gauged Ring.   It is the same diameter as the original.  The original Wings of Tok is currently on clearance, until they are gone!

The Starburst center is made of steel, as copper nor brass would hold this creation in our physical plane.  The four longest Starburst points are welded onto the 3" Ring.  Both are electroplated with copper afterwards.  Your Starburst may lose it's electroplating through physical wear.  The copper may obtain a patina, darkening the surface of the ring and the Starburst.  This is expected, but does not affect the energetic quality of the tool.  You are still welcomed to send it back for re-plating at anytime.  It is free, though may take a few weeks for it to occur. 

How to use the Wings of Tok

You can place it in the environment.  It will create that space.  You do not have to work with it from there, but you really should!!  Simply step into that space it creates.  Feel this space. Know that you are connected to your Soul, and that it is in charge of all that occurs here.  Then you can start seeking the assistance for what you wish to work with. Healing of the physical, mental, emotional, life situations.  Clearing and harmonizing timelines, or the environment, or family lineages.  It is all up to you and your Soul.

Once you know this space, it is yours.  You no longer need the tool present.  The tool can be used over and over again, in different places, different situations.  The field will always be there, or will be present for as long as is needed.

Be sure to watch the Wings of Tok Webinar to learn more ways to use this phenomenal and powerful tool!  The original webinar is still applicable to the updated version, On The Wings of Tok.

The Creation Story... of the original Wings of Tok

The Wings of Tok was born out of synchronicity, as all of our creations are.
Someone requested a mini Starburst, and though we do not take on custom orders, I happened to have one sitting around from developing the Starburst and the Key Pendant. Since the Starburst has both the Harmony and the Golden Fire in it, a Regeneration Ring seemed like the appropriate thing to add to the design. When we did, it created a beam of Light that connected the Starburst deep within the Earth. After looking at it more, I could see a column of Light, both up and down, with a bubble-like space in the middle. It was grounding and connecting, and creating a sacred space on this plane. I had seen this energetic space before...

When Brenda and I got together for further activation and readings on the tool, I told her my intentions on creating this tool, and about the two energy worker friends who were looking for a tool to clear demons from people and places. Of course, we know demons to simply be entities, yet can present to others or be perceived by others as such critters. I wanted this mini Starburst, welded onto a 3" Regeneration Ring, to be able to clear a person of entities, soul contracts included, as well as clear entities from a space that may contain a portal/vortex they are connected with, with simplicity and ease. And so it was.

Like the Starburst and Key Pendant, this new tool connects with the higher soul aspect of all beings, and brings them to that space of where they are one with their soul. It is within this space that agendas which no longer serve are released. The Key and Starburst are already doing this to some extent, though the new tool was able to work on a much higher level to clear those more stubborn and higher connected soul contracts and entities from people and places.

Back to the energy field I saw in this newly combined tool... It reminded me of the ball of Light we have been playing with the past few months, that is created just within the Earth's surface, which extends up and down as a column of Light as well. It is within and around this space that I see the winged blue plasma beings. I asked Brenda if perhaps they would mind working with the field this tool creates. Instantly I felt heat on my face and could feel beings all around. Brenda connected and asked if they would be willing to be a part of this tool, in the highest and best, and that it would be an honor to have their assistance. And so it is. They come on their own free will to assist those within this space, in the highest and best.

Who are these blue winged Light Beings? We began working in a new energetic space in June of 2019. This is when I first witnessed the winged blue plasma-like beings assisting with some of the higher level of work we were doing.

This new tool, On The Wings of Tok, was formed through a partnership with Tok, and the guardian of our etheric templates, Heimdahl.  It is Tok's tool.  Tok chose to place his attention onto this tool, to be of assistance.  Heimdahl agreed to allow this, as he is the guardian of the tools.  They formed a partnership in the creation of this tool.

Brenda has been working with Tok, a Master Healer of the Blues for several years now.

With that, we are proud to present an upgraded version of one of the most powerful space creating tools to date: On The Wings of Tok!

(The original webinar below, still pertains to the updated version!)

Customer Reviews

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Dawn E.G.
Pieces Made with love

More than anything I am impressed by the kindness and deep caring of the staff at Twisted Sage. These are not just products they are making, but a vehicle for sending love into the world.

With abundant love and appreciation,
Dawn Griffin

Devin R.
Simply Amazing

I received an On the Wings of Tok about a week ago. As soon as it arrived I noticed that it had an extremely beneficial impact on the energy in the house, greatly cutting down on energetic interference. I started taking it with me to work, and I quickly noticed that it seems to have a profound impact on the energy at my place of work. I've noticed since working with it in this way that when I'm at work I'm less stressed, less hard on myself, and more centered, more present, and more confident than usual. It's like before I was swimming against the current, and now I'm swimming right along with it! This is huge! Thank you Brian and the Twisted Sage team for following guidance and for creating these incredibly high vibrational tools. You're making the world a better place with every tool you bring forward!

On the wings of tok

When I heard that there was a newer wings of tok, I knew I wanted it. I have placed the new wings of tok on my night stand. The original version has joined my 4 inch golden fire generator in my locker at work. Like all twisted sage products the new “on the wings of tok” looks wonderful and arrived quickly.

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