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Divine I Am Activator Pendant - 24" Silver Chain
Divine I Am Activator Pendant - Leather Lanyard
Divine I Am Activator Pendant
Divine I Am Activator Pendant

Divine I Am Activator Pendant

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The pendant expands around the whole body, and a giant Ring starts spinning around you.  Within this space is the Peace.  The manifestation of the Divine I Am.  It un-tethers the human from the dense creation.  There is a huge expansion in the heart., of Peace, as the entire being is taken out of old space and into new Flow.

The outer Ring is a heavy gauged .999 Silver Divine I Am Ring.
The pendant itself is 1.7 ounces, and just over 2" in diameter.
The 12 petals are created out of Sterling Silver.

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An unlimited space of gentle ease and flow. There's no agenda to this space and flow. It is the Divine I Am, realized.

Harmonizer Addition!!

This custom made copper Harmonizer Ring was designed to nest into the back of the Divine I Am Activator Pendant, bringing through an even more physically tangible experience!

The Harmonizer Ring addition can be utilized with the Leather Lanyard or the silver chain.

The Adjustable Leather Lanyard is our signature lanyard, which is comfortable at any length you choose to wear the pendant.

These chains are heavier than our standard Sterling Silver Chains.
If you require a 30" Chain, they are available on Amazon for $26 at this link.

The outer Ring is .999 Silver, in the heaviest gauge of silver wire available.  It is a much heavier Ring than the Silver Torus Pendant.

What is the Divine I Am?

We began working with the concept of the Divine Blueprint, which was not the right wording, but similar concept.  Brenda and I were playing with the idea of bringing in the higher "Divine Manifestation" of ourselves when we would have a pain, for instance.  This would shift the reality of there being a pain, as we step out of that more dense space, which no longer serves us.  Our friend Julie began using the wording of the Divine I AM, and that is how the Pendant name came to be!

The night before completing the energetic aspect of the pendant, the etheric template of this new tool, Brenda was kept awake by physical body shifts.  We have been working towards this goal of being able to shift our physical world through consciousness, and we are getting closer and closer to seeing this becoming realized. 

The use of a statement such as "I am my Divine manifestation" does huge things to shift one out of a space which no longer serves.  It is the shift is of your entire being.  As the human as being mind body soul.  It take all that you are into a higher octave.

It is our intention that anyone can step into this space, with simplicity grace and ease. 

It is an unlimited space of gentle easy flow.  There is no agenda to this space and flow.  It is the Divine I Am.  The clear pure energy of the Chalice energy.

From here, you are not trying to change anything.  You just are. From this space, it just expands out from you.  Pure flow and peace.  You do nothing, but simply be.  You are the master who simply sits on the park bench, and your peace and flow and light shifts and changes the world around you.  No judgements, no trying, just being.

More information on the Divine I Am can also be found on the Divine I Am Torus page!


Customer Reviews

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Leiyra L.
Divine I Am Activator Pendant

Large swirling energy felt especially lower half of body, which is where i have a longtime injury. I place it under my pillow while sleeping, with the practitioner rings at my head. Lots of energy shifting!. Beautiful piece!! Powerful. Feeling lighter :) Thank you divine creators <3

David E.
Divine I Am Activator Pendent

Thank You both so much, Big different I am at peace with my self, Feeling good Happy I Love this Divine I Am Activator Pendent, I can not thank You enough. Much Love David

Phillip M.
Best pendant yet!

As soon as I put this pendant on I could feel a subtle vibration running through my body. When sitting and doing the trinity breath I can feel a sense of well being and an uplift in my vibration. Pricey I know, but well worth it. The craftsmanship is excellent and arrived quite quickly (Western Australia). I also find my silver quantum healer combines well with this wonderful tool for the intentional work, I find that one only needs to sit and feel with this pendant instead of needing 'to do' anything as such. A big thank you to Twisted Sage.

Divine IAM Activator

This is a beautiful tool! It emits a powerful energy that I could feel and sense even before I opened the package. The activator energies blend with my heart center and raise the frequencies to a whole new level. I have been using this in tandem with my sacred heart tool and the two nestle together perfectly and can be used for just about any energy work that arises.

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