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Golden Fire Torus

Golden Fire Energy Torus

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Golden Fire Torus

The 8" Golden Fire Torus is made specifically for each person.

Anyone can use the Torus, it simply means that your Light is a part of what comes through in the tool, all in the highest and best for everyone!

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Attuned specifically to you the Golden Fire Torus fully brings through your Soul’s Light to create a quantum field of the Golden Fire / Sacred Heart / Universal Peace field.

The Golden Fire comes through in a tangible way.

This particular Golden Fire Torus brings in the Golden Fire then Activates it in the person.
Brings in the field of Universal Peace to the human, a connection into that field of Universal Peace.
Connects to everything, all that is. The vibration of Oneness, of non-Duality.

Soul already knows Universal Peace. People who are drawn to this tool are ready to connect to the Peace of their Soul.

The Tube Torus is simply a way in which energy flows. Energy flows in a Torus fashion, in Galaxies as well as in molecules.

Two Seeds of Life are put together, and ratcheted, to create the 12 petal design you see here. This design was also a crop circle in 2009!

So much more than a Torus...

When we did the readings on this one, I could feel it hit my throat first, and saw the golden beam from the Torus to my throat.  Once we got to the part where they were explaining how the field begins with the person and then expands out to those energetically in contact with them, I could see and intensely feel this connection going out to all of those whom I am energetically connected with.... It was huge and expansive!!

Before we did the reading, which attuned that particular Torus to me, I carried the Torus with me for over a month and it really wasn't nothing more than a standard Torus.  Once the attunement of the Torus to my Soul took place, the energy of the Torus shifted greatly, and become a powerful and transformative tool.

The 8" Golden Fire Torus is made specifically for each person.

Brenda Schnose assembles all the Torus' coming out of Twistedsage Studios. The Golden Fire Torus requires an activation and attunement for it to begin working with an individual. During the construction process Brenda goes Soul to Soul with you to assist in the attunement to your Torus.
The process is like having a free distance session which is anchored into your personal tool!!!

Brenda is one of the most phenomenal healers / seers / energy workers that I know. We witness miracle and magic on a daily basis with what she does. Brenda and I work together on the creation of these etheric tools, and she does all the readings on the tools before we send them out to see what others see / feel / experience.  Her distance sessions are affordable, and she works via telephone and distance with not only your Soul, but the innate consciousness of the body.
If the issues are not allowed to be cleared up, she can help with interpreting what your body and soul are trying to tell you!!

Consider getting a distance healing session with Brenda!!

Distance Healing Sessions page is located HERE

Anyone can use the Torus, it simply means that your Light is a part of what comes through in the tool, all in the highest and best for everyone!

Others will benefit from your Golden Fire Torus...

People will walk through this field and will feel it. Animals will feel it. 

Whether those who are in this field will accept it or not is with them.

It begins with the person who has it and then expands out to those are energetically in contact with them.

Customer Reviews

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Golden Fire Torus

This precious soul of Golden Fire Torus goes everywhere with me. And at night it rests on my heart chakra/ message center while I sleep. In the morning it goes in my bag with me to the school where I teach. It deepens meditations. I absolutely love it! Thank you for bringing these very special souls from higher realms to this Emerald Planet. Truly grateful. ~~~Aum Shanti, Kim

Bloss T.
Goku Power Up!

I sleep with the golden fire torus every night.

The first week I wasn’t sure if the golden fire torus was working for me. After expressing my concerns with Brenda, it turns out I had a lot of small things happening in my energy fields which is shifting. I had to be patience and trust the process. A few weeks later I noticed my energy body (spiritual immunity) was stronger as I was creating my chi ball. There was definitely more power to it as my friend was able to feel the intensity of it while I’m running the ball through her hand. This actually reminded me of a childhood anime show Goku. Pretty cool.

Energy shield

I didn’t know much about the attunement process, however about a day after I ordered I felt peaceful and like a cloud lifted. About a week later I found emails from Brenda I including photos of its construction which I loved receiving!! I noticed that the day she sent the emails is the same day I felt a new level of peace - and that was her message for me too!

I don’t know if the twisted sage team will be disappointed, but I want to be honest. I am a psychic and work via psychometry and immediately when I held this it was telling me it needed to be deconstructed. I easily separated this into 2 separate seeds of life tools, one seed of life has the golden fire large exterior ring still attached, and it feels perfect for me. The seed of life is one of my favorite symbols and now I have 2!

My list is so long of uses, most of all it’s a literal energy shield. Laying with it on top of me, or facing me in the room is a major energy shift. I live in an area with a lot of non-beneficial EMF and radiation energy. The contrast is noticeable. This is a POWERFUL tool.

Lastly, it arrived super fast!

Melinda H.
Golden Fire Torus

So happy to have the Golden Fire Torus! There is definitely more peace within and all around. And I received the message that my previous transmuting "job" on earth has been refined and upgraded to being a transformer out in the Quantum field. So holding density in my body is no longer happening. So Grateful!

Doing its job!

The Torus gently shifts any blockages in the body that it is placed over. It is pretty effective. It certainly is beautifully hand crafted by Debra.