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Binary Infusion Pendant
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Binary Infusion Pendant

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Binary Infusion Pendant

What's with the name? Binary, by definition, is being composed of two things. Infusion is the introduction of a new element into something.

Sterling Silver Binary Infusion Pendant is Now Available.

NEW!!!  We just released the Divine I Am Ring that matches this set!!! 
You can find the 1" Divine I AM Ring in either Copper or Sterling Silver here!!

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Binary Infusion Pendant
(BI Pendant)

Sterling Silver B.I. Pendant is now available!!

It is the Divine I AM Activator Pendant, in a simple and affordable form!

The Harmonizer Ring alone harmonizes energies that flow into the body, such as dis-coherent electromagnetics, dense energies, and other outside energetic influences.  Yet it also harmonizes energies within the body.  Energies will either be changed or released. 

The Chalice energy alone comes into and through the body, yet with the help of the Harmonizer, they work together to move out dense energy and harmonize with quickness and ease.

The Chalice is one of the most powerful subtle energies we have encountered, but the Harmonizer brings into into this world and makes it much more tangible.

The work being done is done with the help of the higher self, or whatever you call that whole and complete divine aspect of you.

What's with the name, Binary Infusion? 

Well, when we were asking about a name, the words could not be found in Brenda's vocabulary, but "dual" was as close of a hint as could be found.  And that it needed to be something that stood out. 

Binary, by definition, is being composed of two things. 
Infusion is the introduction of a new element into something. 

To me, it is the transcendence of duality through the clean clear pure energy of the Chalice Ring.  And, shifting duality is just what the Chalice energy does.  The Divine I Am energy I see as being the "doing" part, or rather what takes place, when the Chalice energy is introduced into the equation.  Whether that be in life situations, healing, clearing, or any other area in which shifts are desired.

NEW!  2" Silver Harmonizer Ring!!

The 2" Silver Harmonizer Ring can be found on the Harmonizer Ring Page.

You can also mix and match metals, by simply going to both the Chalice Ring and Harmonizer Ring pages to find the metal combination you are most drawn to!  

Another option is to get one each of the BI Pendants and mix them up. When you purchase the Binary Infusion Pendant with lanyard, you save more than purchasing the Rings and lanyard separately!

The Silver version of the Harmonizer Ring has been described as having a lot more going on within it, yet just as peaceful.  We will get a full reading on the new 2" Silver Harmonizer Ring soon!

Also NEW! - The 2" Harmonizer Ring!!

The 2" Harmonizer Ring is a heavier gauge than the Pendant Ring.  The Pendant Ring is the same gauge as the Chalice Pendant Ring, for aesthetic purposes.  Please find the 2" Harmonizer Ring and the Harmonizer Pendant Ring on the Harmonizer Ring page!

Customer Reviews

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Ann H.i.O.U.
binary infusion pendant

I normally have never felt much of anything when wearing pendants. But when I put on the binary infusion, my head immediately felt very weird, like it was going to explode and implode at the same time. I had to sit down for a while. I also wear the silver infinity on a silver chain at the same time. All of this in hopes to become a better human being, thereby helping the planet become a kinder, gentler place to live.

Classy chic and works!

Love this--glad I asked Brian and team beforehand for their expert advice. Super chic pendant with the same energetics at a more affordable price than the gorgeous I Am pendant. Took a day or so to get acquainted as was so accustomed to my beloved Infinite Light pendant. This really enhances meditation for Mother Gaia, assists with illuminating crowded places with our innate light to the benefit of all sentient beings! Thanks, dear TS team! ⭐️

Michael C.
Enter the magic

Seize the moment. 💗 Value for money.

5 Stars 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

I've tried every pendant for the money this pendant is a lifechanger. I'm able to see past the veils of others and see their soul frequency not only is that magnificent enough. Yet I go around talking to everyone's inner child and their so happy to come out to play and interact they can't believe it. I'm honored to be on this journey with all the above lets live in mission as never before for the well-being of all. I say each new pendant is my favorite pendant and yes this follows suit. Grateful 🙏 Thankful. #Disclosurefest2021


never sure what to say, hard to express energy in words. With each new tool, I feel supported to maintain the frequencies I prefer, even in a discordant environment. Living in a big city (in NJ, close to NY) and working in a large hospital environment, I greatly appreciate all the support I can get to maintain my energy levels and focus. This tool did not disappoint. We seem to be rapidly advancing in new territories, and I so appreciate Brian, Brenda and the whole team at TwistedSage for making these tools available. I recommend these to anyone sensitive to energy. It is subtle, yet profound. THANKS!

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