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Fairy Wand

Fairy Wands

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There is a fairy being, of the highest good, associated with each wand.

The wands can be used for healing and protection.

Comes with an adjustable black leather lanyard

Crystal sun of Earth. Elementals. Intention, to bring the healing energy of earth into the body through the Fairy Wands.

Healing wand- healing the human, including the emotional bodies.

Heart connecting, grounding.

Crystal Sun Activation, DNA activation.

Not the soul-level work like the Dragon Wands...

Produces a Tensor Field, which restructures Electro Magnetics. Restructures water.
Wearing these Fairy Wands as a necklace does offer the body EMF protection.

To use the wand:
Hold the wand to connect with the fairy. Once you meet them, you can ask for a name if you like.
You do not have to carry the wand, rather simply ask the fairy to be there when you need!

3-3/4 inch copper wand made from the 144 MHz Sacred Cubit measure that was used in the Egyptian Pyramids

Customer Reviews

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Fairy Wand

I bought this wand recently and it is the sweetest little wand. I know the fairies are there and am hoping soon, by working with this wand, that I can spot one...or two...or MORE! Coming from a word where I was afraid to "connect", this will be big work for me, and I am willing.

Powerfully Magical

The day this wand came into my keeping was a truly magical day both literally and allegorically. I go to open my mailbox to retrieve the package and a beautiful big moth flies sporadically out from inside the mailbox almost as if it had been startled. I then know immediately I had seen a faerie, attracted to either the wand or the energies emanating from it. The more I work with the wand the more fantastic experiences I have with it. I had an amazing vivid dream of me following frogs to a pond to enter the Feefa realm were I reconnect to the earth through working with the elementals and experienced so much bliss. I almost didn’t want to wake up from that amazing dream. The energies felt from this wand are powerful too they are felt quite prominently on the physical body. My sister loves holding this wand and tells me she can hear whispers in her ear. The more I work with the wand and it’s energies the more time I find myself spending in nature and just coexisting. Yet another truly amazing tool from TwSa thank you Brian and Brenda for the groundbreaking work and a huge thanks to the rest of the team.

Life changing tools

I have purchase a few of these amazing powerful item and say wow so powerful

I just received my Fairy Wand. I opened the little ...

I just received my Fairy Wand. I opened the little bag it comes in and honestly before I even touched it, my whole head started pulsating. I also felt it in my heart as well. I can not wait to see/ feel what else will come about, so intriguing!

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