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New! Brain Balancing meditation below!

Brain balancing through Quantum Mind and Sacred Heart activations can occur automatically with the Halo!

Made in the newest energetics from Twistedsage Studios, the Infinity Halo brings through a deeper connection with Earth and You as that brilliant sun and creator that you are.

Through the alchemy of lifetimes into wisdom,
the Soul is brighter because of the experience.

We were able to bring through the brain balancing of the Quantum Mind Activation.  I see it as light tendrils flowing and sparkling over the surface of the brain, and then feel it going into the physical brain itself.  Brenda seen this as the Soul.  The Quantum Mind, the higher mind, being that of the Soul's Light.  This is a very unique energy and ability that is found in the Halo and Infinity Halo.

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The 2-1/4" Infinity is woven and welded to the approximately 22" in circumference Halo. The average hat size for a female adult is 22.4 inches, and 23.2 inches for a male.

Constructed of your choice of Copper or .999 Fine Silver.

It is a light gauge wire, which is easily malleable to fit comfortably and snugly on the head.  Even on a larger, shaved head, it feels comfortable and secure. 

The Halo and the Infinity Halo carry the same energetic abilities.  The Infinity also has a tangible energy, which feeling and visualizing it going through and balancing brain hemispheres, as well as connecting to the higher mind, the Quantum Mind, through the infinity which energetically rests right over the pineal gland.

A Tensor Ring creates a column of energy.  Wearing this super light-weight Halo or Infinity Halo on top of the head aligns chakras and energy bodies, transforms dense energies in your field, for starters.

When you can step into the Heart, where you are grounded deeply with the earth, and connected to your highest light, you become that container, the chalice of crystal clear pure consciousness light that transcends duality.   This field holds a space which allows your soul to integrate lifetimes of experience and traumas, into Wisdom.  This soul level work extends throughout this entire universe, through all that you are as a soul.  The Ring also acts like a bridge, or a cosmic blender, which integrates all of this Light more into the physical.

Distilling the Light and Information of all lifetimes into the here and now for you.  This is Wisdom.

As lifetimes are cleared, harmonized, and integrated, you are closer to being simply your soul and you in this here now moment.   Aligned as a powerful divine creator, bringing into creation something more, something new, and something totally you.

The energetics of Copper and Silver:
While the two materials carry the same field, the feel and quality of the field do differ slightly.  Brian states that the copper Halo is almost too much for him.  That he takes it off and can still feel it for hours after.  The Silver Halo, to Brian, is more subtle and he comfortably wears it for hours at a time.


The Halo and the Infinity Halo carry a unique energetic field, which allows for the automatic rebalancing of the brain, and bringing it where this step in human evolution is taking us.  It is a quantum evolution which is occurring with the human, and the planet.  We have witness the quantum DNA activations occurring for years, and have felt and witness the shifts in the body and energy bodies.  Then starting in 2021 we witnessed humanity starting to go a little crazy.  We saw it as an imbalance in the brain.  It was showing us how the body has been transforming, and now it was the brain.  The craziness simply being the way through for humanity.  It is a rebalancing and rewiring of the brain, to go along with the new human, in the new way of processing experience into wisdom, and becoming conscious creators.

Quantum Mind Activation Video:

** While the Activations and Atunements for working with the Halo can happen automatically, you have to allow it to occur!  The video meditation above will help!


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sarah S.

Hola Twisted Sage friends! I have been using your tools for the last couple years. Wanted to let you know I have non-epileptic seizures the last 10 years. And I had a good run of not having them for many months. Recently I started having them again and I asked my son to put it on my head when I was coming out of a seizure. I noticed it help keep them at bay for the rest of the evening. Did it again the next day and any time I feel them coming. It is keeping it at bay so far. And also headaches seem to get better when I put it on.
These seizure most of the time happen when I’m really tired or stressed and around a lot of energy influx in the body. Thank you guys. And I just thought you would want to be aware how this tool is helping people.

Christopher K.
Meditation Shortcut Device

Any one would surely benefit from this Infinity Halo. If you meditate though than you owe it to yourself and your higher self to get one of these. It truly calms the mind and thought forms and brings one into a higher sense of peace quicker than I have felt than with any other item. I can feel without even concentrating my third eye activating with the infinity symbol right over it. If you do not meditate you will still benefit from the calmness and peace the Infinity Halo brings. It's a game changer though for deeper meditation.
OM Joy, OM Peace, OM Bliss

Halo - tremendous energy!!!

I received the Halo yesterday in the mail. My friend has an Infinite Halo and I wore it for a bit and liked the energy. When I tuned in and asked my guides if it was for me to have one I was told to have the plain Halo which I did.
I started wearing it as soon as I got it. I wore it by itself and I wore it with Quartz Crystals and also with different high energy stones. Wearing the Halo with the quartz crystals and with the stones made the energy super strong and I felt I was getting "fried" so it is something I now do for a few minutes at the time. I prefer to wear the Halo together with quartz crystal, my favorite one is a Lemurian Quartz Crystal.
I were the Halo continuously as I am most of the time at home but when I am out and about I wear it with a cap so the Halo is not seen.
I have experienced many different things. I have "seen" myself in Lemuria, Atlantis, and Egypt wearing something similar made of gold. In Lemuria the dimension was different, not a third dimension experience.
Wearing the Halo gives me the opportunity of having a "portal" at my disposal at all times and when I have questions the answers are already there. I also wear two finger rings with the "new" energy and the Wisdom Generator Bracelet collapsed as a pendant. Wearing all these tools together is amazing!!
I am greatly thankful for these tools as they are awesome to work with. No limits, imagination is my guide, my portal, into time-no time, space-no space, it feels as everything is collapsed into now when wearing these tools!
Thank you Twistedsage team!!! I am greatly appreciative for all you do!!!
- Athan

Marie M.
So thankful

Hi Brian and TS team:

I purchased the infinity halo when you originally had it, and I'm so thankful I was able to get it. There's something special about this tiara. Not only does it make me feel like a divine princess, but when I put it on and the infinity sigil touches my forehead, I can go deeper into my meditation. It seems to strengthen my energy and helps me get out of my head and into my heart space quicker and deeper. Brian, I asked you once if there was an activation for this piece, but you had discontinued it. So now that it's back, will there be a special activation for connecting with the halo?

So glad to see this one back!

I really love this piece among my collection of twisted sage products. It really does calm an overactive anxious brain in perpetual fight or flight mode. Of course they can’t continue to make if demand is not there, please give it a try. So beneficial and therapeutic.