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Golden Fire Crown

Golden Fire Crown

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Step into the Quantum Void and just Be…

Allow your soul to open the doors of infinite possibilities.

Use as both a meditation tool, and as an every day tool. When you wear the Golden Fire Crown, it simply acts as a reminder.

A reminder of the Activation and the Sacred Heart, so that you may continue to use it.

The Golden Fire Crown does everything that the Golden Fire tools do. The Infinity nor the Crown is anymore powerful at balancing the brain than the other Golden Fire tools. It does, however, help with ensuring the Crown of Fire comes in.

This Sacred Initiation, just like the Sacred Heart, is there and available to everyone.

More about the Golden Fire tools and the Sacred Heart Activation can be found here.

Headband is a light gauge ring, 7-1/4 inches in diameter. This is approximately 22 inches in circumference.

The attached Golden Fire Infinity is approximately two inches long.

Fits most, while some may get it to slip over the head.

When you wear the Golden Fire tools, the energy field they produce acts as a reminder.
The tools remind you of the Activation.
Reminds the inner Being that you have the Sacred Heart, so you can continue to use it.

So many Activations you may receive, but do you use them?

This is an important tool to use, your Sacred Heart...

Customer Reviews

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I love it

It seems as though I am the first reviewer of ...

It seems as though I am the first reviewer of the crown! :)

So, at first, I must say I did not feel much. However, once I started wearing it for prolonged periods of time, I noticed BIG changes. I have felt this crown synchronize my brainwaves over time, and help combat any headaches, stress or anxiety I may be feeling.

I showed my friend and spiritual mentor, and upon wearing it and focusing, he described the energy field as warm and spinning upwards. Basically, he described a torus field! This sealed the deal for me.

I have found a way to wear this one during the day - I stick it under my bandana, and along with my pendant, I feel protected.

Very appreciative to Twisted Sage for bringing these to light, and for doing it affordably at that. I will always support you guys, as we try to raise vibrations across the planet.

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