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Balance and Harmony Pendant

Balance and Harmony Pendant

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Personal Balance & Harmony Ring
Body Mind Soul
Time Space Dimensions

The Balance and Harmony Pendant is a 1-3/4" Harmony Ring, which may be small in physical stature, but is larger than any Ascension Chamber.

Having this Balance and Harmony Pendant in your field raises your vibration, cleans and clears and connects. The Balance and Harmony are the most profound fantastic phenomenal Rings ever created anywhere anytime and on any dimensional plane.

Adjustable black Leather Lanyard included

The Ring can be wore on any kind of material...such as metal, nylon, or leather cord.

1-3/4" Ring without Lanyard available here

Customer Reviews

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I just went through a loss of a family member, and I was really down, sad and negative about every thing. I received the product and within a few days my mood and energy has taken a positive swing. My job is very stressful and it has given me the energy to deal with the stressful day to day problems, and I feel that I can handle anything that comes my way. Thanks


I absolutely love it, very gentle but yet felt. Balance and harmony is exactly what it assists with restoring one to homeostasis. 3rd day having and wearing as a pendant but have also charged drinks within 15mins. I'm amazed at how powerful this tensor ring pendant is. Thanks you so much all the folks carrying on the work of Slim. As well everyones contribution towards higher consciousness and a healed planet. Thank you! :)

Balance & Harmony Pendant

This one was was emitting strong vibes before it was opened! My husband loves the way it makes him feel and wears it every day. We love everything we have bought from Twisted Sage... great vibes!

Let me say: I have MANY of Brian's products. I ...

Let me say: I have MANY of Brian's products. I love them ALL. THIS is the ONE I wouldn't give up for ANYTHING. In fact, I just ordered another. (may gift). I've been wearing it for several YEARS and I'm to the place where I put it on first thing in the morning, and take it off last thing at night. PERIOD! When I take it off, it lays in bed with me and if I can't sleep at night, or wake up for some reason, I put this ring on my thumb and I'm asleep in seconds! I just can't explain the difference it makes. Recently I was at the 'home show' (LOTS of people) and one lady said to me: "Whoe! I can FEEL the energy from your pendant!" I have lots of gems and gold jewelry that I love; but I hardly wear them anymore because THIS pendant IS POWERFUL! Thank you Brian. I truly don't know what I'd do w/o this item.

First off I'd like to say I've been partially skeptical ...

First off I'd like to say I've been partially skeptical and had my doubts about the potential of tensor rings, so I figured I'd buy the 444 coil and the balance and harmony ring because the price was right and they look incredible regardless if they do or don't work and I was initially drawn to Brian Besco's tensor technologies because of some of his YouTube videos describing what these tools can do and also I just knew that these are the highest vibrational tensor rings created that I could buy. No one else that I've come across in researching these tools is on his level when it comes to creating these energetic masterpieces...just saying. So when my package arrived, had to be like 6+ months ago I put on the 444 coil and had felt immediately grounded, which was a major surprise to me because I was having problems staying grounded. Still I was a skeptic and I figured maybe just my pure excitement created this illusion that I became grounded when putting this on, so I continued looking out for signs that these work. I started putting both tools under my pillow at night and my dreams were coming alive again. When I'd wear these tools in my normal routines I started noticing increased synchronicity and at times it was just mind blowing. I found the true powers of these tools when combined with Brian's videos like the 5D Animator- Attunement and Activation & his sister Brenda's videos like Solstice with The Elders Three- Activations and Uploads, etc. Brian and Brenda thank you so much for helping to save my life and getting it back on the right path. And like Brian says, it is hard to stay in the sacred space of the heart but it is increasingly getting easier and easier as I continue to practice it and my mind continues to get blown on the daily from such a simple practice with these copper coils. Now there isn't a day that goes by where I'm not wearing either the 444 coil or the balance and harmony pendant or both they're just great. For the skeptics of this ske...

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