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I AM Peace Pendant

I AM Peace Pendant

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Peace within the Heart

…a Happy little pendant.  Joyful.

Universal Peace. Harmony. Universal Joy


As with all Tensor Field Generators, the I AM Pendant is programmable by the user. You may place your intentions into the sphere, where they are carried and amplified.

It can be used by itself or with crystals or other pendants.

These tools work best over the heart area, though can be wore or carried anywhere within your field.

At 7/8" the I AM Peace Pendant is the smallest of the Tensor Field Generators.

It is made from the 55.5 Ring, of the 888 Series of Rings

Protects the energy bodies, anchors your Soul Consciousness more into the physical, raises vibrations, etc. ...all that the Tensor Fields do. All that the 888 Series does. All that the Tensor Field Generator does.

I consider the 888 family of Rings to be one of the simplest, broadest, and highest Source/Soul connecting
physical tools available at this time.... and becoming more-so every day!!!

Adjustable leather lanyard included.

You may use your own cord or chain of any material.

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