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Binary Infusion Pendant

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Binary Infusion Pendant
(BI Pendant)

Sterling Silver B.I. Pendant is now available!!

It is the Divine I AM Activator Pendant, in a simple and affordable form!

The Harmonizer Ring alone harmonizes energies that flow into the body, such as dis-coherent electromagnetics, dense energies, and other outside energetic influences.  Yet it also harmonizes energies within the body.  Energies will either be changed or released. 

The Chalice energy alone comes into and through the body, yet with the help of the Harmonizer, they work together to move out dense energy and harmonize with quickness and ease.

The Chalice is one of the most powerful subtle energies we have encountered, but the Harmonizer brings into into this world and makes it much more tangible.

The work being done is done with the help of the higher self, or whatever you call that whole and complete divine aspect of you.

What's with the name, Binary Infusion? 
Well, when we were asking about a name, the words could not be found in Brenda's vocabulary, but "dual" was as close of a hint as could be found.  And that it needed to be something that stood out. 

Binary, by definition, is being composed of two things. 
Infusion is the introduction of a new element into something. 

To me, it is the transcendence of duality through the clean clear pure energy of the Chalice Ring.  And, shifting duality is just what the Chalice energy does.  The Divine I Am energy I see as being the "doing" part, or rather what takes place, when the Chalice energy is introduced into the equation.  Whether that be in life situations, healing, clearing, or any other area in which shifts are desired.

NEW!  2" Silver Harmonizer Ring!!

The 2" Silver Harmonizer Ring can be found on the Harmonizer Ring Page.

You can also mix and match metals, by simply going to both the Chalice Ring and Harmonizer Ring pages to find the metal combination you are most drawn to!  

Another option is to  get one each of the BI Pendants and mix them up. When you purchase the Binary Infusion Pendant with lanyard, you save more than purchasing the Rings and lanyard separately!

The Silver version of the Harmonizer Ring has been described as having a lot more going on within it, yet just as peaceful.  We will get a full reading on the new 2" Silver Harmonizer Ring soon!

Also NEW! - The 2" Harmonizer Ring!!

The 2" Harmonizer Ring is a heavier gauge than the Pendant Ring.  The Pendant Ring is the same gauge as the Chalice Pendant Ring, for aesthetic purposes.  Please find the 2" Harmonizer Ring and the Harmonizer Pendant Ring on the Harmonizer Ring page!

Customer Reviews

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Calming, Centering and Minty Fresh :)

My pendants just arrived! I got one in copper and one silver. My left shoulder and neck had been very painful all day, not a norm for me at all. As soon as I put the silver pendent on the pain dissolved and was replaced with a minty coolness that radiates from the back of my head and neck and fans out across my upper back and shoulders. There is a calmness, as all anxiousness and worry are released. It feels very centering to me with no effort required. And that’s just first few minutes.
I’ll play and get back in a few weeks.
Thanx Twistedsage Studios <3

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There is so much to say where do I even start, it would seem that the Harmonizer Frequency was the energy I didn’t know I needed until I worked with it. The Chalice Frequency in conjunction w/ the Harmonizer ring is Beautiful, talk about grace and ease. It would seem that the Harmonizer can help usher in the Chalice Frequency to physical matter much easier, than the Chalice Ring by itself. The Harmonizer clears density so easily, making room for the Chalice energy to come in and simply be. They work so well together, I’m so happy that TwistedSage Studios released the Silver Harmonizer rings early, & I’m ecstatic to see what Brenda finds out about the Silver Version of the Harmonizer Ring. As there is an energetic difference from the 9 1/2 inch copper ring to the silver version. This is one of my favorite combinations since the Infinite Light Pendant combined Regeneration & Golden Fire. I no longer feel that heady sense of doing that comes with slight bits of anxiety. Simply being is enough, then you can consciously co-create with the universe. It’s been something out of a blissful dream these last days, even my animal friends have noticed the energetic shift that has taken place. They love coming up to me and circling around my feet. My walks in nature feel more potent as do my Crystals, it’s as if life is more potent than it’s ever been before. The subtle sensation of grass between my feet, the sun on my skin and the wind’s breeze flying through my hair is more present than ever before. The subtle energies are so multifaceted, even music & Solfeggio Frequencies are different, more palpable. Most likely the Harmonizer Ring’s doing, though I’m sure the Chalice energy helps too. I’m so excited for a Chalice & Harmonizer Heka Clasp in the future. If you feel drawn to this pendant, then by all means I encourage you to purchase this profound tool. If your budget is more magnanimous, then the Devine I Am Activator will most likely be felt more prominently on the body than this one. However, wowzers, this pendant shifts perceptions, realities, densities, beliefs, timelines, and so much more if you allow it to. And there in lies the key, surrender and simply be. As with every new tool a Huge Thank You To Brian Brenda & the Whole TwistedSage Team. Love & Presence to you all.

Powerful, Awesome pendant!!!

I have been wearing the Chalice ring for awhile now and I love its energy. I feel more present when wearing it!
The Harmonizer pendant arrived today and I wore it by itself for awhile. The energy of the Harmonizer got me off my socks! Super strong energy but not the kind that fries the wearer.
After an hour I combined both and started wearing both together as the Binary Infusion Pendant. The energy is powerful but not overpowering and within seconds I started to feel different, I started to feel happier, more centered, more complete, calmer, more myself! I felt being part of the ALL, being one with the ALL. I also feel energies which did not served me being gone! I love the Binary Infusion Pendant, the combination of the Harmonizer and the Chalice rings/pendants. I will be wearing this pendant all the time and when I go to sleep I will have next to me.
Thank you Twistedsage Team for all the tools you are bringing forth!

Very Pure and Bolstering (It helps!) Worth Picking Up!

A couple weeks or so ago, my thoughts went to how energy tool pendants tend to break in some way after I've gotten what I need from them. Knowing how I operate, I checked my pendants and found my chalice ring pendant leather cord was coming undone. My guides had me take it off and hang it up and wait. Soon after, the harmonizer pendant came out. (I loved the laptop size, which brought higher sense of peace and a silky smooth energy that was hitting some energetic spaces I needed it to in my apartment, and it helped me out too! I hear "upgrade" as I type this) I actually emailed Brian asking about a pendant and a generator (I still want a generator, haha! But for some reason I keep wanting to add the regeneration energies!) And he emailed me about this pendant coming out soon. I knew the harmonizer pendant wasn't quite it alone (for me!) but when I saw the binary infusion pendant, boom! That was a step closer. Knowing how things tend to play out for me, I felt the chalice pendant's cord unraveling earlier was The Universe preparing for it to be added to the harmonizer pendant to create the binary infusion! Plus, it's silver and looks really sweet with the copper harmonizer around it!!

I keep finding myself wanting to add regeneration energies to the mix, so perhaps I'll buy the silver regeneration (i forget the name, quantum heart?) infinity symbol from here and add that in too. But the binary infusion pendant is amazing as is:

I hear: a calming force. Uplifting and easily clearing away what no longer serves, gently. Bolsters the positive energies and helps the body flush away the old paradigms. It's a new tool that will help anyone step up their game, at least a bit! It's really just a great tool to have on hand.

It's a soothing, calming presence. When I first put it on, I was stepped outside of time (I'm familiar with the sensation, but it's also what my guides said.) I'm looking forward to seeing how things shift for the better as I go about my week! I hear there will be more presence, a bit more grounding, and a bit more ease and peace. I definitely feel more serene! I love that silky smooth energy I feel from the harmonizer+chalice. So soothing! When I first opened the big harmonizer, my guides replayed a scene from a movie where a character says, "I have what you need!" I feel a big part of that is this silky smooth energy. I wish I had a better descriptor for it! It's clearing in a beneficial way, like an energetic wash, but deeper. Not sure if that will make sense to everyone.


Thanks guys!! Love the new tools that have been coming through!!

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