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The Alchemist Home Set
7" Divine I Am Ring
8-1/4" Chalice Ring
9-1/2" Harmonizer Ring

Alchemist Tensor Ring Home Set-IMS

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The Alchemist Home Set -

Distilling the Light and Information of all lifetimes into the Here Now you.

Within the energy of the Chalice Ring, you become that container, the chalice of crystal clear pure consciousness light, transcending duality. 

The Divine I Am Ring holds a space which allows your soul to integrate all lifetimes.  This soul level work extends throughout this entire universe of duality creation.

The Harmonizer Ring acts like a bridge, or a cosmic blender, which integrates all of this Light more into the physical.

As lifetimes are cleared, harmonized, and integrated, you are closer to being simply your soul and the you in this here now moment. 

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The Alchemist Home Set: 
• 7" Divine I Am Ring
• 8-1/4" Chalice Ring
• 9-1/2" Harmonizer Ring

*Alchemist Ring sizes are approximate diameters

Alchemist Rings available as singles, yet I would highly recommend the Set!

If you were to get a single ring from any of the sets, the Divine I AM is the one I would suggest.  Though, again, they all work so well together!

The Home Alchemist Sets are made from a medium-duty 8-gauge wire, as are the Personal and Practitioner's Sets.

The Home Alchemist Set is the newest update to the Ascension Pyramids!!

The smallest diameter Ring is the Divine I Am Ring.

The middle Ring is the Chalice Ring. 

Both of these Rings are too small to fit over my head (but I do wear a size 4xl helmet). 

The outer Ring of the Home Set is the Chalice Ring, which is the Ring we use to make the Collar Ring, as shown on the Harmonizer Ring product page.

It does not matter the order the Rings are in, either nested inside each other or overlapping when laid out.  When together, they create a field which is greater than the sum of all the Rings together.

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More uses:

The Alchemist Sets can be used for distance work with another.  Simply be in the heart (with the Trinity Breath), and imagine the person standing within the column of Light created by the Rings.

When working with others, you are able to hold another's Soul Light within the Divine I Am Ring (simply by intention), and hold space for their soul to do for them that yours did for you. The clearing, the releasing, the harmonizing, and the integrating.  It all happens in an instant.

It is a great Set to work with water!!  And yes, any of the Alchemist Rings are perfect for EMF remediation as well!  I use mine under my laptop, and they work wonderfully for that.

Placing a Set on your body, or you body within a Set, and being in a state of allowing the soul to do the work, is simply the most transformative and powerful way you can use the Rings for yourself.

And, of course you can use any size of Chalice Ring together with any size of Harmonizer Ring, to add to the Divine I Am to create this field of Soul Alchemy.

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