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Everything Ring

The limited edition Everything Tensor Ring is approximately 3", inside diameter.

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This Tensor Ring, which has no name, contains the energetics of every Tensor Ring created, including Atlantian and pre-Egyptian.

Tensor fields were utilized in these times, and others.  We had seen a while ago that all Tensor Ring etheric templates are connected throughout time and space.

This Ring, Brenda has described as Chaotic Chaos! It is not for all, though for some it has been very peaceful and they love it. 

Not everyone will be drawn to this Ring, as it does not always come with Grace and Ease. But it is certainly powerful, for lack of descriptors for it.

Please watch for updated Reviews as this Ring is just now being publicly released, and every person is going to have a different experience with this super powerful field !

Please do not confuse the Everything Ring energetics with the new Finger Ring energetics. The Everything Ring and the Finger Ring contain numerous Tensor Ring frequencies, it is a smooth and harmonious bringing together of only the frequencies created and used by Twistedsage Studios.

As most times when creating or updating a Ring, it doesn't come out how I consciously intended it to be!  This one is no exception... 

The end of October this Ring was intended to be a ring for use in radionics. Each time I have tried to recreate it, each set of rings has felt and acted slightly different, yet are all basically the one Ring. 

Some people love them. Some don't.  I wore several styles and varieties of this ring, 24/7 for 6 weeks. I took them all off a couple days ago and sighed a huge sigh of relief.  I still cannot say what the Ring was doing for me.  At the time, I described it to others as such:   Imagine that you are a bucket of muddy water, but all the sediment is at the bottom and your waters are clear.  And then imagine the Everything Ring as being this powerhouse of energy, stirring up every little crevice of your being and keeping the waters muddy.  That's what I saw it doing for me. 
And yes, this is a super powerful Ring. 

Holding one in each hand creates an enormous stir of energy, which even thinking about makes me nauseous and begin to vortex.  As always, it is the soul the determines what is in the highest and best to come through the Ring, whether it is uncomfortable or not!  I also know there are other simpler paths, but this is not a bad distraction at all!

There is so many possibilities within this Ring, for those who can navigate it.  And for others, just you wait, as there is a whole new energy about to surface!  With purity and ease...  more on that before next equinox!

The limited edition Ring is approximately 3", inside diameter.  I can fit it over my hand and onto my wrist. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Ready to play with fire? Then this is for you.

It does stir up your deepest muck, be warned. This is a serious Shadow working tool. Not the "prettified" shadow work people like to humblebrag about online, but the actual sh!t you're desperately pretending doesn't exist, and like to imagine you've already gotten over/processed/handled. I bought this based on the reviews knowing what I was getting into, and I still wasn't prepared for what a demolition job this Chaos Ring brings to the table. Slept with it as often as I could the last few weeks, but couldn't handle the dreams it was throwing up from my subconscious for me to process. Everyone I hated kept showing up. All the people I left in the lurch, incomplete, or shied away from like a coward came up for processing. I kept sleeping with the Chaos Ring on my arm at night to keep pushing me to the confrontations I was running away from. Well last night it happened. I got a lot of work done on the astral thanks to this ring forcing me to face some of my worst fears. Woke up exhausted, but thankful I'm finally chipping away at all that crap in my mind. It sucks at first but you just keep at it until you finally break through and begin shoveling out the shit that's festering in your soul. There were days I didn't wear the ring to sleep at night because I needed to recover from the nightmares the last wearing brought out. Imagine being raped and psychically attacked in the past, and then having those traumas come up again for you to give yourself another chance at handling the situation better. The demons within come to light in this tool, and you see yourself the way you are, not as how you wish to portray yourself to be. It is extremely rewarding, but only for those willing to stick it out and crawl, limp, and drag themselves over to the threshold where real growth happens.

Not for sunflowers. Not for those who aren't in a stable place emotionally, physically, or financially. Get all your ducks lined up to support you for the upheaval this tool brings. Whatever you've been doing to work on your shadow was with a small garden shovel. This Chaos Ring is a deep excavator. It's the tool I've been looking for to bring up as much as possible to light AND give me the support to hit it with all I've got. Totally worth the nightmares in the beginning. We (the ring and I) finally hit pay dirt and I'm going back in for more. This is energetic napalm to light up the Shadow side of you.

Best for hardcore light warriors who aren't afraid to face their demons, literally. In the astral. As if it were in real life. Thanks to Brian, Brenda, and the awesome Twisted Sage team (yay customer support! I love you too!) for making these tools to help us--- this Chaos Ring and all the other stuff here are Weapons of Mass Ascension!

Aileen B.
I love their products

Ever since wearing these bands I feel so good, healthier, and with a better mood

Dan M.
I really like this ring.

I first held this ring at the radionics conference in Rapid City. I don't normally feel energy in a palpable way, even from other tensor rings. But this one is different. I felt it immediatly. It feels like it wants to float up or move down, depending on which side is up in my hand. Others at the conference each had a different experience with the ring. I use it with my radionics instrument and it is noticeably more powerful than other rings. It has a lot of potential, but I don't yet know what that is. It's my favorite tensor ring. I like the way it feels.

Ana S.
Puzzling tool

Is very rare for me to feel anything with a tool. With TwistedSage some surprises have happened, namely with this ring. I feel it buzzing in my hand and it amplifies when I place the wings of tok inside it. What it does? No clue, but I don’t feel bad, so I give it a chance. Now an interesting story, that happened today. I had a muscle pain (too much exercise) to the point of not being able to have my harm touching the bed. When I woke up, I placed this ring in my arm, left it there several hours (forgot I had it). After lunch I realised the pain doesn’t exist anymore... I feel some soreness but that is it. Removed the ring, and continue just with a minor discomfort if I do some effort. The type of pain and origin, from my experience would take some days to wear off.
I do need to mention that a box of 30*30*10cm for the transport of the everything ring and wings of tok doesn’t make sense, in terms of environment/resources.

Fantastic and Therapeutic.

It feels almost like its a therapeutic one for me, like nursing and healing at this time. When i can't move past or get into a block, discover or see it fully and when its just a bit dark, sticky and tumultuous, this ring is ideal for me. It's beneficial chaos resonates with the chaos and dark bits left inside and helps clear them. I just consciously bring those parts inside the ring or bring it energetically to completely surround me and let it clear them. It feels for me that its energy and energy of all the tools available is what is needed to clear these denser things, similar to "like attracts like", the chaos knows how to clear the chaos.
I have one, most the time in my pocket or with my chalice, harmony and quantum healer pendants over my heart. On the pyramid its goood, though you might prefer the more subtle pyramid peace without the everything ring. I only took it out my pocket for one day recently to get some steadiness and peace and just back to more my divine essence and sitllness. It can be used for anything, so many functions with all the templates ever previously created - you want to manifest, clear or address something, ask for it to do it or help and it can. Its much more versatile than any other individual ring, i feel. Helps me feel more empowered. When i'm stuck, its great at just creating more movement and shifting the things that i can't shift by myself. A great pocket piece and of course, with intention becomes a generator, which is awesome and i feel it mopping up the density of everything and everyone around me. Good one to get, totally worth it. Thank you Twistedsage team and all creators through time, space, dimensions for your contribution to this tool! I would like more variety with the everything tools, would like to feel other forms and energy fields with it too.⭐💚