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Energetic Transformation Package
5G Plus The Energetic Transformation Package

Energetic Transformation Kit

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Transform your environment, creating sacred space in your home and neighborhood!!

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Transform your environment, creating sacred space in your home and neighborhood!! 

The basic home health and personal care package

Now transforming your local 5G Network!

The Energetic Transformation Package has everything you will need for your environmental, personal, water, and all form of EMF care.



We begin with the Tensor Field Generator for your environmental clearing, which includes the transformation and clearing of dense energies in general, and specifically EMF, Radionics, HARP, Geomagnetic and Geopathic, Portal/Vortexes, and lower vibrational consciousness, all within 3/4 mile out from your home.  The Golden Fire Generator, does all this plus brings through a sense of well-being for all those within it's field, as it helps clear connections for each individual, so they may bring in more of their own Light.

The 4” Golden Fire Generator extends out nearly one mile in all directions to restructure all nonbeneficial frequencies, including EMFs, Geomagnetic, Cell Towers, Power Lines, Radio Waves, HARP, Radionic Transmissions, Portal/Vortexes, and lower consciousness energies.


Cell Tab

Next we have the Cell Phone Tab. The Cell Phone Tab Bio Feedback Study: Transmutes harmful EMF’s while providing emotional clarity!

Even with a Tensor Field Generator, we suggest for those who carry their cell phone to utilize a Cell Phone Tab as well.


The Wifi Ring is a super versatile tool, which can be used for much more than putting on your Wifi router to transmit beneficial frequencies from.  It can be carried in your pocket or as a pendant, placed over water facets, and can also be used over light-bulbs to transmit those unconditional love frequencies of the Golden Fire through the visible light spectrum!

Simply place the Wifi Ring on the source of the nonbeneficial frequency, where it will automatically connect to and transform the frequency emitted. If you do not have access to the source of the frequency, having the Wifi Ring anywhere in your field (as a pendant or in your pocket) will protect your field.


The Water Ring.  Tensor Fields, in general, bring water to it's original crystalline structure, making water lighter in weight in the lab due to the positive right-hand high-spin rate, and balancing PH.  And that's just what's happening on the physical level.  Our Water Rings are also clearing all cell memory of water, and bringing it back to it's original blue print of water!  The Rings can also be used to communicate with water to create healing exlirs!  This particular Water Ring is the 3.75" Golden Fire Water Ring!

Restructure and Energize your water, as seen in "The New Science of Water", simply by using our Water Ring with your container of water!!


golden fire disc

Golden Fire Disc. Another super versatile, powerful, tool!  Weather-proof stickable device to clear even the most unceasing frequency emitter!

Use on your electrical panel to restructure the electrical emissions within your home, as well as your neighborhood!!  


Toroidal Field Pendant for personal protection.  This particular Tensor Coil is the Golden Fire mini Coil Pendant.

Recommended for empathic individuals, to be used for a personal filtration of others' energies!

 Save nearly $20 with the phenomenal package!!  Everything you need to begin your exploration into Tensor Technologies for your home and health, expansion and connection...

...or add one of our more powerful subtle energy tools for
the ultimate transformational tool set.

The 5G Plus Package!!!

Includes the Harmony Handbook-5G Edition,
Golden Fire and Light mini Wand
with adjustable leather lanyard.

The 5G Handbook simplifies
the energetic capabilities
of the Wand Pendant

The Wand Pendant

Though it comes with an adjustable lanyard,
the Golden Fire and Light mini Wand can also be carried in the pocket or in a bag.
As long as the Wand is on your person, it protects your energy field by simply transforming energies as they come into your field.

Though the true power and potency of the Wand can be actively used to transform the energetics of cell phone towers and more!

One of our most powerful tools for transforming non beneficial energy fields and frequencies.

If you choose to work with some of the more latent energetics of the wand, the Harmony Handbook 5G Edition will walk you through all the activations, attunements, meditations, consciousness working, and the creation of columns of light.

The energy of this Wand is amazing, and it makes a great pendant. But please let some others vouch for this tool. There are awesome testimonials at the bottom of the Golden Fire and Light Wand page.

Wand is approximately 4-1/2 inches long.

The instructional booklet (Harmony Handbook 5G Edition) is freely available here.
For anyone who already has a wand, this manual has some great new information and exercises!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
These tools are the cleaning tools to the zero

My mother bought me the kit for Christmas.thank you mother for the best Christmas gift the will give me forever.
Here’s my review the golden fire necklace instantly closed all the doors to the void of ghost, I’m being purified instead this is the best 24 hr cleaner tool ever. The golden fire generator is the bomber for all negative energy that try’s to challenge this it quiets all surrounds to peace even the loudest one will honor or leave the areas within the duration of 3/4. Mile it’s a force that protects and civil all that comes into it fields. The Wi-Fi is awesome it stops all negative frequencies that call me like bill collectors etc. it stops all calls but only the positive ones comes through. Then the other ring went into the our electric panel it corrected all flows of energy plus it corrected the ungrounded correction to make it balanced our electric bill is being reduced. I am buying more because these cleaning tools keep our house in full balance and peace

Energetic Transformation Package

Dear Twisted Sage,

Firstly I would like to write a review on the transformation package I purchased from you


I would just like to say how amazing your Transformation package is! I was using the kit for only a matter of days and it has hugely contributed to revealing some dark energy, spells and hexes that have largely been hidden until now.

Having this equipment in place for only a few weeks now, it has steadily brought to my awareness of a certain person that I suspected was casting a bit of a negative love spell or worse over me for nearly a decade?! I felt that he had a HOLD on me, as if casting a net over me, shielding me and preventing me from meeting anyone and keeping me for himself even though he knew I wasn’t in love with him, he kept on trying year after year after year!

Soon after having the transformation kit in place I was guided to carry out an Archangel Michael release on him and Interestingly the next time I went out socially with a girlfriend there were three eligible men appearing in one day! This to me was proof that I had cut the cords from him and allowed myself to be revealed to other men!

Energetic Transformation Package!

I'm so very pleased with the Energetic Transformation Package! So much so that I am going to purchase another set! The videos are so informative, it gives me a whole new respect for Thoth and the power of copper!!!!

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