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Silver Infinity Bracelet
Silver Infinity Bracelet in Gift Box
Silver Infinity Bracelet

Infinity Bracelet

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Much more than jewelry...

The Infinity Bracelet is Energetic Art,
with an Energetic Function

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The Infinity Bracelet is fashioned out of solid silver Tensor Rings.
Tensor Rings have been scientifically shown to:
  • Protect from EMF's
  • Balance PH
  • Harmonize the body's energy Fields

Biofeedback studies have shown Tensor Technology restructures harmful electromagnetics,
balances energy bodies, and makes organs function better! 
The New Science of Water also shows how Tensor Fields balance the PH of water, and hence the body.

To learn more about Tensor Rings, please see the article written for Tesla Tech's ExtraOrdinary Technology Magazine What's in a Tensor Ring?

The Infinity Bracelet is expansive enough to fit any size wrist, yet can easily form to petite sizes.  Our business manager, Billie, has wore the prototype for over a month, and her wrists are 5-1/2" around.  Our other sister, Brenda, wears hers all the time on the farm/ranch.  The bracelets are sturdy, comfortable, beautiful, and also for us guys!!  I love mine, and constantly wear one on each wrist!
The Silver Regeneration Ring is bringing through a higher vibrating energy than what we have ever felt.
It is such a pure form of energy.
A pure Silver-Blue-White Light,
with wisps of Golden Fire mixed in.
The Infinite Heart brings in the Golden Fire and that of the Infinity and never-ending energy.
The Bracelet connects you more with your infinite Light,
helping to bring your Light more into the physical body.

It is helping remind your body of your pure Light,
which shifts and changes us...

...and most likely it will be a wow experience!

Bracelet is adjustable to any sized wrist,
from 5-1/2 inches up.
Infinity is welded in place.
Solid silver construction of .999 Silver.
Comes packaged in an elegant gift box.

The matching Infinite Light Pendant is available here.

 We have a simpler, copper version, also available! 
The Hekka Clasp can be found here.

The Infinity Bracelet has the same energetic properties as the Infinite Light Pendant.

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Infinity bracelet
Infinity Bracelet
Infinity Bracelet
a magnet for you to your power source
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