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Infinite Heart Pendant

Infinite Heart Pendant

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Infinity Represents Love and Continuance Without End

Connects the Soul more fully into to the physical Heart.

  • Brings you into the Sacred Space of the Heart

  • Protects the energy bodies 8-10 feet out

  • Facilitates a higher Soul connection

  • Assists others in your field to do the same

  • Accesses the Sacred Heart and Quantum Mind

The Infinity is a Möbius strip,
with a twist!

Hammered and hand polished to create a sleek and slim design,
the 2-1/2" Infinite Heart makes a beautiful, potent, pendant. 

The Infinite Heart Pendant comes with an adjustable leather lanyard,
and the Infinity hangs horizontally as pictured.

It can also be hung vertically with an Infinite Heart
added to our adjustable leather Lanyard
Any necklace material is suitable to use with any of the tools!!

Step into the Quantum Void and just Be...
Allow your soul to open the doors of infinite possibilities.

When you wear any of the Golden Fire tools, the energy field they produce acts as a reminder.
The tools remind your inner Being that you have a Sacred Heart,
and wearing the Golden Fire Tools can help activate the Sacred Heart and Quantum Mind,
bringing in that Field of Universal Light and Universal Peace.

More about the Golden Fire tools and the Sacred Heart Activation can be found here.

The large Infinite Heart is approximately 2-1/2 inches
long and 1 inch wide.

This particular Infinity is used in the Golden Fire Crown as well as in the Activator 3.0 base.
The Infinity within the Activator allows for the connection
of the lower and middle Earth planes.

The smaller version of the Infinite Heart is approximately 1 inch in length.
It is not as physically tangible as this larger and heavier gauged Infinity is,
though the 1 inch makes a great add on to existing pendants, especially crystals.

The large Infinity is a hefty piece, made of a thicker 10 gauge flattened wire.
It is not necessarily any more "energetic" than the small Infinity,
though with all the tools, the thicker gauge is usually felt on the physical more.


Customer Reviews

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Love it!

I enjoy the feeling of wearing it on my body. i have sent it out as a gift to each of my daughters who live in other parts of the country. I gifted it to my husband. I'm feeling very happy in my being. Thanks and God Bless oxoxox

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