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Divine I Am Generator

Divine I Am Generator

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Contains the frequencies and energetics of ALL the Tensor Field Generators we have ever created...  All as One!!

While in the Heart, and with intention, the Divine I Am Generator can carry the energetics of any previous Tensor Field Generator.  But through allowing and surrendering to the Soul, is where you will find that the most magic occurs.

Heavy-Duty, 2-1/2" Generator. 
Potent, powerful, portable.

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One city block, sphere of influence.

Brings out and helps release old energies. The "junk".
Brings in that connection to higher self more.  You feel that in the Peace.

Take your old stuff, as it comes up, and breath it into the Generator. 
It's that simple.

Brenda's experience with the Generator:

While traveling across the midwest recently, Brenda noted that the Generator put an energy field around them.  It was a field of Peace and Ease.  Her passengers, she noted, were talking and talking, bringing up traumas in life, which were simply transmuting away in this field.

The Divine I Am energetics is individual for each person.

It is the energy of your Soul, You, that higher You.

Brian's experience with the Generator:

When I look at the field, I keep seeing one or more light beings in the field with me. Brenda verified that they were a part of my team, here to assist.  You will have the space held for your team to come in more tangibly with you, also.

"I am truly excited about this new Generator!!  It holds space for everyone on your block to do the good work, without even knowing they are doing it!!  And it does all the clearing and harmonizing that all previous frequencies and generators and Divine I Am does!!!"  "This is truly an amazing and peacefully transformative field."

Begin working with the Generator from the Heart Space.

Allow the Soul to do it's thing.  You, as the human, can also use the Generator with intent, just be in the Heart Space.  Also realize that we as the human may want, may not be in the highest and best, as determined by our Soul.  This tool is truly best utilized through surrender and allowing, yet you can still take an active role, while in the Heart Space.

*The Sacred Space of the Heart is a simple three breath technique we use in consciousness work.  Any of our videos will begin with the Trinity Breath, to go into the Heart Space.

There is so much more to this field than we can see or understand.

Physical Construction of the Divine I AM Generator-  The Divine I Am Generator is much sturdier and heavier than the 2-1/2" Golden Fire Generator, which can be rather delicate.  I have been carrying my Divine I Am Generator in my luggage, with no problems at all!!
Though heavy duty and sturdy, the Generator can still collapse if put under a lot of pressure.  We do have a guarantee on the physical construction of the tools, so if you happen to sit on your generator, just send it back and we will happily reshape it for you!

Customer Reviews

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Divine I Am Generator plus

I've had the Divine I Am Generator for a few days now and I have been using it daily. Based on the experiences I've encountered I decided to add another review to share my experiences. I have done energy work on myself using this generator and the results have been great. I have been suffering of digestive issues for a long while and I decided to do some healing work on myself focused on this issue. I spoke into the Generator the problem I was encountering and blew into the Generator then I noticed that the bloating and the pain started to go away. The pain stopped within a minute and the bloating went away within 10 to 15 minutes. I got excited so I started working on different issues, neck pain, anger, frustration, lack of motivation, and so on. All with great results. Then I though what would happen if I add another tool, so I added the 3 inch Divine I Am ring and results happened faster. I used the Divine I Am Generator with the Wings of Tok, the Everything ring, the Chalice clasp, the 9 inch Harmonizer Ring and started experiencing different things. The key I believe is Intention and the possibilities are without number! Use your guidance and experiment and see what you encounter, what you experience! I can't wait to see and feel all this amazing tool can provide! We are all different, these are my experiences, in no way I am saying that everyone out there are gonna experience similar things. We all can try, use these tools and see what we encounter. That's what I do.


As soon as it arrived I held it in my hands and I was able to feel the powerful energy emanating from it! Also feeling centered and at peace. I feel I am floating somewhere and like I am in different places at the same time. I know I am sitting on my chair but the feeling is that I am somewhere else. I put the Generator inside the Divine I Am ring it in the center of the 4 Chalice clasps inside the the larger Harmonizer Ring which generated a very intense energy felt through the entire house. I started getting downloads on how to use the Generator and also how to use the combination of the Alchemist set with the Divine I Am Generator. What an adventure! I love it!
Thank you Brian and the Twistedsage team!

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