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Infinite Heart
Infinite Heart
Infinite Heart
Infinite Heart
Infinite Heart

Infinite Heart

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Further connecting the Soul with the physical and multidimensional Heart.

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In order to bring Harmony and Balance to you, need to have Love.

Just the infinite heart symbol itself is powerful. Infinity represents love, continuance, without end… The infinity is a symbol of Love- it is Harmony and Balance in Love.
Connects the Soul to the physical and multidimensional Heart. Where we see the Trinity of the human Being as Mind, Body, and Spirit, the Harmony Heart is connecting the Spirit (the Soul) with the Body (the physical). This is huge for the body who either disconnects or goes into fear despite the Mind or Spirit.

• Facilitates a higher Soul connection
• Resonates with the Heart Chakra
• Protects the energy bodies 8-10 feet out
• Dissolves non-beneficial energetic implants
• Brings the Soul more into the body, and will assist others in proximity to do the same

• Slip onto an existing necklace to create a heart connection with your favorite crystal, stone, or pendant
• Use along-side an existing Tensor Coil to automatically make the Tube Torus connection from your heart to the Tensor Coil's toridal field

Slightly flattened copper Mobius with a half twist creates the Infinity symbol.

The Infinite Heart is a powerful and amazing piece. It can be wore as a pendant, fashioned as a bracelet, or carried anywhere upon the person.

Approximately 3/4" in length is the smallest and lightest version. I like to add this one to my favorite pendant to bring in that heart connect. The medium Infinite Heart is my preferred version, heavy enough to be a stand-alone pendant. The large Infinite Heart is a beautiful piece as it's own pendant as well.

We donated several of these Hearts to "No Kill" animal shelters, as it connects their Hearts to Gaia, creating healing and comfort for all critters. May be fastened onto a collar with any split ring or fastening hook.

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