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Harmony Generator 7 inch
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Harmony Generator

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Harmony Generator

The Large Harmony Generator covers a twelve mile area, six miles out from the center. This 7" sphere is made of heavy 8 gauge copper. The sphere of influence is 8-10 miles for the 3 1/2” Harmony Generator.

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Become a Beacon of Infinite Love, Balance and Harmony!

These spheres emit a pulsing of the frequency and vibration of Love, up to 12 miles!!!

The sphere emits a pulsing of energy, the energy of love - the frequency and vibration of Love.

The Harmony Generator is an amplifier, a reminder, of the vibration of Love.

What else do you need? Love is the foundation…this is still a Tensor Field Generator, so it will do all that the traditional Generators do, but with a different essence and flavor.

The Harmonies have a strong connection with whomever connects to them. They will go to work immediately on a person or their environment, bringing all into Balance and Harmony.

For instance, you can carry a sphere into a "bad" part of town, and it will balance out the perceived dark and light energies then raise them both up in frequency.

This is only one of the perceived ways they are working for the Highest and Greatest Good of All.

The sphere of influence is 8-10 miles for the 3 1/2” Harmony Generator. This sphere of influence is in regards to the person who does not know who they are, who does not know they are a powerful multidimensional creator.

When a person who stands in their Being-ness holds the sphere, they are amplifying and synergizing and projecting the frequency and vibration of love fully into the larger sphere of influence around them.

The Large Harmony Generator covers a twelve mile area, six miles out from the center. This 7" sphere is made of heavy 8 gauge copper.

The 1" Personal Harmony Generator is for personal use. It can be wore as a pendant, and has a smaller area of influence.... about the size of a room. Made of flattened 14 gauge copper.

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Customer Reviews

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Nancy C.

Programing the Harmony generator with my Citrine Sphere and intentions was awesome as I could feel the potential possibilities of abundance going to manifest soon!

the real deal

high energy
reasonably priced
quality materials
happy customer

Jeanie K.
Favorite tool !

As always the Harmony Generator performs superbly. A little love enhancing programming and artful placement and they start working immediately. Lifting the energy of the surrounding area and all that that entails. Lovely tool! Thank you.

Harmony -- 7 inch Sphere and Golden Fire -- 4 inch Sphere

What can I say, the beautiful Twisted Sage Harmony Sphere is a blessing for my home. I have one sitting on a bookshelf in my living room -- and within the inside middle part, I have placed an orgonite pyramid. Being an EMF Protector, it was quite powerful on its own, but after I placed the orgonite pyramid within it, it feels phenomenally shielding against harmful frequencies. But here's the thing, it seems that the energy from the Harmony Sphere is vibrationally raising the electromagnetic frequencies coming into my home from the cell phone towers -- but not destroying or disrupting the WiFi signals. And ... the Harmony Sphere has created within my home a calming, relaxing, and safeguarding feeling. It has literally created a haven for me and my pets living in our home. Earlier, I purchased a 4-inch Golden Fire Generator Sphere. I keep it in my bedroom on my nightstand next to my cell phone. I have such peaceful sleeps and no longer have the so-called nightmares. Instead, I now receive similar messages from my dreams, but unlike the nightmares, they are no longer feeling/appearing frightful, evil, or bad. Besides my Infinite Light pendant, these two spheres are my favorites of the Twisted Sage tools.

Was not pleased with method of shipping

I was not pleased with their method of shipping! I was charged 97 dollars cad for delivery and custom charges! Will not purchase again

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