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Heddeka Ring

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Raising the vibration of water within your physical being

The energy encompasses the finger and flows quickly to the body.

Even those who normally do not feel energy, report a tingling sensation after wearing the Heddeka ring.  If you are sensitive to energy, you may need to wear for short periods of time until vibrations are raised to the ring's vibration.

The Heddeka Rings are created by a Shaman/Reiki Master/Portal Keeper and are infused with many great energies, as well as placed within the Buffalo Gap Medicine Wheel and Crystal City Portal to charge.

Heddeka Ring is available in all ring sizes, each one a unique piece. Custom sizes are available.

Heddeka Rings come standard in copper.


Also available in Sterling Silver.


The copper Heddeka Rings are more potent.

Customer Reviews

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Silver Heddeka Ring,

I love this ring! Only take it off when brushing and braiding my hair. I can feel it is made with the highest most loving intention.The energy feels soft, flowing and very Feminine. Beautifully created and crafted. Love the way you put it together. The first time I ever saw the Heddeka Symbol was back in 2017 while walking the Streets of Kilkenny Ireland and noticing that they have the exact symbol on the caps of there water mains on the side walks. Was immediately very drawn to this. Felt somehow familiar. Love it, love it, love it! Thank you very much Brian. It is a lovely tool that will always be treasured! So happy you made this for me.

Love this ring

This ring is amazing haven't taken it off since I've gotten it except to wash hands. Feel naked without it and would implore everyone to own one of their own.

My fingers are small and rarely do I find rings ...

My fingers are small and rarely do I find rings in my size. At a fair, I came upon Twisted Sage and a copper heddeka ring in my size. It was meant to be. I love how I can feel it working when I wear it. Zzzzz 😍

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