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111 Heart Pendant

111 Heart Pendant

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Heart Source Soul 111 Metatron Ring Infinite Heart & Adjustable lanyard

Simple and powerful connection from the Heart - Source - Soul
...bringing in that Creation Energy and the
new way of just Be-ing.

The 111 Heart Pendant is Created with the 111 Metatron Ring and Golden Fire Infinity

Takes you to a place of just Being.
When you step into that light with the thought of just Being, everything happens.
If step in to try to “Do” something, it’s not as powerful...

Not thinking, just Being. That’s where miracles take place.

Infinity between you and soul. The 111 Ring with infinity brings through Creation Energy.
The infinity connects into soul more fully with 111 Ring.
Ring holds space and amplifies to allow to happen more fully. Creation Energy.

Personal. For the person wearing it, in that it is more internal.

The chaos drama worries away, more higher perspective of the soul.
Infinity connects into the soul.

Use the infinity (see it as an energetic pattern that goes heart to heart and soul to soul with another) for more soul to soul connection and interaction.

Before we had a name for it, I called the 111 Heart Pendant the "I-don't-give-a-Sh*t-Ring" because the chaos, the drama, the worries, went away by taking you to a higher perspective.

All that the Golden Fire is, comes through the Infinity, bringing in even more of that Creation Energy.

The two work together by pulling your consciousness into the heart center, while the higher soul connection occurs.

There is so much to the 111 Ring... I consider this 888 family of Rings to be one of the simplest, broadest, and highest Source/Soul connecting physical tools on the planet at this time. And are becoming even more-so every day!!!

I recommend this pendant as a step up from the Balance and Harmony Pendant or the Harmony and Fire Pendant,
yet I feel the Golden Fire Pendant is the most powerful of them all!!

Customer Reviews

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Powerful Product

I bought several items from TwistedSage around July and arrived in my country around mid-August.

When I first got them, I was completely impressed with the quality of the products. Not only that they look gorgeous, they also are very sturdy.

I consider myself as an energy sensitive person and have practiced energy healing for sometime now. This particular item - the 111 Pendant - is very strong. It amplifies the energies within me several fold, and also balances them out. I sense that it is also protective from many different types of energies as well.

For Brian and the whole TwistedSage team - kudos and very well done! I would certainly order some more in the future. FYI, all of the items that I've ordered - always be at my side now, use them all the time.

Thank you!!! ^_^


Love this pendant!!! Energetically puts me alignment with my 111 manifestation powers. Very balancing.

energy from within

I tested this pendant using the standard pendulum method and it appears to conduct energy in a very nice way. Happy to provide a video of it doing so if there is a means to do that.

I love this pendant. Never leave my body/neck even during ...

I love this pendant. Never leave my body/neck even during sleep. Feels great and remind me of my own energy and keep me balance, calm my mind and anxiety.

When my day is off I know I have forgot ...

When my day is off I know I have forgot to wear my 111 heart pendant . I can't wait to get home and put it on and my energy and the energy of everyone around me calms and everything goes smoothly.I can't even begin to tell what a difference this pendant has and continues to change my world for the better.I'm so excited every time twisted sage has a new product.This team is making a HUGE difference in the world and I'm honored to share this with every one.

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